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Alone one night

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I was at home alone as the kids were over at my mom's as I had to work early the next day and wife was working the graveyard shift at work. I was online looking to chat with those on our friends list just to have someone to chat with when one of them popped on that knew I had bi tendancics. She started to talk and talk to me getting me more and more aroused. She wanted me to come over to her place to play, but I told her that as I hadn't talked to the wife, and gotten her permission, I couldn't.

I no sooner had typed that and I get this text message on myphone from my wife. She asks me if I'm having fun yet. I replied back that I'm just chatting with our friend and she types back that she knows! She tells me to grab my gear for tommorrow and go over to her place. Now I'd never been allowed to spend the night at a playmates place, and neither has my wife. Since the deal had always been for us to come home to eachother after playing.

Well I got back online and told Karen, that she must have been planning this as I just got a message from the wife telling me to pack my gear and get over to your place. Karen typed back and said that the two of them HAD been talking about this for quite some time as Karen knew how I felt about the wife being on the late shift sooner than she was promised. I told Karen that I wasn't sure about this as I wasn't sure that I could get up in time to go to work the next morning. Karen told me that she had to work in the am and we would be leaving together. For me to pack my bags and get over there in the next 20 min. I told her that it would take me at least 35 minutes to get there, and she said that she had a suprise waiting for me, but that the suprise wouldn't stay too much longer. I couldn't believe it, Karen, who is a hot bbw, wanted me to spend the night with her. I told her that I would get ready as fast as I could but I was going to call the wife to make sure and hear her voice tell me that I could play.

Well I called and my wife asked me if I was packing my bag yet. Told her that I would be right after I heard her tell me that it was really ok. She told me that not only was it ok, but that from what she and Karen had talked about, I'd have a great time. Well after getting permission, I must have grabbed my stuff and was out the door in 15 minutes. It's a 35 minute drive to Karen's place, but I made it in 30. I knocked on the door and was meet by Karen in a teddy with a robe around her. She told me that the suprise she had for me left but might be back.

With that she took my gear into a room and tossed it onto the bed. I then followed her into the kitchen where she got me a drink. Now I'm not much into mix drinks as I'm normally a beer guy, so I told her not to mix it too strong. She just giggled and agreed. We went into her living room and started to kiss while she started to undress me. I started to take her robe off after she got my shirt off and sucked on her tits. She then took my pants off and started to suck on my cock. I took another drink as she was sucking harder and harder on my cock. Letting the sweat of the drink drip down on to her bare back. I feel like I'm about to explode when she stops and tells me that she needs a drink. I start to offer her mine and she says that mine isn't strong enough and besides, I'm about empty. Karen leaves the room and returns with two more drinks. This time mine is much stronger and has a slightly different taste.

Karen tells me that she wants my cock in her and we take our drinks into her bedroom. I start to eat her pussy when I start to feel funny. Karen tells me that it is ok, that she gave me something to relax as she knew that I was tense. Besides we are going to have lots of fun. With that she rolled off me and went to the bathroom. Karen comes back wearing a strap-on harness. She asks me if I feel pretty good now, and I just nod my head. I then feel her tie my hands down to the bed, but dont' resist as it feels like I've got no control of my body. I can see what she is doing, but that is it. She then reaches into her drawer and pulls out a couple of dildos. The first is about 5" and the second is 6-7". I watch her put the smaller one on and lube it up as she tells me that I'll get the other one later and if I'm really good....

I feel her lube my ass and start to push it in. Now as the wife has a bigger toy, her toy don't take much work to get deep inside me. Karen is pumping me hard but decides that I need more. So she puts the bigger toy on. Now I hear something. Karen turns to see that Bill is in the room. Karen returns her attention to me and tells me that Bill is my suprise. He's going to fuck me and then we will both do her. I start to protest as she re enters my ass. Bill undresses and puts his cock into my mouth. With Karen pumping my ass I must have sucked Bill pretty good as I could feel his cock throb like he was going to cum. Bill tells Karen that he's going to cum but then decides to pull out.

Karen unties me after pulling out of my ass and I get a good look at his cock. Bill is about 6-7 but very thick, thicker than her toy. Karen starts to suck on him, letting him to cum into her mouth. I get behind Karen and start to fuck her with nice easy strokes at first. Bill slaps her ass and tells Karen to take it...I did. He then tells me to pound that pussy. With that I don't last too much longer. I explode into the rubber that I put on just before fucking her. Karen is panting, I'm panting and Bill is just watching all of us.

Bill tells Karen that I appear to be too tired for more. He asks me if I think that I'm able for more, and I tell him maybe in a bit. With that, it seemed like everyone got a second wind...

The alarm went off at 530AM the next morning and I was in bed with Karen all alone. Karen woke up and asked me how I felt and I told her that I felt tired and worn out. She told me that I should feel sore as Bill fucked my ass for a good 15 minutes while she sucked my cum from my cock. I started to get hard and she climbed on for a quick fuck before heading to the shower.

We both got dressed, and ate breakfast, then the phone rang. It was the wife askign me if I enjoyed the night. I told her that I had and she told me that maybe next time SHE could take my place in Karen's bed. I just smiled and told her she could.

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