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At Night Out (of Control) Pt2

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So there we were in the back of a cab, all trying to redress our selves before exiting the car. Shauna still has drops of the cabbies cum on her chin and cheeks, Candace can feel my warm sperm slowly dripping out of her now gapping asshole and I am just sitting there between them with a sinister smile thinking, ?What could possible top this ride home?.

We are now getting out of the cab and Candace leans over to give the cabbie a kiss on the check and says ?Thank you?, followed by Shauna giving him a kiss on the other check and saying ?Thanks?. I get out and tell him ?You?re welcome?. We walk into my apartment building and head for the elevator. As we get in I push the button for the 11th floor, as the box begins its trip Candace asks ?Are there are cameras in here?, I say ?Yes, why do you ask?? She then pushes the stop button and says ?I figure someone will enjoy watching us suck your big cock in this elevator?. I am then pushed up against the wall and before I can respond my cock is out of my pants, they are both on there knees. They are taking turns swallowing my whole entire dick, I can feel all 8 and a half inches getting shoved down there throat, one is sucking head and shaft while the other is fondling or licking balls and scrotum. I have one hand one each of there heads, I then feel my cock stiffen like it is about to explode. Candace then pulls my cock out of her mouth and says ?Not yet big boy, I still want that big fucking rod in my pussy?. Shauna then pushes the 11th button again while Candace helps shove my very erect cock back in my pants.

The door opens and we quickly move down the hall to my apartment. I have a hard time even getting to key in the hole with these two beautiful ladies running there hands up and down me. We finally get in; I ask the ladies if they would like something to drink. Candace says ?Grey Goose if have it?, I reach into the freezer and pull out a frosted bottle and ask ?Will this do?? I see both of their eyes light up, and I know it is about to get crazy in here. I hand Shauna the bottle and put some music on; I think it is Reggae kind of mood. I turn to see Candace and Shauna taking sips straight from the bottle. Candace then spots me looking and tells me to have a seat on the couch; they have a little show for me. She hands me the Grey Goose and I then sit on the couch. I now have the two of them slowly dancing in front of me. I am watching Candace stand behind Shauna, rubbing her hands across soft tits, squeezing and massaging them. Then her hands slid down so she can pull off her shirt. She is wearing a lacey blue and white bra which her big tits are almost pouring out of. The sight of Candace white hands caress Shauna mocha colored body is so exotic and arousing, I can feel my cock jumping in my pants yearning to be free. She has now removed her bra and I can see big chocolate nipples as Candace is pinching and pulling on them. Shauna?s arousal is undisguiseable as her nipples are becoming erect and her body begins to tensing. Candace moves around to the front of Shauna and begins to lick and suck and her supple tits, squeezing her breast as she sucks her nipples. Candace begin to slid down Shauna tight body, as she does Shauna reaches down and pulls Candace?s top off. Candace is now kneeling in front of her and slides her skirt down. She begins to lick the sensitive area around Shauna?s pussy and inner thighs. I then see my opportunity; I stand up and slid in behind Shauna. I see Candace look up at me from Shauna?s crotch. Her eyes sensual and cat like. I ask her ?are you thirsty?? She smiles, I then begin to slowly pour the ice cold vodka down Shauna?s cleavage, her hot body jumps from the cold, and across her smooth mocha stomach and finally down to her already dripping twat, where Candace is already licking the ice cold alcohol off of. I keep the liquor flowing down her body and she keeps lapping it up, the liquor and Shauna's juices and mixing to make an enticing orgasmic cocktail. I pour some into Shauna?s mouth and then in to mine. I can feel Shauna?s hands slid behind her as she begins to undo my pants. She manages to free my rock hard cock and begins to rub her round chocolate ass on it. I then feel Candace?s hands reach my cock and place it between Shauna's silky legs. I begin to pour more liquor down Shauna's body and now Candace is licking it off of Shauna's pussy and my cock. Shauna then turns around faces me and bends completely over and begins to suck my rock hard cock. Candace is now behind her fingering her sweet pussy and tonguing her tight puckered butt hole. I then pour some Grey Goose on to my cock for Shauna to suck off and then some down crack of her ass for Candace to lick off. I look at Candace and tell her ?My cock needs some pussy now?.

