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An unforgettable time with Nim

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Even tho we had only chatted online the intense feelings of desire I had for tasting Nim's pussy was at a peak when we finally agreed to meet. She told me she wanted to be used like a whore, left with her body covered in sweat, out of breath, and pussy dripping with my cum. She really did not know what to expect from this stranger, but she was soon to find out.

The day was finally here. Nim was told to arrive at the door in an outfit that would make me want to throw her on the floor and do her right there, I could not wait to see that tall and thin body which awaited me. I was nervous as hell as I approached the door; I rang the doorbell and waited patiently. After what seemed an eternity, the door cracked open and I heard Nim quietly say, "please come in." I slowly pushed the door open and there before my eyes was this beautiful woman in a sheer wrap. Wow, my day was sure going right. I had a hunch she had been pleasuring herself before my arrival as the scent of sweet pussy was in the air. Perhaps this sweet angel used her dildo to get a few cums in before the assault of my tongue was to begin. She offered me a drink, and led me to the sofa. We sat down and began some small talk to lighten things up a bit.

I could not take my eyes off of her. Her scent filled the air and I craved the taste of that delicious smell. I sat my drink down and leaned in for a kiss, her mouth greeted me with an intensity I had not felt in years. Our tounges met and encircled one another as we shared what seemed like hours. My eyes closed and I envisioned her strapped to her bed, waiting for what would bring her to such intensity. I opened my eyes as she ended the kiss and stood abruptly, "You are here to treat me as your whore, not your wife," she said. The look of abandon was so amazing, I stood and grabbed her wrist and insisted she show me to her bed. She willingly, even submissively abided by my words and led me quietly to her room. Once there, I turned her towards me, looked into her eyes and said, "take these off," as I pulled at her garment. She hurridly dropped them to the floor. The beautiful body was now in full sight as I examined her up and down. I traced my finger up her side as if inspecting a piece of meat. It was true, she was my dinner for the evening. She was tall as she described on SLS, an inch taller than I but we matched perfectly. Her long legs definitely were for wrapping, she had beautiful nipples that were rather large for her breasts and so inviting. I traced down her side towards her pussy, got on my knees and gazed at the beautiful Y before my face. She was mostly smooth except for the small landing strip above the most glorious clit I had ever seen. It was obviously swollen, another sign it was given attention before I arrived. She placed her hands behind my head as I leaned in to smell the beauty before me. I could smell the heat of sex, the passion was already within her. I stood up, looked deep into her eyes as she remained motionless. Unsure of what was next she looked into my eyes, a hint of fear creeped into her eyes. I sternly told her to lie on the bed and she did so without hesitation. I saw the convenient ties on the four posts of her bed and quickly tied her spread eagle. I stretched her to her limits, her tall frame looked glorious stretched out on the bed. I left her for the moment, and headed out of the room.

I was gone for a few minutes, enough time for her to begin wondering if I was coming back or if I was stealing her blind. In fact I had simply gone to my car for my flogger. I opened the door to her room and walked back in. She was a study in perfection. I climbed up onto the bed, straddled her and dropped down to kiss her forehead. I then whispered into her ear, "are you ready to be licked until you are aching for me to stop?" She responded, with a muffled scream, "yes you cocksucker, use this body for your pleasure." With no more hesitation I began a slow descent down her body until my mouth met her nipple, there I began what would be a long and enjoyable tounge assault on her body. I remembered she had told me that she could cum just from her nipples being sucked and I could feel her body heat rising quickly as her breath began to shudder. Damn, this girl was nearing a cum already. I slowed down and moved to her belly, I could tell she was pissed that I held her off from cumming, but I think she knew to trust what I was doing. I found her hip bone, she was very responsive there, a ticklish spot I could tell. She started to writh around a bit so I moved over to her belly button. It was beautiful, and I licked it as if it were the sweetest pussy on earth. She again enjoyed but I could tell she wanted my mouth on her pussy real bad.

I worked further down with my kisses and soft licks but bypassed her pussy and headed down. I think it was as much torture for me as her, for she had the sweetest smelling pussy I had ever experienced. I went down to her toes, examining each one with my mouth as she finally blurted out, "fuck you, lick my pussy now." My flogger found its home as it screeched across her belly. It hit home with enough intensity to get my point across but not enough to cause too much pain. Nim realized she must relinquish complete control to me, she never questioned again. After she began to realize how much pleasure was building from the toes I worked my way back up. This time as I neared her sweet spot I began to caress and enjoy the area. She was silky smooth and so inviting, I could not help but allow my tongue to lick the length of her pussy. She arched her back with enjoyment and was ready and extremely wet with anticipation. She tasted like no other, sweet to the taste. I increased the intensity of my oral assault, licking with total abandon. Nim was lost in the feeling as I laid between her legs licking her and gazing into her eyes. I love to watch her expressions as I drive her wild. Suddenly I can feel her body begin to quiver as her first orgasm approaches. She arches her back as she is pounded with pleasure, she shakes uncontrollably as I assault her clit with my mouth. I have clamped down on it with my teeth as I nibble it and suck it intently. As her orgasm begins to subside I refuse her clit refuge and slowly bring her down to earth. She is shaking and cooing as I continue to make love to her pussy with my mouth. The flow of juices is incredible, as I lap up every drop that I can. She then lies back and begins to rebuild for another cum but I release her pussy from my mouth.

