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Alice and her daughter.

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The proposed meeting did not come about that following Saturday as had been arranged. However two weeks later Alice called and said that she and Sara, would be over in about two hours to pick us up.

We quickly got ready Teresa dressed in a top with no bra that showed most of her 36d's, a real short skirt and high heeled boots. I wanted to fuck her right then she looked so good.

The door bell rang and there stood Alice's sexy daughter, "I hear you want to screw me", she said. Caught up in her sexy looks and outrageous comment, I was taken off guard. Teresa quickly chimed in and said " he sure does and so do I. "Well I think that will happen" replied Sara. We got in their car, Teresa in front leaving me with Sara in the back. "We are going over to a friend of Sara's, she has told me about this friend who has this house in the country, and will help us turn the tables on Tim and Tony".

We drove for about 30 minutes all the while Sara kept showing off her pussy and titties to me and Teresa. At one point she reached around in front of Teresa and rubbed her pussy.

We pulled up in front of this massive house set on a hill, "this is the place said Sara". She ran up the steps and rang the bell. Moments later the door opened and there stood this exotic looking dark haired beauty. "This is Shawna" said Sara. We were all awestruck by the girl the house and also the fact that she was totally naked. She stood about 6 feet tall, bronze skin, dark black hair to her waist, 2 enormous tits almost the size of honeydews, and a totally shaved pussy.

"Dad our guests have arrived", she called up the stairs. We looked at each other in amazement. Down the stairs came this very tall, very muscular black man. On his arm was this petite oriental beauty. both were dressed in very small bathing suits, hiding very little. " Hi I'm Terry, and this is my wife Tammy, welcome to our home" he said. We all introduced ourselves, and they led us in to their family room where Terry got us all drinks.

"Sara told Shawna about your 2 guys and how you were going to turn the tables on them", said Terry. "And she then told us, and we could not resist getting involved".

Just then the door bell rang, and Alice and Terry went to answer it. It was the guys and they had their blonde slave on a leash with them.

Terry led them in and then informed them he was a lawyer, and in no uncertain terms told them them there was a tape of them abusing and torturing Alice and Sara. He was going to expose them, he showed the tape for proof. Their faces were fully exposed while Sara and Alice's had been blurred.

They pleaded with him not to do it. He agreed on certain conditions, one they would release their slave to us, two they had to submit to the girls for whatever they wanted to do.

They had no choice and agreed. Terry led them and us downstairs to a large locked door. As he unlocked it and we walked in we were treated to a fully equipped dungeon scene.

Alice had Tony and Tim get on their hand and knees, then all the girls lined up behind them and strapped on dildos. Alice, Sara, and Teresa had brought their own. Tammy and Shawna got theirs from a cabinet on the wall, filled with all kind of toys. They also got one for the slave whose name we had found out was Tina, and helped her in to it.

First they had Tina and Teresa do them, you could tell they were not used to it, as they squirmed and screamed. Next they shackled them bent over a bench, to stop their Squirming, and Tammy and her Daughter Shawna took over. Terry stood over to the side naked stroking his stiff cock, he moved in and moved his daughter out of the way and shoved his massive black cock up Tim's ass. His daughter moved behind him and reached between his legs and massaged his balls as he pounded that white almost virgin ass. It was not long before he came as Shawna wormed her finger into his anus.

" Your turn ladies announced Terry". Sara and Alice poured a liquid onto their dildos, then had Tina help put them in the guys assholes. Within a few moments first Tony was screaming for Alice to take it out of his black ass. Then Tim was begging for the same. They obliged and then changed places. "No" they begged, "no more" in unison. The girls were relentless and fucked them both for at least 15 more minutes. Finally deciding they had taught them a lesson. " Well" I said " you wern't kidding you used hot sauce didn't you.

By this time my cock was throbbing, and I am looking at Sara. She leads me over to a table and as I lay back she takes my cock into her warm soft mouth. I look down at her bobbing up and down, and see Shawna approaching. She joins her licking and sucking my shaft. Just as I think it can't get any better Tammy straddles my face and I start licking that sweet oriental pussy, she then leans forward and joins her daughter and Sara in sharing my cock. I can't hold back I tell them, and they let me up before I can cum.

They line up bent over hands on the table, and Sara says "choose an ass hole". I can not dissapoint her and quickly enter her lubricated ass hole, she is wonderfully tight. The next thing I know Tina is pulling me out and leading me to Tammy's ass, then to Shawna. Not to be left out she then bends over the table and I take her ass. She really wiggles and thrusts her butt, at least the guys trained her well. Before I can cum I am pulled out by Sara and all the girls get on their knees in front of me. They have me fuck their mouths first then jack off into their open waiting mouths. Shawna gets most of it but shares with her mom and Tina, while Sara licks me clean.

