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Best Anniversary ever

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Anniversary Story I?m really not sure how to do this, but I have to tell someone before I bust. My husband of 35 years, and I always take the week of our anniversary off and go somewhere that we can be alone. We have had an exceptional life together and are very open minded. Within five years of monogamous marriage we found that we both were interested in the swingers lifestyle and have enjoyed many encounters since.

My husband Dean, convinced me to explore my bisexual side many years ago and I very much love that side of me. I love to feel and taste a woman, bringing her to magnificent orgasms. It is quite different to have another woman make love to me and I can cum several times at the touch and thought of it. Dean and I talk about it during our love making and it enhances things immensely .

Now Dean on the other hand is one of those Macho men, and always showed disgust at the mention of him possibly having a Bi side. He has finally come around to the point that he will point out a nice cock in a porn movie and comment on how big or hard it is. I have also noticed that his cock will stiffen and jerk when he watches one of the guys in the movie cum hard and long, so I know he likes it.

Well this year we went to another state for our anniversary trip. We got all set up in the motel room and after dinner decided to go into the lounge and have a drink before going to bed. Dean got all upset because the cocktail waitress took so long to take our order, so he went to the bar himself. As it turned out the bartender was pretty busy himself and Dean had to wait anyway. I sat in the booth and waited for Dean to bring my drink. I noticed that Dean had struck up a conversation with a guy sitting at the bar and seemed to have settled down.

The guy was quite handsome, about 6? and in pretty good shape. I began to wonder what was underneath those loose shorts he was wearing and began to fantasize that we would have a threesome with him. When we travel Dean always wears those loose fitting ?travel pants? as he calls them with no underwear, but you can still tell that he has a very nice ass. The cocktail waitress came to the table and noticed I was intently watching the two guys at the bar, not knowing one of them was my husband. She leaned in close and whispered ?really nice asses?, I looked her in the eyes and agreed wholeheartedly with her observations. I was comfortable now that I had a nice stiff drink in my hands and continued to wonder about the guys package.

After quite a long time it struck me that Dean had pretty much forgotten me and was engrossed in his conversation. The guy Dean was talking with turned a little on his bar stool and I was able to see the outline of his cock laying on his leg under the shorts. This just peaked my interest all the more. Then Dean turned to face the guy with his hand in one pocket and I noticed he seemed a little nervous. I was so excited when I could see that Dean was actually trying to hide his hard on while he continued talking. I found that very HOT and it was making me wet. As they talked I noticed the guys cock seemed to be getting bigger as it started to peek out from underneath the leg of his shorts. As I watched, his cock grew to be about 7? and nicely shaped.

Dean took his hand out of his pocket to pay the bartender and the guy smiled at him when he noticed he was not the only one with a hard cock. They were very discreet about the situation and I was the only one in the bar that knew what was going on. I noticed that there was something glistening on the end of the guys cock just before he wiped it on his finger then licked it off while Dean watched. Deans cock jumped when this happened so I knew he was interested. They talked some more and I kept watch on the strangers cock for more precum as he squeezed his cock periodically. Then it happened, a large amount of precum emerged from the guys cock and was about to drip on the seat when Dean moved in close, caught it with his finger and put it in his mouth. I couldn?t stand it and had my first orgasm of the night, it was awesome. Apparently I made a noise loud enough for Dean to hear because he finally looked at me and blushed bright red. He was soooo embarrassed that I had seen what happened.

Dean came over to the table and asked if I would mind if he invited the stranger to sit with us, and of course I agreed. Dean then whispered in my ear that he couldn?t explain why he had a hardon or why he stole the guys precum, but he was willing to explore the situation more. Dean came back to the table and introduced Tom to me. Tom was very nervous when he shook my hand and apologized for not knowing that Dean and I were together. We talked for along time and Tom admitted that he was bisexual but had not intended on running into such an attractive couple. Tom was also traveling and decided to act out some of his fantasies before he told his wife that he was considering making her dream come true. We all three looked at each other and smiled a very mischievous smile.

We had a couple more drinks and talked about sex and fantasies. I was sitting in the middle of two very hot and horny guys. Dean had moved his hand between my legs and found out just how wet I was, then Tom did the same and we laughed. Tom reached over me under the table and found Deans cock and moaned when he felt the hardness, then pulled Deans hand over to his cock. Dean just smiled and licked his lips then asked if Tom wanted to come up to our room for a night cap. Tom readily accepted the invitation.

