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After the Movie

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Glen thought to himself. Although he usually loved the action/intrigue genre, his wife didn't care for them. He usually had to promise her something special to get her to go with him. Unfortunately, this one turned out to be lousy Currently on the screen, the heroine is being tied up by the spy, while his partner is making suggestive small talk about what would happen to her when her usefulness ran out. He turned to Donna to ask if she wanted anything from the snack bar and he was amazed.

She was staring at the screen in rapt attention, lips slightly parted, breathing rapidly. he said to himself. His eyes wandered down and, sure enough, her hands were between her legs and her thighs were tightly clamped together. His mind raced.

Although they had been married for a while, and neither had ever had another partner, their sex life was neverdull. Donna was very creative and he was always wondering what she would surprize him with next.

Maybe now was his chance to surprize her. After all, he promised her a great night of sex if she went to this sucky movie with him.

He spent the rest of the movie and the ride home planning how to pull it off. "You're awfully quiet," Donna said, "Anything wrong?"

"No," he replied distractedly, "Just a little tired."

They arrived home and entered the door. He immediately began kissing her passionately, rubbing her body and squeezing her ass. She responded and began unbuttoning his shirt. He reached up to her shoulders and turned her around. Donna thought. Suddenly, she felt her hands being held together and Glen was wrapping his belt around her wrists. "Glen!" she screached, "What do you think you're doing?"

"Don't talk!" Glenn snapped, turning her back around. "I saw you at the movie, you _know_ you want this! I'm in control of you, you will obey me!" Then he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "If I go too far, just say 'orange juice'" She nodded mutely in response.

He unbuttioned her shirt and unhooked her bra, pushing the bra up to expose her beautiful, 38DD breast that he knew he would never grow tired of. He reached up and began fondling them, rolling her nipples between his thumb and forfinger as he knew she liked. She closed her eyes to better enjoy the sensations whiling through her body. At that moment he pinched her nipples. Her eyes flew open just as his reached around to grab her ponytail.

"You will keep your eyes open and look at me!" he said harshly. With his other hand he reached down and opened his jeans, freeing his hard cock. Exerting firm pressure downward on her hair, he brought her to her knees before him. "Now, suck it, and you'd better do a good job!"

A shudder went through her as she opened her mouth and he inserted his cock into her warm, wet mouth. She began moving her lips slowly up and down the length of him. Swirling her tongue around the tip and underneath the shaft, she knew the way he loved it. She moaned as he tightened his grip on her hair and felt herself begin to drip between her thighs.

He looked down at her in such a submissive position and felt a surge of power and other wonderful sensations he never dreamed of. He thought to himself, It was something he'd wanted to try before but felt nervous about bringing up. Now was his chance. He reached out and grabbed both sides of her face. Then he began slowly pulling her face into his groin deeper and deeper, his balls beginning to tickle her chin. He felt her gag and begin to struggle slightly. He released his pressure momentarily to allow her a chance to back off.

When she made no move to do so, he pulled her face to him again. Again and again, he was fully fucking her face, now! He moaned loudly, never had he felt sensations like this before! He had to take a step back and lean against the wall to prevent falling over from the pleasure.


She felt his cock so slowly farther and farther down her throat. She gagged and reflex made her struggle a little. She wasn't sure if she liked this, but knew that she _loved_ the feeling of being totally helpless and in his power. So she decided to allow him this pleasure - just this once. He forced his cock down her throat again and she gagged again.

With his next thrust she was ready and swallowed the gag as it began to rise. She suddenly realized that Glen must have felt her swallow. He suddenly moaned and took a step back to lean against the wall. Knowing that she pleasured him so much caused her clit to throb with arousal and she had an abrupt change of heart.


Glen realized that he was on the verge of a climax, he had never been able to get hard twice in the same night and he wanted this to last. So he quickly grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock. She was still kneeling there with her eyes closed and mouth opened. "I told you to keep your eyes opened!" he said, "Stand up! He slid her miniskirt down to her ankles and felt her mound through her cotton panties. "My, you're awfully wet, sweetie! I knew that deep inside you were a slut!"

He bent to slide her panties down, stood up, and slid a finger into her wet hole. She suddered, moaned, and squirmed. "You see? You can't wait to be fucked, can you? Go get on the bed!" She quickly ran into the bedroom, excitedly wondering what he had in store for her.

