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Bag of tricks. Full version

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You agree to do anything I say.

I tell you to take off your clothes. You obey. As you remove your shirt, I tell you to slow down. I sit in a chair as I watch you. You feel my eyes going over your body, and you can feel how bad I want to fuck you. I watch as your bright yellow shirt goes off over your head and how your still damp hair stays inside the neck.

I see your bra, and you look at me directly. I look back into your eyes and almost lose myself trying not to kiss you right then. Your eyes have an entrancing effect on me, so I try to maintain my composure. You start to unhook your bra, and I stop you. I tell you to take off your shoes. You start to slide them off, and I stop you once again. I tell you to untie them and let them fall off your feet. You slide back on the bed just a bit and pull one of your feet in close. Your knee is almost touching your chin, and you look at me again as you untie it. You look at me with a look of total seduction.

I look at your face, and focus on your lips. You can tell I?m having trouble keeping my hands off you, but you continue making it difficult anyway. I watch your mouth as you breathe softly. I notice the way you?re biting your lower lip. I look at your hair. I notice the way it dr*pes over your knee as you untie your shoe. Your other leg is hanging over the bed with your other foot resting on the floor. I hear a gentle thud as your sneaker lands. Then you remove your other shoe in the same fashion.

You love doing what I say because you know it gets me off.

Then you lie flat on your back. You smile at me before you do so and steal a quick glance at my crotch. You can see I?m totally turned on. You giggle a little as you undo your belt. You?re still looking at me looking at you. You pull the belt off and undo the fly on your jeans. You slide them off your hips very slowly? slow enough to make me shift in my seat. You buck your hips up just enough to get them down to your thighs. You do it in such a way that I can?t see your panties. You know just how to make me squirm.

As I start to move to get a better view, you tell me to stay still? I do so.

You finish sliding off your jeans and they fall gently to the floor. I am so quiet I actually hear them fall. Then, you sit up and look directly into my eyes. You stand up from the bed and walk over to me very slowly. I see the most incredibly sexy white cotton bikini-cut panties that you are wearing. You take small steps coming toward me to give me time to take in the view of your body. I take my time to memorize every curve of your frame like I will never see it again. The entire time, you?re looking into my eyes and it turns you on that I?m so aroused by your body. You move close enough to me to kiss me and I reach up for you. You grab my hands and put them on your hips. I pull you closer as you straddle me and you lean your head down over my face. Your cool, damp hair tickles me, as you get closer? Your eyes? I can?t get past them and I lose my will. I place my fingers at the back of your neck pull your face closer to mine and I kiss you.

At first, I just touch your lips with mine. Then, I feel you gently pushing your tongue into my mouth. Then, I open my mouth, and I greet your tongue with mine. I move my hands down to your ass as I dig my jean-covered crotch into your panties. I start dry humping you as I grope your ass and kiss you. Our kissing becomes frantic as our tongues dance in a never-ending swirl. I reach my fingers into your hair and give a little tug, pulling your head back for me to push my tongue further into your mouth. I feel my head start to spin? as if you?re trying to make me completely powerless.

Succumb to your charms though I may, I continue kissing you and start to move my hands up to your breasts. I slide my hands up, my fingers never leaving your skin, right to the base of your breasts. As I start to move my hands onto them, you grab my hands and press them firmly into them. You lean your head back and exhale deeply with a moan as I grope you. I find your nipples through your bra and start to twist and pinch them. You rest your forearms on my shoulders, leaving your hands in the perfect position to touch my head. I take extra care to pinch and twist your left nipple even harder.

I can barely contain myself as I move my mouth to your chest, and start kissing between your breasts. Still holding your neck, I lean you back to allow me better access to what I want. I breathe in heavily as I savor your smell. Your skin is still warm from your shower. It?s soft, silky smooth, and smells vaguely of various fruits. I start to lick everything I kiss, and you moan softly. I move my face down to your tummy, and I can smell your arousal.

You make a start as the thunder rolls. You pull back from me and as I start to protest, you place your index finger on my lips. You get up and walk back to the bed and produce a bag that you had hidden from me. It?s a tiny paper bag, like that from a store specializing in lingerie. You let a naughty giggle escape your lips and smile wryly at me. You face away from me as you remove your white satin bra. I watch as you undo it from behind and am frustrated that you don?t turn as you start to put on the new bra. I can see that it?s dark in color, but that is all. You pause and look over your shoulder at me and smile. You tell me to close my eyes. I raise an eyebrow at you, but I close them.

You tell me to take my cock out. I open my eyes to undo my fly, out of habit, and you correct me immediately. I again shut my eyes and pull down my zipper. You tell me to pull it down slower and I smile as I realize the irony. I obey. I bring it down tooth by tooth, slowly down the zipper it goes. You can see how turned on I am. You can see my hardon through my boxers. You tell me to stop moving, so I stop immediately. My hands are on my fly and you tell me to put them on my thighs. You tell me to keep my eyes closed as I hear you make your way toward me. I hear you stop at the foot of the bed, and you tell me to grab my cock.