When we got to the room I moved away from the guys and sat on the bed motioning for them to sit on the sofa. I fluffed up the pillows on the bed, got comfortable and started stroking my clit while the guys watched. It didn?t take long for Tom to undo his shorts and let his nice hard cock out of it?s confinement. Dean stroked his cock through his pants until his cock was so hard it hurt , then he slid his pants down and began stroking that lovely 8? tool of his. This was driving me so wild watching them masturbate that I noticed my wetness was running down to my ass. Dean was stroking his cock then he squeezed it and wiped off a big drop of precum and let Tom lick it off his finger. Tom moaned as he licked it all off, still watching me. Then he reached over and took Deans cock in his hand and started to slowly stroke it. Dean did the same for Tom and was surprised at how soft the skin was but how hard the cock was. With a picture like that I couldn?t hold back and had an orgasm that lasted for several minutes before I was able to breath again. It was so intense I had made a pool of cum on the sheets, that of course I had to taste for the guys to see.

Tom moaned at the sight of me licking my own juices and got on his knees in front of Dean. Tom then placed Deans cock in his mouth and started sucking him. Dean looked at me with unsure eyes until I smiled and told him how HOT it was making me. Dean then closed his eyes and began to enjoy Toms mouth until he said he didn?t want to cum this soon and he changed places with Tom. Watching my hubby put that cock in his mouth was fantastic and a dream come true for me. Then Dean stood up and got behind Tom pulling him to him and placed his hard cock between Toms legs. Tom pushed back into Dean, squeezed his legs together and started to move as Dean slid his cock back and forth. They stayed in that position for several minutes until I came again just from the sight of them dry humping each other.

Dean moved in front of Tom and started to suck Toms cock, he looked me in the eyes and told me how much he loved me without saying a word. OMG, I?m in heaven. As he kept eye contact with me Dean picked up the pace of his sucking and I noticed that Toms knees were getting wobbly. Tom grabbed Dean by the head and pulled himself in as deep as he could, then tensed up and shot a huge load of cum into my husbands mouth. Dean took it all like a pro except for several drops that run down his chin. My pussy did the same, tensed up and I shot cum all over the sheets. Dean came over to the bed and let me lick the cum from his chin then kissed me with a mouthful of bitter sweet cum which we both swallowed. How much better can it get? I was about to find out.

Dean motioned for Tom to get on the bed then told him to clean up my pussy. Tom didn?t hesitate a second and began licking my pussy like he was eating a melting ice cream cone. He was very good and brought me to orgasm in minutes. Dean was standing over me stroking his cock and letting the precum drip on my lips while he watched Tom lick my pussy. Tom got me off again before he got on his knees and sucked Deans cock right in front of my face. Dean was so close that Tom and I shared his meat, sucking and licking making Dean moan and shutter. Dean layed down on top of me and put that 8? cock into my very happy pussy, it seemed bigger and harder than ever. I knew Dean was uncontrollably horny. He put it in as deep as possible which made me squirm because I wasn?t used to the added size of his cock, but it felt so good. Tom came up beside me and placed his cock between Dean and I. We greedily shared his cock which was jerking as we sucked on it and milked him of all of his precum.

Tom then got off of the bed and stood there watching us while he stroked his cock hard again. Then he moved behind Dean and continued stroking as we made passionate love. I had closed my eyes and was enjoying the moment when I felt Dean stiffen, I knew he wasn?t ready to cum yet so I opened my eyes. Tom was on the bed right behind Dean, I could see his face over the top of Deans shoulders. Dean had stopped fucking me and had this look on his face I had never seen, then he let out a big moan and relaxed a little. Tom had just put his 7? cock in my husbands ass while my husbands cock was deep in my pussy. I could feel Deans cock getting bigger inside of me, and the sight of Toms face with his eyes closed and moaning made me want to fuck the world. The sights and the feelings were so intense I began fucking Deans cock hard, moving my hips to meet Deans rythym which was matched by Toms rythym. I was watching the faces of both men as we all filled with intense lust and knew we were about to have the orgasm of a life time. I felt my orgasm building and screamed that I was going to cum, this just urged Tom on and he increased the tempo of his pounding in Dean. Tom threw his head back and closed his eyes, moaned and drove his cock deeper into Deans ass. As Tom unloaded his cock into that tight ass Dean started to shiver and shake until he let loose a cannon of cum into my pussy which ignited my own orgasm when I felt that hot cum shoot inside of me.

The three of us kept up the deep penetration of each other until all of the waves of pleasure had subsided. Then we fell into a pile until we got our breath under control. We talked about what had just happened for the longest time. Tom said that he was more then ready to give his wife her dream as soon as he found someone like us in his hometown. We exchanged numbers and promised to get together again. Tom went to his own room and Dean and I just cuddled for hours after basking in the true love that we felt for each other, even after 35 years.

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