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Over the last year or so I have been giving myself the occasional colonic to keep everything moving. While thusfar, my experiences have been positive, I have always been curious if professionals do it better.

It was mid afternoon, on a Tuesday, when I decided to find out. I made an appointment at a local hydrotherapy clinic for a professional colonic. When I arrived at the "office" I found it was actually someone's home. No matter, it had been cleanly and neatly divided into work and home.

A woman met me at the door and escorted me to a smaller back room where I was asked to disrobe and lie on my side under a sheet, on a small table. The woman returned and took position on a small stool to behind me. She explained the procedure and gave a step by step what was happening as she pushed the hose into my ass and allowed the water to flow. The entire experience was very professional, but as she massaged my abdomen it took all my concentration to keep from pitching at tent under that sheet.

As all was clean and the event was ending, I asked if she knew of someone who provided prostate massage therapy? She said she didn't and finished up the colonic. I could not see her face when she answered and felt a little embarrassed after asking. Actually, I was quite ready to leave, when I felt a gloved hand stroke my bare ass in a way that didn't feel so professional. Before I could be surprised she said, still sitting on her chair at my back. "I'm not certified and do not have medical training as a massage therapist, but if you would like, I could give it try" I said "please do" and my cock got rock hard.

She started to slowly run lubed gloved fingers into my ass and I could feel her pushing toward my prostate. Finally, she stroked across it, I gasped, and tingles shot down my legs and up my back. She stroked it again and again, pushing a little harder. Although extremely excited, my cock had gone to three quarter power and clear fluid dripped from the tip. It was like tingle filled mini orgasms with every push of her finger.

I could have bathed in her attention all day, but started to feel a little guilty. When she slowed down I gave some hints that I was ready to get off this ride. I didn't know how she would react if I started jerking off and knew I wasn't going to cum from this massage alone, so I was glad for the experience and ready to call it a day.

I sat up a bit and thanked her. I said my only regret of the whole ordeal was that it was one way. If only, there was something I could do for her? It wasn't long after laughing and a few more flirtatious innuendos, that I had her on the colonic table; I was bent at the waist with my head stuffed between the legs that were wrapped around it.

I licked and sucked on her pussy like a man dying of thirst, while she squealed and shook. Juices rolled down my face and onto the vinyl table as I lapped and stroked her lips, pushed my face into her mound and lightly edged my teeth across her clit.

In all this fervor, neither of us heard the door open or noticed her husband, now home from work, standing in the door staring at my ass and the back of my head between his wife's legs.

I would find out later his first thought was to punch me in the back of the head, but stopped because that might hurt his wife, and after watching her writhing in ecstasy he had become quite aroused. His new plan was to kill two birds with one stone. He unzipped his slacks, pulled out his hard cock, walked in, grabbed my hips and thrust it into my ass.

The grab scared and surprised me and then I felt the pain of his cock slamming into my ass. Luckily, my ass was still lubed from the massage, but I still wasn't prepared for his big cock. I froze. He slammed again and again, my mind was blurry, but my body was on fire with waves of massive tingles. It was the massage of earlier multiplied. My face was shoved in and out of her pussy and I moaned.

The woman had been surprised, scared, shocked, when I slammed into her pussy, and she lifted her head up to see her husband. She wasn't sure what was about it happen. It was true these two didn't have a vanilla sex life and had played with others before, but she knew she was walking a fine line. She watched her husband slam into my ass with reckless aggression, she watched his hips thrusting, his hands gripping hard at my waist and could only think one thing... "HOT" She grabbed the back of my head, pulling the hair on the back of my neck and awaking me from my ass fucked daze. She pushed my face back into her pussy, grinding her clit into my mouth. I responded, licking and sucking in frenzy.

Her back arched and she came, hot fluid splashing into my mouth and covering my face.

After a few purposefully pumps, I felt my ass fill hot and her husbands cock pulse again and again.

I was pushed out of the way and fell on my side as he went over to her. I was still in somewhat of a shock and did not know the proper etiquette in this type of situation. I kept my eyes to the floor, quickly threw on my clothes and went for the door.

I thought that was the end of it, an experience that made for a good story and a sore ass, until I checked my email a few nights later and found one needing my confirmation for colonic appointment next week...after 5. I accepted.

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