I place one hand at my balls, and with my right hand, I grab the base of my cock. I hear and smell you coming closer to me, and you brush away my hands. My breathing stops as I feel you pulling down my boxers. You smile as you see that my pre-come has stuck my cock to my boxers. You love that you turn me on that much. You tell me to grab my cock again, and I do it the same way. It feels so good to have my hand on my balls, as they are starting to ache. As I place my hand on my cock, I realize my hands are warm and damp from the sweat of the anticipation of seeing your surprise. I feel the air shift as you move back away from me and sit back on the edge of the bed.

Suddenly, I feel a delicate article of clothing hit my lap. Then another. You tell me to open my eyes. You are completely nude, and exposed for me. You?re sitting on the bed with your legs open just enough for me to see your tiny patch of hair. I look down at my lap, and I see the white bra and panties that you were wearing.

You tell me to put one in each hand. I put your panties in my left hand and your bra in my right. You tell me you?re going to put on the other bra and panties from the bag, but that I have to come before you get them on. You tell me I?m not allowed to touch my cock with my own skin, and I have to let you know when I come. I agree to your terms and place my left hand with your panties back on my balls and your bra with my right hand around my cock.

I start moving my right hand slowly up and down the shaft of my penis. Pre-come trickles down the base of the head and you watch it happening as intently as I?m watching you put on your panties. You slide them out of the bag, and my strokes start to increase in pace. With your ass on the bed, you slide your feet into the panties. You lean forward and your breasts touch your legs. That gets me hotter. I start to increase my pace. You slide the panties up your ankles, and shins? going slower and slower as you get to your knees. I watch in agony because I don?t want to come just yet, and I am so fucking close. I look closely at all the frills and strings, thinking you would have to tie them at your waist. They are already tied together and stitched together. They look like they feel as smooth as silk, and very well may be.

You stand slowly, sort of bent forward at the hip. I watch as your patch of hair disappears as you bend towards me. I see your breasts and try very hard not to come as I increase my pace. Your breasts graze against my knees? and you smile at me as if you did it on purpose. I feel the cool metal from your piercing and that damn near sends me over the edge. I stop stroking my cock and exhale deeply. You almost complain as you tell me not to stop. I continue, but I go very slowly.

Then, you smile at me and tell me that I?m not allowed to touch your body. Effortlessly, you face away from me and continue sliding your panties up. I watch with jealousy as the black seemingly see through design hugs your legs and continues torturously slow up to your ass. When I say jealousy, I mean that seeing the shapes dancing carelessly across the panties TAUNT me? I see them touching your skin as they gently tease me to what I cannot have?

You make your way back toward me and I stroke my cock even faster than before. You can tell that I?m excruciatingly close to blowing my nut all over you. You sit on my knees, braless, and lean forward. You lick and bite my neck as you place your hands on mine. You bite harder as you feel me lurch knowing that in seconds, I will cover you in thick, hot come. I see you shift your weight and you place the mouth of your pussy just above my right knee. I feel the heat and dampness through your panties as you grind your pussy against it. You lean down and lick the throbbing head as you see your white bra fuck my cock and your panties fondling my balls. You have almost a look of envy as you place your forearms on my shoulders. You slide down, bare breasted as your upper body gets closer and closer to my cock. You bite my neck one last time as you slide your mouth away from me.

You have had enough of torturing me. You close your hands behind my neck and let your breasts hang down beside my cock. You move just slightly and your right nipple grazes the head. I tell you I?m about to come, and you bring the left one over as well. The touch of the metal on the tip of my swollen penis, along with the feeling of your hungry pussy grinding on my leg and smelling your hot musky sex is enough to make me lose it. You let go of my neck and press them together and gasp as I shoot time after time all over your sexy fucking tits.

Your breathing becomes heavier and you moan as you feel the hot, thick come dripping down each breast as I shoot it over them both. I hold my cock in such a way that it flings my come all over your neck and chin as you look down to watch it erupt all over your upper body. You bring them down and continue to stroke my cock between them. Your bra is sandwiched between your tits and you cover your bra and my cock with my come. You release your breasts and grab the bra. You start to lick the come off my cock as you fling the bra away. You look up at me with those amazing fucking eyes, not smiling, but licking the come off of my body as it drips down from yours.

You run your fingers through the hot come all over our bodies and lick it off. You take your index finger and put it on my lips. I kiss your finger and then take it into my mouth. I lick and gently suck your finger as you play with my tongue ring and smile at me. You tell me not to move and that you will be right back. I watch your ass as you walk away, those shapes taunting me still? the strings caressing your thighs? the bows accentuating your hips ever so perfectly? and I feel a tinge in my cock once again. As I look up, I see you looking back at me, and you have the bra in your hand as you close the door to the restroom.