I look across the room and see Alice hanging from the ceiling by loops around her wrists. Teresa is standing in front of her gently whipping her across her tits, ass, and stomach as she spins slowly around. I look more closely and see they have inserted a vibrator in Alice held in place by a g string harness. She looks to be having multiple mini orgasms as she whimpers and groans. Terry is standing behind Teresa reaching round fondling her tits and cunt. Then I notice he is thrusting his hips, as I get closer I can see it is up her cunt.

He motions me over and tells me to help him. "I am going to pull out of her, when I do take my cock and position it at your wifes asshole" he tells me. I move into position, his cock keeps on withdrawing slowly, finally it is out and I am holding 12 massive inches of black hard dick in both hands. I feel two pairs of hands on me pushing me to my knees, I look around and see Shawna and Tammy. "Get him wet for your wifes ass" Sara says as I see her there. "You don't want that big prick in her tight ass all dry". Fascinated I lean forward and slowly lick and lubricate that throbbing stiff dick. Sara then leans forward and smears lubricant on his shaft. "It will need this too, we just wanted to see you lick a cock," she says.

We position his shaft at her asshole, he then slowly pushes forward and the entire length dissapears up her ass.

Right in front of my face I see his big black cock sawing in and out of her ass. Hands then pull me up and Sara says, "it is time to fuck Momma". They let Alice down position her on a bench on her stomach, hands and knees on each side facing Teresa. Then they have me straddle her and guide my cock into her ass, this way while I am assfucking her I can see my wife being assfucked. My cock is rock hard, and I am pounding Alice up the ass. Alice is going crazy from being whipped and the vibrator treatment, and now being plowed in the ass, she cums time and time again under me.

Before I can cum they pull me off her, Teresa has been forced to her hands and knees, Terry still buried in her ass. I am pushed down in in front of her and told to face fuck her till I cum, which it only takes just a few moments to do, cum spills out of her mouth into Sara's waiting hands which she then brings to each of the other ladies willing lips and tongues.

Terry then moves in front of Teresa and repeats the performance. This time Sara's hands are full of cum, which the ladies share once more. only this time she also comes to me and has me lick her hands clean.

We all look over to the wall and see Tim and Tony shackled to the wall with throbbing hard ons, evidently our show had caused them to take their minds off their hot sauced assholes.

Terry whispered something in his wifes ear, she then gathered the girls together and said something to them in the corner. The girls walked over to the two shackled guys and started rubbing up against them, stroking their balls and cocks. Tammy and Teresa get down on their knees and started giving them blowjobs, while the others fondle them. When it looked like they were ready to blows their wads, the girls stopped. Tammy and Shawna went over to one of the cabinets and brought back two cat o nine tail whips. The girls then all took turns whipping the guys paying special attention to their stiff cocks, making sure to hurt more than arouse, until their cocks were deflated.

Then they started the arousal process all over again, until they were once again hard as wooden poles. Then the whipping. This went on 1 more time until they were hard for the third time. Terry went over and asked them if they had learnt their lesson. Just to make sure he had one thing more, he let them loose and had them stand shackled arms behind them, He had Tammy and Shawna kneel on the floor behind them on the floor and work their tongues into their assholes. Then Tina And Teresa licked and played with their nipples. Finally Alice and Sara knelt in front while the guys face fucked them. On a signal from Terry, Alice and Sara slowly began to clamp their teeth down on the guys cocks. By this time the stimulation and pain from the teeth were in conflict, the guys kept face fucking while their dicks were scraped raw. Finally Alice and Sara pulled off their mouths hands outstretched, while Tina and Teresa jacked them off into their waiting cupped hands. They then brought their cum filled hands up to the guys hands and had swallow their cum, some of each, then lick their hand clean.

Terry then allowed them to dress and leave, with another reminder that the tape would go to their work and families if they caused any more trouble.

We then continued on the evening fucking and sucking, interspersed with a little whipping and mild torture. until the wee hours and exhaustion.

Tammy showed us out and invited us back the following weekend, she told us her two boys would be home from college and had been well trained by her. They also intended on initiating the new wife of one of them into their family plan of sex and pain. She said her son had informed her that his wife had expressed a desire for nipple rings, and she had made arrangements for that to happen. She said they were having someone come to the house to do it, and they were planning on watching. Terry had expressed interest in having Shawna or her eat her while being pierced. Then he planned on ass fucking her, while her new husband watched. Then have Tammy his mother get eaten by his new wife, while his father continued fucking her ass.

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