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Bad little boy who needs to be spanked

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I have been talking to this guy who is into spanking. I must admit I like to be spanked by my wife as a foreplay to her jerking me off or sucking my cock or as I am fucking her she uses a plastic paddle to spank me on each downward stroke. It sends shock waves from my beet red ass cheeks right to the tip of my cock. I find I cum so much harder when she spanks my ass.

So I am going to meet with this guy and here is how I think it will go…

I knock on his hotel room door. He opens and I see he is 5 foot 5 inches tall, 135 pounds, about 60 years old, short gray hair and completely naked. He is shaved everywhere. His cock is flaccid and about 2 inches long. His balls hang down low so I expect his cock will grow to about 6 inches when he gets hard.

I also see his wife sitting in a chair. Her legs are over each armrest. She is also naked. She stands 5 foot 9 inches, 175 pounds, and 50 years old, not fat but strong looking, long blond hair, and shaved open wide cunt. Also she is quite good looking.

I enter. He says call me Master. Yes Master. He tells me to slowly strip for him. He sits on the bed and I remove my coat, shoes, socks, shirt, under-shirt, and then very slowly I pull my black boxer briefs down. He sees I am shaved. Then he sees my hard cock. It is 7 inches and on the thinner side. He sees my huge balls hanging down which are also shaved. Then the briefs fall to the ground and I kick them away.

He orders me to slowly turn around. He sees I am in good shape for being 58. I am 5 foot 10 inches, 185, gray short hair, with a flat stomach and a bubble butt.

He tells me to bend over and pull my ass cheeks apart. I do as he says. He sees there is no hair around my butt hole as he instructed me to be sure of. He asks her is she is pleased and she says yes.

He tells me to lie over his lap and to put my cock between his legs locking me in position. My ass is high in the air and my cock being squeezed between his strong thigh muscles. He flexes his legs and it fells good on my throbbing cock.

Then the spanking begins. He uses his hand. He tells me to rise up and then he swats my ass cheek. I then push downward driving my cock between his legs. I rise up again and he spanks harder again. This goes on for about 10 minutes. Each spank is delivered at about 5 seconds apart. My ass is on fire. My cock is rock hard and being rubbed raw.

I look over at his wife the whole time and I see her rubbing her clit with one hand and shoving all of her fingers deep into her cunt in the same rhythm as my spankings. She throws her head back and screams out with an earth shaking orgasm. He then stops and tells me to stand. He orders me to get on my knees in front of his wife and eat her wet cunt and bring her to another orgasm. I do as I am told. Her cunt is very big, hairless and dripping wet with her juices. I lick her clit as she pushes my head between her legs.

Then he lubes up my asshole and roughly shoves a finger up my hole. Then two fingers find there way in and then three. He tells me to get ready for a good ass fucking. He pulls his fingers out and moves behind me. His cock tip is at my hole. He pushes in right up to the hilt. I feel his balls slap against my balls. I am thankful is cock is thin and about 5 inches.

He fucks me hard and asks me how I like it. I say I love it. He calls me his fuck bitch. He then says I am his cum slut and a fucking whore. He is slapping my ass really hard as he drives his cock even deeper. She then shoots her cum all over my face. She squirts her cum in my mouth and I drink it all down. He then tenses up as I feel his cock swell. He pushes real hard and screams out FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS. OH GOD TAKE MY CUM YOU FUCKING CUN SLUT! He unloads his hot sperm deep in my ass. He continues to pound away as he shoots rope after rope of his cum in my bowels.

He finely stops and his cock starts to go soft. It slips out and I feel his juice run out of my asshole. My cock is so hard it hurts. I say Master can I jerk off? NO he screams out. I am told to stand next to the bed as he gets his mouth real close to my cock. He opens his mouth. He then reaches for my cock and jerks me off with my cock pointing right at his open mouth. I beg him to suck me. He says no I will not put your dirty cock in my mouth. I am so close to Cumming. I tell him so and he opens wider and jerks me quicker. I cannot hold out. I yell out I am Cumming. I shot and the first blast goes directly into his open mouth. The next several land on his lips, nose and cheeks. Then I shot in his eye and the rest in his open mouth. He quickly gets up and goes to his wife and they kiss. They exchange my sperm. She licks his face and gets every drop.

I start to dress but he says no not so fast cum slut. Then the spanking begins again. This time both spank me. I am on my stomach across the bed. One of them is on each side of me and they alternate spanking my red ass. He moves in front of me as she continues her slow spanking. His cock is hard again. He points it at my mouth and says go ahead you earned it. You may now suck my cock. I eagerly take his sweet cock to my lips and kiss it tenderly. I then lick it all over running my tongue up and down the shaft. Then I open wide and take his dick down my throat. He fucks my face and she spanks my ass. It takes 30 minutes but he finally cums. He shoots his cum in my mouth. It is not much and I easily swallow it all. He then says it is time for me to fuck him.

I have never fucked a man before. His wife is on her back his head between her legs eating her cunt as I enter his asshole. I fuck him long and deep for about 15 minutes and then say I am ready. He spins around and takes my cock in his mouth as I erupt. Blast after blast of my cum is shot in his mouth and I watch him swallow every drop.

We rest and then he tells me to get out. But also tells me to be back next week and be ready to service his three male friends. I hope next week comes quickly. I sure will be ready. I hope they all spank me and make me suck their cocks. Maybe they will all fuck me too. Yes I am a bad little boy cum slut who needs and likes to be spanked.

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