You emerge with your hair in a tail and wearing the bra. I smile as I see that you tied your hair back with a dark-colored silk ribbon that very closely resembles the bra. You lie on the bed and tell me that it?s my turn to entertain you. I smile as I move toward the bed.

I tell you to lie on your back and relax while I go get a surprise of my own. You giggle with excitement? because you know I always have the best surprises. Not long has passed before I return with a bag of my own. It isn?t prim and proper like yours. Mine is simpler. Just a medium sized cloth bag, resembling a pillowcase. The bag stands out, however, as the bright colored cloth contrasts with the black shirt I?m wearing.

I look at you and smile as I open the bag and pull out the first and only item you will see: A deep red sleeping mask.

You have a look of both excitement and disappointment as I show you my first gift. You want to see what?s going to happen, but I am going to prevent it. What I know that you don?t is, if you saw what I had in mind, you probably wouldn?t be receptive. I move toward you carrying the mask, and slowly slide it over your hair and then your eyes. You smile as you feel its silky smoothness take away your sight.

As I am adjusting it to your comfort, I remind you that since your sense of sight has been taken, your other senses will be peaked, and more in tune with your surroundings. Every sound you hear will be sharper; every touch you feel will be more sensitive. Your ears perk up at the mention of the words ?touch? and ?sensitive?.

You hear me rummaging through my bag of fun and you can faintly make out that I removed something. I tell you to roll over on your tummy. You completely trust me, but roll over hesitantly. You feel me moving up your body, and slip something underneath the front of your neck. You smell the leather and realize it?s a collar. You move your hands to touch it, and you feel it?s a simple leather collar with a metal ring for a restraint of some sort. You?re not too sure, but you allow me to continue fastening it behind your neck. I move your hair to one side as I fasten the collar, and make sure it?s not too tight. You still have plenty of room to breathe, unless someone were to? say? pull on it from behind.

You feel something long, slim and silky brush against your back and shoulders as you feel me fasten something to the ring. From the way it feels, you?d guess it?s a long silk ribbon. From how I was moving, you could tell I didn?t tie it, but I just slid it through. You can feel two equal lengths of the silk resting against your shoulders coming from the collar. It?s amazing how one?s perception is increased with the loss of one sense. You relax your body, laying your arms by your side and turn your face, in the pillow, to the left side.

After I stop messing with your collar and silk ribbon, you hear me rummaging through my bag once again. You neither smell nor hear me remove anything from the bag. You can only make out my excited breathing. What seems like an eternity passes before you feel a very gentle, soft item delicately brush against the back of your shoulder. It almost tickles. First you feel a touch, then a stroke. Then, a longer stroke, as I glide the item further and further down from your shoulder to your lower back. It doesn?t take you long to realize it?s a feather. From the width and firmness, you guess it?s about medium sized. It almost feels like it?s one of those obscenely large feather pens, but softer? and purpler. Yes, it feels purple, shh.

I start gently grazing your skin down to your lower back. You can feel me sitting to your left side, and I see you smiling as I continue to touch your body with my feather. I stroke it up and down your back; very slowly? letting your body adjust to its new level of sensitivity. The feather strokes continue going up from the small of your back, to between your shoulders, and back down to your sacrum. It continues slowly up the middle of your spine as it takes the time to drink in the touch of your skin. The feather almost takes on its own personality as it takes all the time it wants over the raised skin of the tattoo on your shoulder.

As I glide the feather up between your shoulders for a second time, I let it continue up to the base of your neck, and you feel it pass over your collar. You flush with excitement as you remember the collar is there. You feel me brush the silk as it moves across your arm. I bring the feather down your arm, outlining the silk that you make out to be your ?leash?. I brush the feather under the silk, and you can feel it being shifted as I take it in my hand, and you realize that you have yet to feel the touch of my skin since I put on your blindfold.

I continue caressing your body with the feather. I go up the other side of your back, and then up and down your arm. I take my time before I get to your ass. You can barely feel the feather through your panties, but you do feel it. You know it?s there, and it longs to feel the bare skin that the panties are hiding from it. It?s like the feather has come to life and it?s only purpose is to touch every part of your body that it can. You start to move your hands toward your panties. You want the feather to touch you everywhere, but I stop you by whispering for you not to move.

You feel the feather continue to graze your skin below your panties and on the backs of the tops of your legs. I start with one leg, then the other, moving the feather side to side while pulling it down. I make a conscious effort not to tickle you, but it can?t be helped at the backs of your knees. You giggle and shift your legs as I bring it past your knees. As you move your legs, without a word from me, you feel me gently tug at the silk ribbon that you forgot was in my hand. You stop moving your legs as you feel me pull at the collar to your left side where I am sitting, and softly makes it harder for you to breathe. As soon as your legs stop moving, I release the pressure on your collar.