She lay down on the bed and waited for him, painfully laying on her bound arms. He came striding into the room and barked, "Turn over! I want to fuck you from behind." She quickly turned over and raised her creamy ass for him. He got on his knees behind her and set his cock on the lips of her pussy. He usually entered her slowly and allowed her to savor the sensation, but he realized that that would be out of "character". So, he grapped her hips and quickly thrust into her wet, dripping slot. She grunted in surprise, but recovered herself and began matching his momentum and melting into the currents coursing through her body. He thrust into her hard again and again, while she whimpered and moaned. He looked at her in this position before him and watched her hands writhe as if to free herself.

Due to her hand restraints, she was bent over more than her usual all-fours position. This had the effect of opening her butt-cheeks more than he'd ever noticed before. He reached to the side table lamp and turned it on. "Glen! I'm not used to having the light on!" "Shut up slut! Just do what I tell you to!" He now got his first good look ever of her puckered, pink asshole. He reached his thumb over to touch it and heard her gasp with pleasure. He was pleasantly shocked! He began massaging it with his thub, feeling it's hot, inviting tightness. She moaned softly. he thought in surprise.

Without really thinking about it, he reached his had down to their union and wet his fingers with her slippery juices. He returned his hand to her asshole and massaged it again. Her moaning returned. Slowly, he inserted just the tip of his finger. "Oohh, Oohh, Oh, my god!" she cried. "Did I give you permission to speak?" he shouted as he gave her a smart slap on her ass. He began frigging her with his finger as he slammed into her pussy with his cock.


She lay there moaning as he massaged her asshole. She tried to be quiet because she didn't think she should enjoy him touching her there, but, my god, she did! His hand left briefly, only to return slick with her juices. She felt him massaging her asshole and suddenly slip in a finger. She gasped involuntarily with pleasure.

She couldn't believe the feelings whirling around in her body. He was frigging her asshole and banging into her pussy like she were a piece of meat, and she _loved_ it!


He had never before considered fucking her in the ass, but now the desire to do so was overwhelming him. He slid his cock out of her pussy, grabbed her ankles, and pulled so that she now lay flat on her stomach. She let out an "ooommf!" as she collapsed. He got between her legs and spread her cheeks with one hand. "You're just a slut here for my pleasure and I'm going to fuck your ass now." he said. "Glen!" she screamed, half in shock, half in anticipation - but she didn't say 'orange juice'. "Shutup!" he yelled as he slapped her ass again.

He was so ready to do this, but he didn't want to hurt her, so he placed his cock on the mark and gave a gentle thrust. Nothing happened, so he ran his fingers through her copulent juices and rubbed some on his cock and her asshole. Donna began squirming her hips and hands, grinding her mound into the bed. "You just can't wait, can you? Happy to oblige, my sweet." He put his throbbing cock back in place and again gave a gentle thrust. He felt some give. He thrust a little harder and felt the tip of his cock enter her glorously tight asshole. He barely heard her small squeal of pain through his loud moan of ecstasy. He just stayed there a moment, reveling in the pleasure he was experiencing. "Oh, "Gleeennnnnn!" Donna moaned. This was all the encouragement he needed. He gave a mightythrust and entered her fully, right up to his balls. Their mutual moans were electrifying for both.

He leaned forward and put his hands on her shoulders and slowly began his thrusting. As he became more confident that she wasn't in pain he began thrusting harder and faster. With each inward thrust Donna exclaimed, "Oh!" "Oh!" "Oh!" "Oh!" This only served to inflame his lust and he thrust even harder.


When he announced his intention to fuck her ass, she was half shocked, half excited. When he gave her a quick slap for her exclamation and told her to shutup, she was amazed to feel more throbbing in her clit!

She felt his cock touch her asshole and tingles of anticipation ran from her crotch to her head, and then down to her toes. She knew it would probably hurt at first and vowed not to let him know it, she wanted this as much as he did! He thrust and she felt a pins and needles sensation.

