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Bi Surprise - MMF

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This story is fiction. I WISH it were true! <grin>

I've been after Julie to have a foursome with another couple or a threesome with another man for years. I'd love to eat her pussy after another man filled it with his cum. I've also told her of my fantasy of seeing her with 3 or 4 other men. In that fantasy, I help her make the men cum repeatedly, wither by sucking them so they can fuck her again or having them fuck my ass while I eat her cum filled pussy. I even mentioned a few times that I'd enjoy her coming home to me with a pussy filled with another man's cum for me to eat out of her. My fantasies make her horny, but she refused to do anything to make them reality.

Last weekend she surprised me. Friday night, she left the house saying she was going to go Christmas shopping. She came home long after the kids were all in bed. As soon as she walked in the door, she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. She stripped and lay on the bed.

"Eat me! I want to feel your tongue on my wet pussy now!"

As soon as I started eating her, I noticed that she tasted differently. "You taste different tonight Honey."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes! It's delicious!"

"It tastes different because I had it filled with cum before I came home."

"Tell me all about it while I eat his cum from your pussy."

"I've been planning this for months. Tonight, when I left I went to Joe's house. He and his wife helped me relax by giving me a massage. After rubbing my back for awhile, they rolled me over. As Joe massaged my tits, Helen, his wife, began to eat my pussy. When I was close to cumming, Joe put his cock in my mouth. I sucked him and played with his balls. Helen made me cum, and I screamed with a mouth full of cock. Joe wanted to fuck me while I ate Helen, but I couldn't do that so I knelt on the floor, laying across the bed. I had him fuck me while I played with Helen's pussy. He stroked slowly until Helen came from me fingering her clit. Then Joe had me get on the bed with my ass sticking in the air. He began to fuck me hard. I could feel his balls slapping on my pussy as he fucked me. Before long, he buried his cock deep in my pussy and filled me with his cum. I kept my ass high so his cum would go as deep in me as possible so that there'd be more for you to eat out of me."

She had a difficult time completing the story. Between my tongue and her story, she was on the edge of cumming.

"YES! Eat his cum out of me! Eat that cum filled pussy!" She repeated this over and over as she went over the edge. She screamed as she came all over my face.

My cock was rock hard. I moved on top of her and planted my dick in her. Her pussy was extra sloppy. Normally I can last for several minutes, but this time I was so hot, I couldn't hold back. I came in just a few strokes. I screamed, something I almost never do, as I filled her with my cream.

"Damn, that was great Baby! I wish I could have seen you with Joe and Helen!"

"You can, if you really want to that is."

I answered her by licking her clit until she came again.

The next night, we got a babysitter for the kids then went to a local bar for a few drinks. I was nervous and needed a few beers to calm my nerves. Julie seemed calm, but she did have a couple of drinks also. She told me about Joe and Helen and how she met them. We also talked about how turned on she made me by coming home with a pussy full of cum for me to eat. In the middle of our conversation, a couple walked in and came to our table. He was the darkest black man I had ever seen. He was built similar to me, average height and thin. She was blonde, heavy, and had huge tits. Except for her being blonde, she could have been Julie's twin.

"Fred, I'd like you to meet Joe and Helen."

"Nice to meet you two. Julie has told me a lot about you two. I want to thank you two for giving me the greatest sex I've had in a long time last night."

Joe laughed. "I take it you enjoyed hearing about our fun with your wife."

"Not only did I enjoy it, I'm dying to see it live. But I have to warn you, I won't be able to watch for long before I join in."

"Don't worry," Said Helen, "we have plans for you to make it even better then last night. I can't wait to see you eat Joe's cum out of Julie's pussy."

"All this talk is making me horny."

"If the talk is making you horny, just imagine how horny you'll be after watching us service your wife."

"Let's get out of here." I said.

We left the bar & went to Joe & Helen's house. Their house was like ours. Big, old, in need of remodeling, but nice. As soon as we walked in, everyone began to strip. Joe and Helen went right for Julie's tits. I sat in a chair and watched them in action. Before I knew it, Julie was laying on the bed with Helen's face buried in her pussy while Joe sucked Julie's nipples. Before long, Julie was screaming from her orgasm. They put her on her hands & knees with her ass in the air.

"Come over here Fred."

Helen put me under Julie, my face below her pussy. Joe positioned himself over me, sitting on my chest, his cock inches from my mouth. Joe planted his cock in Julie's pussy and began stroking. As he fucked my wife, I licked her clit. The sight of his black cock stroking in & out of her pussy made my dick hard as a rock. Soon Joe buried his cock deep in Julie's pussy, filling her with his cum. When his orgasm began, I licked his balls, intensifying his orgasm. He pulled out of her and she sat up. Now she was sitting on my face. Joe?s cum ran out of her pussy, over her clit and into my mouth. I licked as fast as I could, bringing her to yet another orgasm. When she came, her orgasm squeezed more of his cum out of her pussy into my mouth.

Julie got off me and Helen took her place. As I ate Helen, Julie sucked my cock, being careful not to let me cum. All too soon, Helen was cuming on my face. I wanted to keep eating her, but she got off me.

"Now that yo;ve gotten to see a black cock in my pussy, and eat it's cum out of me, how would you like to see me suck a black cock?"

"I'd love to!"

"Well, you know I don't like pussy juice. So if you want to see me suck it, you need to lick my pussy juice off of it first."

I knelt in front of Joe and began licking his dick. It began to twitch. I took it into my mouth and began sucking it. Feeling it grow in my mouth made me even hornier. As I sucked him, I played with his balls to make it grow even faster. Before I know it, it was rock hard and he was holding the back of my head, fucking my face. Julie pushed me away and began sucking it. Helen lay me on my back and put my knees in the air and began licking my balls. Before I know it, she was also licking my asshole and soon was pushing a finger in me. She stopped long enough to get a tube of cream from the night stand drawer. She squirted a bunch on my ass and on her finger and went back to finger fucking me as she licked my cock and balls. Julie took the cream and squirted some in her hand and began jerking off Joe.

Helen got off the bed and had me get on my hands & knees. Joe got behind me and Julie guided his cock into my ass while he held on to my hips. He inched his cock into me slowly. When he was all the way in, he stopped.

"Time for his surprise ladies." He yelled. It surprised me that he was yelling. Just then, I heard the door open. In walked three more guys, two of them almost as dark as Joe, the other a white man. All of them were nude and had hard-ons.

"Fred," began Julie, "welcome to your gang-bang. This is Bill, George and Jack." Jack was the white man. "George and Jack are gay, Bill is straight. Bill is going to make Helen & me happy while Joe, George, and Jack are going to gang bang you."

George got in front of me and fed me his cock while Joe began fucking me. I looked over and saw Bill eating Helen while Julie sucked him. Before long, Helen was cumming. THen they switched and Bill was fucking Helen while she ate Julie's pussy. Just as Julie began to cum, Bill came in Helen's cunt. He kept his dick in her with her ass in the air.

Soon Joe filled my ass with his cum, I could feel his cock pulsing and feel the warmth of his cum fill my ass. Jack took his place and began fucking me. I sucked George like a mad man. Just as Jack began cumming in my ass, George began cumming in my mouth. A dick pulsing in my ass and one pulsing in my mouth was too much for me to handle. I came without being touched. My cum squirted so far, it hit my chin and George's balls.

Julie had me crawl underneath Helen so that I could eat her pussy. As I began licking her, Bill pulled out. Helen sat on my face and Bill's cream oozed out of her into my mouth.

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