I stand over her as she begs for my cock to be released, I remove my clothing and bring my cock close to her tied hand so she can touch and stroke it. And stroke it she does, even tied her hand makes masterful work on my cock, but, I want more pussy so I 69 over her not allowing my cock into her mouth, I once again begin an assault on her pussy. This angle allows me better access and my face is buried into her, my tongue digging deep. As she begins to move about I allow my tongue to slip below the pussy to that soft skin between her ass, it is so incredible. She is trying desperately to lift her ass off the bed so I can have better access. The quivering begins again as she is rocked with another orgasm. This one more powerful than the last. And, again I slowly bring her down but continue licking. She is begging for my cock, to taste it, fuck it or at least touch it. So, I lower enough for her to grab the head in her mouth, Holy Crap, she latches on like vice grips and sucks for all she is worth. That did it as she was off into yet another orgasm. She was squirming so much my cock worked deep into her mouth but she did not miss a beat, she just kept on sucking.

After she subsided I released her legs from their restraints and got between them. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and slowly slid my cock in. She has one of the best pussies I have ever fucked. I wanted to blow a load so bad but not yet. I stroked awhile until her pussy was soaked, I could feel her juices everywhere. This was what I was waiting for, I dove back down for the flavor, this was the sweet aroma that greeted me when I arrived at her house. Damn she was awesome. With this new angle my tongue was easily able to work down to her ass. At first I just rimmed her, licking up the juice that had flowed down. Then I became more agressive, licking her ass and penetrating with my tongue then, back up to her pussy. Back and forth until yet another cum hit her hard, this time wave after wave continued to rock her body, it was obvious she loved her ass licked. I love this girls pussy and ass.

I figured she had been a good girl so I untied her hands. I want her to suck my cock like a pro. She got onto her hands and knees and began to give me an unbelievable blowjob. She sucked my cock like a seasoned whore. But it was obvious Nim loved what she was doing. When I least expected it she engulfed my cock whole, I was in heaven. But could tell she was feeling a bit too much in control. I again let my flogger do my talking as it slapped around her ass biting her in the pussy. She briefly choked on my cock, but got it under control and went back to driving my cock wild. I told her to turn around as if I was about to fuck her doggie, but when she turned around I again dove into that ass and pussy. She was cumming again in minutes. Nim was a fucking cum machine. She began to beg for my cock so I would lick, then fuck a bit, lick some more and fuck a bit. She was cumming and cumming. I could feel the cum building up from my toes as it began to rise to my cock, I told her to suck my cock dry and she spun around and once again engulfed my cock. She was a true artisan, she eagerly sucked as my cock exploded into her mouth. She never missed a drop as she sucked my cum from my cock. I relaxed back onto the bed to get my wits, but Nim wanted to take control. She gave me a lingering kiss, I could taste my cum in her sweet mouth. She felt a bit in control now and went back to work on my cock. I was really sensitive and she worked me over bringing my cock back to life. She said, "now fucking finish what you started." She turned around again and smacked her ass cheek, I obliged and brought my cock back to that sweet pussy. She was grinding her body back into me when yet another cum raced through her body, her pussy clamped down onto my cock as she shuddered. This woman was fucking amazing.

I knew what else I wanted. I slid out, and buried my face into her ass and pussy once again. I had pussy juice all over my face, it was so damn good. Then I went back to sliding my cock into her. I pulled out and let my flogger slap her ass. This one a bit forceful. "Where is the dildo you fucked yourself with before I came?" She denied the accusation. SLAP, another crack, her ass was now bright red. "Where is it?" She reached into her bedside table and pulled out a beautiful silver dildo. "Good," I said. I placed the head of my cock at the little pink and red (from my flogger) ass hole and pushed, she jerked away at first but I grabbed her hair and pulled her back towards my cock. My cock head popped thru, and soon I was sliding my cock into her ass. Slow at first but she quickly began swiveling and pushing her ass back onto my cock. "Turn it on," I said. "What?" she replied. "Turn that fucking dildo on and slide it into your pussy." She eagerly followed my request and I felt the toy slide in. The soft membrane between it and my cock was amazing. Nim was even more amazing as she began riding my cock and toy as if she was on a fucking frenzy. We fucked this way for some time when I felt her body begin to shake uncontrollably. She screamed with reckless abandon as she had the most intense orgasm of the nite. She had juices flowing everywhere as she squirted for an eternity. My legs were dripping and my balls were now on fire as my cock began to blow again. This was unquestionably the best fuck of my life. I pumped til the last drop was out before we both collapsed on the bed. Out of breath, dripping with sweet and my cum . . . well flowing out of her ass not her pussy, as requested.

I came to my senses and kissed the back of her head as she slept. I lost count of her orgasms but left her as she wished . . . maybe Nim will want another encounter, who knows. What I do know is the next guy better watch out as she is going to fuck him to death . . .

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