So she gets up and slides off her skirt and bends over the couch and exposes her big round white ass and her tight little twat. She slides her finger into her little hole and tells me ?I want to feel that big fucking cock all the way inside this tight pussy, pumping it till my cum is squirting out of it?. I quickly slid in behind her, she uses her hands to spread her ass cheeks apart and then my cock slides all the way into her already moist pussy. I begin pumping my dick into her hungry pussy like a machine. It feels so hott and tight, I am can feel my hips slamming into her ass and she moan and scream. I then feel Shauna slide down underneath us. She begins to lick my balls and then licks Candace's juicy clit. I can feel Candace's body begin to tense and she screams out that she is going to cum. Just as I feel her juices rush into my cock, I pull out so that her sweet nectar splashes all over Shauna's face. I then slam my rod back into pussy and continue fucking it harder and harder. I reach forward and gently place my hand around her throat and tell her ?I want to two more orgasms right fucking now?. I then grab a handful of her red hair and pull then I begin fucking her like a wild animal. I can feel her begin to tense once again and she screams ?FUCK ME HARDER?. I then shove my cock in harder and harder, her pussy then explodes again but I do not stop, I just keep on fucking harder and harder till her sweet pussy is exploding again. Candace turns around and tells me she wants my cock buried deep in her ass and I agree.

So I lean down and help Shauna up and kiss her deep in the mouth, shoving my tongue into her so I can taste Candace's juice in her mouth. I then position her lying on her back lengthwise across the couch, I then place Candace bent over the end of the couch. Candace then spreads open Shauna's legs and begins licking her chocolate clit. I can see her begin to slide her fingers in and out of her tight little twat. Shauna looks at her and says ?Slid one in my ass too? and Candace quickly does. I then move behind Candace and give her big round white ass a slap, she moans to show she licks it. I lean over run my tongue up her ass crack and dart my tongue into her tight puckered asshole. I then spit right on to her sweet hole and grab my hard cock and begin to push it in to her. I can feel her relaxing her tight sphincter, and then my hard shaft slid right into her tight ass. She moans with pleasure as she feels my cock slide all the way in. I can her Shauna screams out ?I am cuming? as she explodes over Candace's face. I then grab Candace's hips and start drilling my thick cock in to her pulsing ass. I slap her ass a few more times and it begins to become a deep red. Then Candace begins to moan out ?I am cuming? and I can feel her warm juices shoot out of her and on to my thighs as I am pumping her ass. I then tell them both ?I want to cum?.

I pull my dick out of Candace's sweet ass and they both quickly get on there knees. First Shauna takes my cock in her hand and says ?I want to taste her ass cream? and she shoves my cock in to her mouth and down her throat. She pulls it out with a pop, looks at Candace and say ?Your ass cream taste sweet?. I then take my cock into my hand and begin to jerk it wildly in front of both of their awaiting mouths. They are both squeezing there tits and licking there lips. They have hunger in their eyes; I feel my cock beginning to swell. I look down and ask them ?Which one of you little sluts wants this load?? and both answer in unison with a loud ?I do, now fucking give it to me?. I pump my dick really fast and then shoot my hott cum load, first on Candace's face and mouth and then on to Shauna's. They then take turns sucking the cum out of my cock as well as licking my cum off of each others faces and breast. The weakness in my knees was too much and I collapsed on to the couch. Shauna then slides up and kisses me softly on the lips and placed her head on my lap, and then Candace slides up and kisses me softly on the lips and nuzzled her head on my chest. I placed my hand on Shauna round ass and the other arm around Candace and squeezed her close to me. Then we exhaustfully and blissfully fell asleep, naked in each others arms.

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