I continue down to your calves, one at a time, just like the tops of your legs, and work my way back up the same way I went down. This time, you don?t move as I go over the backs of your knees. I make my way up from the tops of your panties, to the middle of your back, and finally to your shoulders. Finally, I slide it back down and let it rest and lie at the back of your legs, just below your ass. You take a moment to reflect on how heavy the feather is?

Multiple fragrances fill the air as you can tell I?m going through my bag again. You hear some gentle clacking and you realize that you can pick up smells from within the bag and hear what I?m doing better this time than the others.

You hear me remove something different from the bag this time. You can tell it?s not soft and you hear a slight metal clinking. I bring it from the bag and rest it on the pillow near your nose. You smell leather. You realize that the clinking you heard was from a belt buckle. You?re pretty sure it?s my thick black leather belt that I was wearing when I blew hot come all over your sexy fucking tits.

You make a start as I smack your ass with the belt. It hurt, but it felt equally as good. Your body is surprised as you feel the stinging pain of the belt and the gentle tickle of the feather tickling your skin below your ass. I hear you moan as I give you a firmer smack on your ass. It hurts a lot more this time, and you begin to tell me not to do it, but you stop before you say anything. I ask you if you?d like another. Without a word, you gently shake your head ?no?, but pause? and nod your head ?yes?.

I ask if you want it harder, and you shake your head. I hit you a little softer, but still pretty firmly.., and you gasp as the feather tickles your skin through the sting. You nod your head again without my even asking, and you whisper ?harder?. I give you another gentle reminder by tugging your collar with the silk and tell you that I didn?t say you could speak.

Smack! You shift your body as I hit you a little harder. The feather gives you a reminder that it is still there, longing to continue touching your body. I place my hand on your panties and take notice of the red marks going across your ass outside the panties. I?m taken aback by how hot and red your ass is. It?s so fucking sexy it hurts not to fuck you right here, right now.

You can?t believe how much this hurts and you?re completely surprised by how much this is turning you on. Right now, you could fuck me and not care about anything else in the world. You feel your wetness starting to soak your panties. You can smell the arousal of your own sexy musk, and it turns you on even more.

I tell you?re allowed to have one more, and ask you if you?d like it. You nod. I ask if you?d like it softer. You shake your head. I ask you if you want it harder. You nod enthusiastically with your mouth clenched shut. I ask if you want it a lot harder. You nod even more frantically as you hold your breath.

SMACK! Your eyes water behind your mask as the pain tears through your entire body, and you feel a surge inside you. You cry out in a pleasure filled gasp of pain. You lick your lips as you continue to pant longing and wanting for the pain to continue. I tell you that if you continue to be a good girl, I will let you have the belt again, but not right now.

You feel me moving on the bed as I shift my body and maneuver behind you. You feel me straddle the backs of your legs just below as the feather tickles you because it moves a bit. You feel my skin against your skin as my legs wrap around yours. You can tell that I have removed my pants and you get hotter as you feel my hard cock through my boxers pushing against your panty-covered ass.

You feel my hands on your wrists as I pull them behind your back. I have you bend your arms at the elbow and rest your hands above your ass. I place the non-buckle end of the belt just above your ass, facing the top of your back. Your face is emotionless as you realize that I?m about to restrain you.

Your right wrist is resting on top of the belt itself and you feel me wrap it over your left wrist, as I make a figure 8 motion of wrapping your wrists together. I am careful to weave the belt in and out of your wrists and forearms before I continue wrapping them with a spin. You felt the over under wrapping a total of 3 times and then you felt me just spin it over your wrists till there was no more belt left. You hear and feel me fasten the belt as I stretch and tighten, and finally fasten it. You feel me take one of the ends of the silk that is through the ring of the collar on your neck as I tie it to the belt buckle.

I pull the free end of the silk to help you realize that I can pull one end of the silk and simultaneously restrain and make it more difficult for you to breathe. You?re not too sure about me having this kind of control over you, but it?s turning you on nonetheless. You feel my bare cock against your leg as I pull the silk slightly to adjust my positioning. I lean in and press my cock firmly against your panty-covered ass as I lean in and whisper in your ear. A tingle runs down your spine as my lips touch your ear while I whisper to you? I tell you I?m going to stuff my cock into your ass.

You feel me move your panties to one side as my finger slides into your pussy. I am amazed by how sopping wet you are and slide your fluids all over my cock. You smell so fucking sexy; I could eat you right here. You feel the head of my cock pressing up against your asshole as I move your panties further to the side. A tinge of pain shocks your lower body as you feel the head of my cock enter your ass. I pull the ribbon and you gasp again as you begin to see stars. You?re surprised that it?s only the head of my cock, and I stop moving. I contract the muscles in my cock and make it twitch inside your ass. You clench your ass down around my swollen cock head and I almost come. I relax and let out a deep exhale.