He wet his cock and her asshole and thrust again. The searing pain was over quickly and she moaned at the thought of his cock in her ass. He stayed still moment and she fully experienced the new feelings. "Oh, Gleeennnnnn!" she moaned. She felt him thrust quickly into her and fill her up. When he leaned forward and put his hands on her shouders, she felt his full weight on her and her submission was complete. She truly was a piece of meat forhis pleasure, and the thought thrilled her. He began thrusting slowly, with each inward thrust the sensations were too much and she exclaimed, "Oh!" "Oh!" "Oh!" She knew that the positive feedback would make him thrust faster and harder, and, oh, she wanted harder! Suddenly, she felt him arch his back and heard his triumphant bellow of release - she thought.


He thrust harder and faster, harder and faster, the tension building and building. The thought alone sent him over the edgeand he arched his back and yelled in release as he shot his cum deep into her bowels. He flopped down, laying on her back, still inside her. He needed a moment to recuperate.

As the sensations waned, he rose and slid his now flaccid cock out of her ass. He reached out and unbuckled the belt around her wrists. He took one hand and buckled it to the headboard post. "Now, my sweet, I want to see you rub your hot clit. But, don't close your eyes, and don't cum until I tell you to!" She looked directly into his face as she slid her free hand down to her chest, fondled both breasts in turn, then pushed up her right breast up to her mouth and actually sucked on her own nipple. He was amazed! After a couple seconds, she slowly moved her hand down over her belly, into her pussy, and rubbed her clit.

"Go slow!" her ordered.

She slowly rubbed her clit. "Now, slip a couple fingers into your hole and frig yourself." he said. She obliged and after only a few moments she said, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Don't" he ordered, "Stop now!" She quickly removed her hand and waited for the throbbing to subside. "I'll be right back" he said. He went to the bathroom and washed himself as he decided what he'd like to do next.

He returned to the bedroom moments later to see that she had closed her eyes and was rubbing herself vigorously, on the verge of a climax. He watched her for a second before yelling, "Stop, you slut!" He stormed over to the bed as she removed her hand and cowered slightly. He rolled her onto her side to expose her smooth, round ass and said, "I thought I told you to keep your eyes open and not to cum until I told you to!"

"I didn't cum!" she whined.

"Do you think I can't tell when you are ready to do so? If I were a moment later, you would have gushed your hot juices all over this bed and I would have missed it!" He reached into the bedside table drawer and took out the dildo they had purchased recently. He tossed it onto her belly, "Here! I want to see you fuck yourself with this. Remember, don't cum until I tell you to."


He released her hands and she thought he was going to let her go and finish her off. When he buckled her left hand to the bed, she shuddered again with anticipation. He told her to rub her clit and she thought Being a bit of a closet exhibitionist, she often tantalized him by playing with herself. She felt she put on a pretty good show.

She put her free hand on her chest and slid it down to her left breast and fondled her nipple for a few seconds. She slid her hand over to her right breast and showed him what she recently discovered, all the while looking him directly in the eye. She could actually suck her own breast. She heard his quick intake of breath as he realized what she was doing. She slid her hand down and rubbed her clit, slowly, like he ordered. It took all her will not to cum, she was so hot from their previous exertions. "Now slip a couple of fingers into your hole and frig yourself." A little thrill raced through her as she obeyed. "I'm gonna cum!" she said. "Don't!" he ordered, "Stop,now!" She quickly removed her hand and waited for the throbbing to subside, although it never really did. "I'll be right back," he said.

While he was gone, she felt her pussy throbbing for release. She reached her hand back down to her clit and began rubbing and frigging herself like a madwoman. She bit her lower lip to avoid crying out and closed her eyes, her lust was getting the better of her and she felt like she hand no control.

"Stop, you slut!" the sound of Glen yelling at her made her eyes fly open, reflex made her remove her hand quickly, and instinct made her cower. He lurched onto the bed, rolled her over and slapped her ass repeatedly as he yelled at her for disobeying his orders. He tossed her the dildo they had only used once and told her to fuck herself, again not allowing her to cum. She still couldn't believe how being totally helpless and in his power made her feel, even the "spankings" turned her on! She vowed that she would obey this next order very well, indeed!

