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When you're swinging and everything is going real well one's mind begins to wander and wonder.

You wander to the times your lovely attractive wife was brutally fucked by more than one man as you watched and played with your own dong. These were very erotic and sensual times for the two of you. You reminisce about watching her get that special massage from your good friend and know exactly how it is going to end, and does.

She is a very attractive and sensual woman who loves sex as much as you, if not more. And she can come numerous times to your maybe twice. Thus the reason for several partners at a party. Hearing her scream and mumble when she orgasms is music to your ears. Even hearing some other woman cum can light your fire.

My daydreaming and wondering "what if" leads to thoughts of things happening that we have yet to explore. Some of the people that have sites and pictures on SLS have not yet caught my attention, until recently. I have a number DVD's of some pretty entertaining fuck movies. There have been times while watching one of these I got out the small vibrating dildo and rubbed it around my anus. Man, it's hard to explain but that feels real good. Of course I rub oil all over myself to enhance the feel.

On one of those occasions I stuck it up my ass. It was uncomfortable at first but the discomfort soon turned to pleasure as I knew I was massaging my prostrate. That was one helluva feeling to say the least. I had to slow down on my masterbating to prolong the sensation...I got out our regular vibrator, not a dildo, and put a cloth over my cock and turned it on low, applied it to my cock, and all hell broke loose. I had an orgasm to match or exceed any I had ever had previously. I felt my dick pulse and pulse shooting nice ropes, and my contractions about to squeeze the life out of the batteries in the dildo.

After this experience I genuinely wondered what it would be like to have a REAL MAN'S COCK in there. Now I'm sure that some of you have thought about this yourself.. The next time my wife and I were talking about our fantasies I told her of this solo incident. We both know that we have occasionally masterbated because of recalling a sexual incident, or just plain being horny and in the mood. At this time she told me that she has wondered what it would be like to be loved up by a woman. I asked her if she would like to have this arranged, and she said MAYBE. This is as good as a yes.

Now I'm really scouring the SLS ads and come across one with pictures of a couple that she is "Bi" and he is "Bi curious".. I get in touch with them and they sound interested. We meet at a Lounge to get acquainted. They are an exceptionally nice looking couple. We have a few drinks and we're all getting a little tipsy. He , Adam, comes right out and asks what do you think. My wife had been sitting next to his wife , Julie, and winks at me. A signal lets go for it.

I had noticed as we sat there at our table that Julies arm was under the table. She was carressing my wife and slowly getting her aroused. We both lived in the same City and Adam says they can entertain as their kids are grown and out of the nest.. When they told us where they lived I was impressed as this is a very upscale neighborhood.

We followed them home and they did indeed live well. Learned he was an architect and she was a beautician in a well known salon. We went into their den and were served some very delicious wine. Finally he came out and asked how we would like to get better acquainted. My wife who's a little tipsy at this time comes right out and tells them what I've been fantasizing. I didn't expect this and apologized for her. He says that's all right. I have a movie that you may appreciate.

The movie is about two couples that meet, dance, get acquainted, and sort of pair off. As the guy is loving up this one gal the other gal crawls in and is sort of helping him. While the two of them is busy with her the other guy gets in there and is rubbing and carressing everybody. Adam says we can sort of do that and see what happens. At this time I tell them that I'm not Bi but am willing to see how far this goes. They say fine, we more or less expected that.

So, we go into the Bedroom, there's nice music on the stereo, a few candles are lit, and incense is burning. I'm already a little excited. We take off our clothes and settle on the bed, a King Size. The two ladies are in the middle and I'm next to Julie and Adam is next to my wife. It isn't long before both women are in the mood, Julie is a very fine woman about 110 lbs. nice titties and an ass that will stop traffic. She and my wife are pretty much alike. I'm rubbing and carressing a very wet pussy and putting my fingers into it. Both women are just about at their peak of excitement. Adam has my wife right at the edge of orgasm and he knows it. He must have somehow signalled Julie as she turns her back to me and starts to carress my wife. I'm lying on my side watching and listening as my wife is really in a blissful state.

I've got a hardon that is second to none. Adam sees my wife enjoying the attention being given her by Julie, sees me at the back of Julie rubbing my cock in the crack of her ass and gets up and lies behind me. He has some oil or scented lubricant and applies it to my cheeks and anus.

Now I'm so hot and horny I accept this with no problem. Somehow Julie has acquired an expandable vibrating dildo and inserting it into my wife who now has her back to Julie. This is turning my wife on to no end and I'm carressing Julie's titties, ass, arms, and wherever my hand will reach. I feel my cock go into her pussy and I have to go slow to keep from cumming..

Now Adam is at my back and rubbing his cock between my cheeks. I feel him thrusting back and forth and it is slowly rubbing my anus. He reaches with his hand and holds it at my hole and slowly pushes. It is very uncomfortable at first, but the more he gets in, the better it feels. I am experiencing my first ass fuck of my life. I think he has hit my prostate and it makes me shake and quiver. I know I can't take too much of this with my cock in Julie and I'm getting reamed. It feels much better than that dildo I used at home. I have no idea how big his cock is or how far it is in me. It just feels good.

I hear my wife screaming and saying things like yes, yes, and oh that feels good. I lift my head up to look over Julie and they are facing each other kissing between the moans. My wife has raised herself so Julie can suck a nice titty, I'm squeezing a nice titty, and Adam is fucking me for all he's worth. Pretty soon Julie starts cumming and reaches behind her pulling on my hip. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me she says. I can feel her pussy tighten on my cock. I can't hold back anymore and let them all know I'm cumming. With my asshole contracting from my orgasm Adam let's loose and cums and cums and cums in my ass. This is entirely different than that dildo. I actually feel his dick pulsate and the cum filling my ass.

I'm definitely not Bi, but that was one helluva sensation. I'm sure my wife and I satisfied our carnal urge to have something entirely different. They have a lovely stone bathroom with a shower big enough for six or eight people having multiple shower heads. As we were showering my wife smiles and points at Adam's pecker and says "look what you took". He has the kind of dick I liked to see my wife get when we're partying. She says the next time she wants to just sit and watch.

Who knows when that next time will be. I do know I'll have a camcorder there though.


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