I lean forward and bite the side of your neck as I shove my cock all the way into your ass. It hurts because it?s not wet enough, but the feather brushes against the base of your ass as my balls push it against you. It?s not wet enough, and you don?t give a fuck. Your body aches as it longs to have me move in and out of you. I leave it in and don?t move it. I pull the ribbon just a bit to pull your neck further into my mouth. I start nibbling and sucking as I continue to bite at your neck and your breathing gets more frantic. You notice that you?re getting a little dizzy as you take in less oxygen from a breath due to my pulling the ribbon. You start shoving your ass further down my cock, trying to get me to fuck you, but I continue to remain still. Your head begins to swim a little?

Without any warning, I push myself up and remove myself from your body and tell you that you can?t have it yet. You notice that there is more of a primal lust in my voice than there has been since we started. You know I?m completely on edge, as my body is demanding me to fuck you. You can tell it doesn?t matter, as long as I?m inside your body. You can tell how badly I need to have you?

You hear me exhale again. You can smell your body on my breath as I try to regain my composure.

After a brief moment of neither of us moving, you feel me shift and notice several familiar scents that you can?t quite place. One of them gets stronger. You get the distinct hint of jasmine and vanilla as I remove a bottle from my bag. You smile as you realize what?s coming next. You hear me pop the cap and the scent overtakes you. You hear me rubbing the oil in my hands, and rubbing them together quickly. Rubbing the oil in my hands warms it before it touches your skin. You know that I love the scent of jasmine?

I move back to straddling your ass but have adjusted your panties to go back the way they were. You can feel my cock against your ass still, but I?m not forcing it on you again. You raise your ass to feel my cock against it, and I whisper for you not to do it. I see you slightly frown, but you do as I say.

I lean forward and you feel my oil-covered hands go across the backs of your shoulders. I rub the oil into your skin and work out all the tension from the muscles in your upper back. You feel my fingertips seemingly make their way through your skin directly to every tense, knotted place in your back. I slide my fingertips firmly over your body and press in with my palms. After I press in, I pull down with my fingertips. After the initial touching, I actually begin to massage you. I start by squeezing the tops of your shoulder muscles by pressing my fingertips and palms together while holding the actual muscles. I pull them up and it completely soothes you.

I then take my fingertips and tap them into your skin with increasing frequency and pressure. It?s like you?d tap your nails on a table, but I?m doing it with both hands, from the pinky to the index finger? over and over and over. You can see why I call it the ?thousand fingers? technique. I continue the thousand fingers down the backs of your shoulders, and make my way to the tops of your bound wrists. I stop, and bring my hands below them. I then slide my fingertips under the belt, along your back, and continue the technique down to the top of your ass. I stop the tapping and you feel my fingertips pressing firmly into your skin as I slide them up your back again toward your shoulders.

Instead of pulling my hands off of your body to get past your restraints, I just slide them back down, and around your hands, and back over your forearms and they eventually find their way to your back. I continue rubbing your body for another full 20 minutes. I work my way down to your legs, and back up to your arms. Finally, I reach your neck. I kiss your neck and gently fondle your collar as I make my way up to your head.

I remove the silk ribbon hair tie, careful not to pull your hair out. You feel my fingertips on your scalp, and I have you face forward. You rest your chin on the pillow. I run my fingers into your hair. You feel the palms of my hand resting on your scalp as my fingers make their way weaving into your hair. You feel me gently clench my fist. Your head was spinning before, but now it?s like you?re in your own reality. Everything seems to be moving slower as I continue to tug your hair.

I have been purposefully decreasing your oxygen intake by pulling your collar, increasing your sensitivity to everything surrounding you. I have been careful on how hard I pull and making sure to do it in just the right way. Now that I?m forcing blood back into your head with this scalp massaging technique, you?re getting the best of both worlds. The darkness you?re seeing becomes brighter as light dances across what you?re not seeing. The more I clench your hair, the more the lights flash and play around in your forced blindness.

The touch of my skin to yours is like being touched by a cloud all over your entire body. My velvet whisper sends a shudder down your spine every time you hear me breathe or put a thought in your ear.

You are lost in a daze as a new smell makes itself aware to you. You hear me shuffling intently through my bag. Finally, you smell the sulfur of a match and the scent of vanilla more potently than the jasmine vanilla oil. In your sensitive state, you smell the lighting of a vanilla candle and you can feel the heat on your body, as it is very close. I lean in and whisper that I will return shortly.

You feel the air in the room shift as I re enter with something firm in my hands. As I get closer to you, you can feel something very cold, almost frozen. Ice. You can smell it. You never realized that ice had a scent until now, and you can smell it though the vanilla. I slide a cold hand over your skin. Your body makes an involuntary start as the cold temperature of my skin shocks yours in its very tender state. You hear me chewing the ice and feel me leaning over your body to get the candle. I tell you to prepare yourself for a new sensation.