She looked into his eyes, picked up the dildo, and brought it to her mouth. She rubbed the head across her lips, then slid it inside, mimicing how she had sucked him earlier. She noticed that his eyes widened slightly and his breathing increased. She smiled a bit as she slid the dildo out of her mouth with an audible "smack" and slid it down her body, circling both nipples, leaving a slick, wet trail. She used it to tickle her clit for a few moments while she writhed and moaned in pleasure. She spread her legs and brought her right knee up to her chest, reached around her leg, and placed the dildo on mark. She looked at Glen again and found him almost panting. She knew how to finish this show. Quickly and forcibly she thrust the dildo into her pussy, while yelling, "Oooohhhhh!!!" and panting and fucking herself with it fast and furiously.


He was surprised when she brought the dildo to her lips first and taunted him with thoughts of her lucious mouth and tongue. He was even more surprised when he felt a pulse in his cock. he thought. She certainly was trying to turn him on, the little tease. Sliding the wet dildo down her body, around her tits, down to her pussy. He felt another throb,

He had no more time to think about it as she began bucking and fucking herself like a true slut. His body took over and he juped onto the bed by her face and yelled, "Suck my cock! Suck it now, dammit!"

She turned her head and opened her mouth. He glanced down and yelled, "Keep fucking yourself!" At this point he had lost all control and again grabbed her face, fucking her mouth as fast and as deep as he could. Before he realized what was happening, he felt himself cumming and screamed, "Aaaaaagggghhhhh!" His only thought, As his orgasm began to subside, he realized that she was greedily swallowing all that he had dished out, trying to swallow in sync with his thrusts. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and sat back on his heels, panting.

"Master, please, I've been a good girl. I obeyed everything you said and you fucke me in every hole I own, and came twice. Could you please let me cum now?"

He looked down at her pleading face, patted her cheek, and said, "You have been a good girl. I guess I could let you cum now."


She kept watching him as she fucked herself like a maniac. Suddenly, he flew onto the bed and began yelling at her to suck his cock. She was shocked at the sight of his stiff, rigid cock waving in her face. They had tried repeatedly in the past and had never been able to do it. She was so excited that she immediately opened her mouth to allow him entrance. "Keep fucking yourself!" he yelled. Right now, at this moment, she'd do anything for hime. She glanced up at him, his face in ecstatic rapture as he grabbed her face and forced her to move while he fucked her mouth. A shudder of pure pleasure ran through her. Suddenly she realized that he was about to cum. she thought as she realized that she was completely helpless to stop it. She glanced up at his face again and decided that whatever happened, it was worth it. He screamed, "Aaaaagggghhhhh!" as she felt his hot cum shoot down her throat. The feelings she had, knowing that she pleasured him in this way were incredible. She immediately began licking and swallowing every drop of his salty tasting cum.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth and looked at her. She decided to stick with the fantasy and pitifully begged him to allow her to cum.

"Turn over." he ordered. She did so as best she could with one arm tied. "Put your ass up so I can get at it." She did so and found herself in the same postion she had been in when he fucked her ass. The memory sent ripples of pleasure through her. He took the dildo and began fucking her pussy very slowly. She loved the feeling of her pussy lips sliding over the dildo ash he pushed it in and out, in and out. "Okay, slut, reach back here and frig yourself in the ass." She was no longer shocked and immediately got a rush of arousal at the thought. She reached down to her pussy to wet her fingers with her slick juices, and reached around to find her asshole. She winced as she slid her finger into her tight hole that was still tender from its earlier abuse. After a moment, however, the sensations overwhelmed her and she really began pumping her ass to get the full effect of a big dildo in her pussy and her own finger in her ass! She desperately wanted to get her whole finger inside, but she couldn't reach. "Master, please," she gasped, "I can't reach!" He reached his hand over and slid his entire finger inside. She moaned loudly.

"Rub your clit hard, little slut! Make yourself cum now!" She didn't need to be told twice! She reached down and rubbed herself faster and harder than she ever had in her life! She began to feel the ecstatic tension winding tighter and tighter until release was inevitable. "Oh!

Oh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh, my god, I'm cuming so haaaarrrdd!!


He reached over to release her arm and lay down beside her. In typical male response he quickly fell into a deep sleep.

As he slept, she lay there playing the evening over and over in her mind. She continuted to hame small after tremors remembering certain aspects of her domination. What a treat!

Finally,she became sleepy and rolled over, already planning the fun things she would do to him when she switched the tables on him!

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