I start to lick your left shoulder. You can feel the sharp cold of my steel tongue ring go across the skin of your tattoo. Your skin is shocked as a drop of hot wax hits where I just licked. Since your skin was already cold, it feels like nothing more than a tiny quick hot flash followed closely by a tingle. I watch as the wax hardens immediately on your cold skin. I take another piece of ice and chew it. As I swallow it, I pour a small bit on an unlicked part of your shoulder. You gasp as you feel the heat burn your skin. Then, I lick in a circle around the wax, watching it dry.

I lick another part of your back, just below your restraint. This time, I tug on your silken leash as I pour a bit more wax on you. The pain makes you dizzier but you are still coherent. You ask me to stop, but I tug on your leash again and remind you that you?re not allowed to speak. I ask you if you trust me, and you half-heartedly nod. I ask you again, and you know I?m now satisfied how you just responded. You?re still in control of your mental faculties completely. You think, and I see the grimace on your face, and you give me a confident nod. I lick your neck, just above your collar. I pull your leash as I dip the wax just above your ass instead of the cold place I just made on your neck. You find it easier to take quick shallow breaths as I continue giving you both ends of the sensation at opposite ends of the top half of your body.

The mixed sensations are incredible as I place the candle down and squeeze your hair again. I keep shifting between cold, hot, and squeezing. In one final act, I chew up some ice. I keep the chunks bigger so they won?t melt immediately upon hitting your skin. I slide my hand into your hair and squeeze it at your scalp as I lick the center of your shoulders. The intense chill of the ice and the steel are followed immediately by the hot wax. I?m sure to drip some of the wax outside the cold area to give you the entire spectrum of sensation while I squeeze your scalp with just the right amount of firmness.

For the final time, I reach back into the sack. I bring out my final surprise and pass it briefly underneath your nose. You know. Right then, you know. It?s a lily. You smile to yourself as you feel me run it across your body. Just barely grazing it. Grazing it over the numb spots on your body. Numb from the temperature sensations I was just giving you. I gently tap it across your ass, mocking the delightful pain I was inflicting upon you earlier. You hear the gentle thud as I toss it onto the bed beside your head.

Finally, after all this preparation? you?re ready.

It has taken me the better part of an hour to get your body to this state. The slightest touch of a feather feels like the firm stroke of a finger. The velvety sound of my whisper makes your ears ring with a delicate hum. I no longer need to speak to you. I pull down your panties. You mindlessly allow it. You have been waiting for this for far too long. Your insides ache to have me fill them. You don?t care when or where or how? you just need to feel me.

I slide your panties down. I remove the feather, and you just now realize that you had forgotten it was there. I continue to pull your panties down to your knees and pull them down one of your legs. I purposefully leave them on one leg because it?s very sexy that way. I lie down beside you, still wearing my shirt and boxers. You roll over and start to sit up. I leave you to your devices, making sure you don?t fall off of the bed. I roll over facing away from you and light some incense. Almost like a surge of electricity, several scents flood your sense of smell. As you smell the jasmine, your muscles relax. As you smell the vanilla, you feel the tingling warmth of fire, ice, and steel coming together on your skin.

You finally make it to sitting up and you notice that the scent of the sweet incense has taken over the room. You feel my hand grasp your knee as I coax your leg to straddle me. As you mount my body, I see your small strip of hair again and smile. I am sure to grab your ribbon and rest it down the front of your shoulder. The ribbon contrasts very sexily against the dark color of your bra. You feel my hands grope your breasts over your bra, and the increased sensation is almost enough to send you over the edge.

I slide my hands down your body, never taking them off once I start touching your breasts, and rest them on your hips. I guide your hips to position your pussy over my cock and stop. I take my right hand off of your hip and grab the head of my cock. I gently tickle your clit with the precome covered head of my painfully throbbing cock. Due to your body?s increased sensitivity, as I tickle your clit, it feels so good it?s almost painful. I see you gasp and gather the situation. I pull you forward with the leash, so your breasts crush into my chest as you lie on me. You turn your face to the left and lean back just enough to reach up and kiss me.

Our tongues dance gently and passionately and your head swims as my tongue makes love to yours. I gently pull your hair with my left hand and lean you over to one side. I slide out from underneath you, and help you lie back in a comfortable position. Your head and bound hands are on separate pillows.

I make my way down to your pussy. You?re on your left side with your left leg down on the bed, bent at the knee and ankle resting comfortably on the sheet. Your right leg is up, your right heel is down on the bed, and you?re comfortably and erotically exposing yourself to me. Your hips are resting on your wrists, and you face your head toward where I am, almost as if you can see me through your mask.

I kiss your thighs. Gently at first, just little pecks. I tire of that, so I begin to lick. Long, slow, firm? all the way up your thigh to your quivering pink gushing pussy. I gently insert my index finger. You are so tight and ready, but I have to work you up first.

I gently lick the outer lips of your sweet tasting pussy. I start licking it straight up. You smell and taste amazing? it?s sweet, and a little tart, sort of like a raspberry. I start from the bottom of the right side and lick straight up to the top. I remove my tongue and make my way in a little further. I lick from the bottom to the top again, slower this time though. My wide flat tongue makes it across your entire pussy in several slow hot licks.

I take my time as I make my way back into the center of your pussy with the tip of my tongue. I?m sure to go very slow and gently as I make sure to take my time on you. You have the sexiest pussy, and I want to make sure that you know I think that. I slowly flick the tip of my tongue against your clit and you shudder. I can tell you?re close to coming with just this small amount of attention. You feel the silk leash make its way to the opposite side of your body as I place it in my left hand.

I slide my right index finger inside your body, and at long last, I?m finally back inside of you. It has been excruciating to wait this long, but you?re worth it. As my finger makes its way slower and deeper into your body, I feel the mouth of your pussy clench down and try to suck it in. I give in as I slide my middle finger over my index in as well. You feel the flat side of my tongue delicately pressing in your clit. I slide my tongue up as I penetrate you deeper with my fingers and you feel the stud of my tongue ring. I leave my fingers inside you and keep them from moving. I feel you clenching and sucking them into your body once again, but I leave them there.

I continue to flastside your clit with my tongue ring as I lick it from side to side. I tell you that I?m going to make you come, but you have to do it before you can count to 10. I tell you to start counting in a whisper, and you start.

One. I flick your clit faster with my tongue ring

Two. I press up on your g spot as I start finger fucking you. Your breathing increases.

Three. I nibble and suck on your clit as I surround it with my lips.

Four. I press my pinky into your pussy soaked asshole, and you lose the ability to continue counting aloud.

Five. I fuck you with a third finger in your pussy as I open you.

Six. I slide all four of my fingers in and out of your body as I suck your clit and flick it inside my lips with my tongue ring.

Seven. Your breathing becomes erratic as I increase my pace.

Eight. Your hips buck meeting the thrust of my fingers. I have to adjust my head movement to keep up with your own.

Nine. I pull your leash and make you breathe in shorter quicker breaths.

Ten. You feel a quiver starting inside your body. Light flashes like a thunderstorm behind your beautiful red satiny cushioned mask. Brilliant colors are exploding everywhere. You know you?re coming, but you have never in your entire life experienced anything like this. Your pussy clenches down on my fingers. Your asshole pinches my pinky. I stop moving completely. You?re so fucking close you could die? your head is spinning, and you couldn?t tell your left from your right at the moment, all you know is the intense need for release that you?re feeling right now. You would do anything I asked you if I just make you come? you whimper that to me. Finally, I release you from your torture by continuing my stroke? then I unleash the most violent and explosive orgasm you have ever had. You dig your sexy pussy further and further into my face as you come in gushes and gushes all over my hand and mouth. I feel your restraints tugging on my leash as you instinctively try to grab my head. Fluid continues to come and come out of your pussy all over me. You feel this intense explosion and release all throughout your body. It makes your knees weak, and your toes curl, clenching the sheets and pulling them to my body as you wrap your thighs and legs around my head like a vice so I can never take my mouth away from your body.

After your orgasm finally subsides, I give you a few moments to catch your breath. I take a moment to relax my cramped hand and sore jaw. I move back from the bed. You hear me take off my boxers, but not my shirt. You hear my boxers hit the floor right by your shoes. I lean back down on the bed and kiss you passionately. You?re turned on by the scent of your sex all over my face and mouth, and you lick it off my lips as you suck and bite them.

I need to fuck you.


I take my place at the base of the bed and slide you down to me. I am standing on the floor, and at this point, my urges have taken over. I have little to no disregard for your comfort, and you don?t give a FUCK. I bring my aching cock head to the mouth of your wanting pussy. I aim it and start to put it in. My body is so weak from making you come like that, I am having a bit of trouble. I stop? breathe a deep sigh, and continue. I slide the head of my cock over the tip of your clit. I bring the head back down to your opening and push the head up to the beginning of it. I am so hard right now, I could just fucking stab it into you and have it rip you in half. Instead, I take my time. I treat this like it?s the last time I will ever see anything like it again.

I push the head half way in. I actually have to fight myself to keep from just plunging it inside your glistening body. Then, I pull it out. Then? very slowly and firmly? I push the whole head in. It takes me almost 15 seconds or so.. I can tell you?re being tortured again, and I allow it to continue. I can tell by your breathing you just want me inside you. I pull your leash to restrain you, and you calm down? or that?s what you want me to think. Finally, I push my cock back into you? just past the head. It takes me a full 20 seconds this time. I pull it back out, but not all the way. I leave the tip inside you and tell you how sexy you are. I push it back in about half way down the length of my entire cock, and it takes almost half a minute. I slide it back out. I am fucking you like you?re a virgin, and it?s driving you fucking nuts. You want me to slam your fucking ass so hard it makes your teeth rattle, but you?re frustrated because I?m taking my sweet ass time? and it feels amazing. This time, I slide it in further still, and you bare your teeth as you suck in the air. You slide your left leg onto my right shoulder and rest your ankle on my neck. You can?t believe it feels this way, and you?re torn because you just want me to fuck you as bad as you know I want to.

I tell you that I?m going slowly because I?m about to come. You tell me that you don?t care and you want me to fuck you as fast and as deep as I can. I tell you that I?m going to fuck you how I want to fuck you, and I pull the ribbon harder this time. I remind you that you?re not allowed to talk. You can tell by how I speak while I remind you that I?m smiling.

Finally, slowly, I shove my cock into your body, balls deep. You cry out in a gasp. I leave it in? savoring the sensation. I feel your pulse through the walls and mouth of your pussy. I feel your heart racing. I pull my cock out up to the tip and slide it in about a third of the way of the length of my cock? only I do it very fast.

I do this almost ten times before I give you a long? deep? slow? thrust. Then? another. Again, I pull almost all the way out and give you several short shallow, quick thrusts. Less than before, then you feel a long?. slow? deep one? then another? and another.

I push it in about 8 more times quick and fast, then 4 long slow deep ones. I keep this up, alternating between the fast ones and slow ones till it?s 1 short quick one and 11 long hard deep ones. Finally, I do stroke after stroke of long hard deep thrusts into your longing body. I feel how your pussy is craving my cock, wanting to be filled over and over again.

I tell you I?m going to come, and you tell me to come wherever I want. I start fucking you as hard and fast and deep as I can, while fondling your bra covered breasts. I take my right hand and start twisting and pinching your left nipple as your ankle rests on my neck. I am about to blow it, and I stop. I decide I want you back on your tummy. I pull out and tell you to roll over. I help you and put a pillow under your hips. I slap the head of my cock with my fingertips, numbing it and giving me a few extra precious seconds to fuck you with.

Finally, I enter you from behind. No teasing, no stalling. Your hips are arched because of your pillow so that the head of my dick pounds your g spot over and over again with each thrust. I feel you tensing up like you?re going to come again. I lean back on my haunches while I continue to fuck you, hammering your g spot as hard and as fast as I can go. I feel my own orgasm approaching and fuck you faster than I thought possible. I pull on your leash and all but cut off the flow of oxygen to your brain.

It?s over. I?m starting to come. I pull your leash with my left hand all the way back up to your head. You?re barely able to breathe, but the lights swim and flash across your blinded eyes once again with brilliant abandon. You feel my left hand begin to wrench your hair against your scalp as you lose the ability to breathe. You don?t care. You?re about to come even harder than before.

I pull out of your pussy and shove my dick up your ass as I wrench your hair and mercilessly fondle your left breast and twist your nipple from across your chest. Your ass is so wet from your pussy, I slide right in. You cry out as you cough and gasp for air. I fuck you so hard that my balls slap your clit and push you over the edge for the last time.

Time stops for you as the earth shakes and you almost lose consciousness as the orgasm tears its way though your half aware body. Nothing matters to you except the feeling that is ripping its way from the inside of your body transferring the shakes and quivering to my body as I forcefully erupt inside your ass. The colors you grew so fond of are now just a piercing white light that would blind you if you could see. I come so hard and so much that you feel it exploding out of your ass and that just adds to your sensation. Your ass is clenching down on my cock as your fluid gushes so intensely that it covers my balls as I shoot load after load after load continually into your body.

I release your leash and you fall face first into your pillow. You are unable to move as these waves continue to surge through your body. I come out of your ass with a messy pop as I lean forward and turn your face to where you can breathe. You gasp and cough a little more as your world comes pouring back into your body. You are on the border of passing out and semi conscious, but are still semi aware of what I?m doing. You feel me undo your leash from your collar. You feel me undo your restraints. Then I remove your mask. You?re still not able to see anything besides a few remnants of the lights and stars flooding in. I make sure you?re fine before I excuse myself. In your state, you?re not sure, but you think you hear water running in the restroom.

I return wearing my boxers and pick you up off of the bed. I carry you into the bathroom where I have a warm candle-lit bubble bath drawn for you. You smell the vanilla scented candles from earlier.

I set you in, and completely soak my shirt. As I clean you off, I see you look up at the ceiling. When you look back at me, I rest the lily on the bubbles and you take it into your hands. You stroke my face with it as I continue cleaning and washing your body.

I spend about 20 minutes taking care of you. The water slightly burns the tender areas of your ass. I finish cleaning you and dry you off. I help you into your robe and kiss you on the forehead. I smile at you as I start to turn away. You call my name as you look into the mirror and realize you?re still wearing your collar. You smile as you realize that it?s light purple.

You have this very satisfying and fulfilled feeling tingling inside you, and you look up at me with those soul-piercing eyes, and I lose myself once again.

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