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After the Game by Paul Mays

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After the Game By Paul Mays

Sondra, dressed in a white tank top and black shorts, was putting the finishing touches on the sandwiches she was making. She hoped no more than six of the guys on the team came home with Paul. She simply didn't have anymore bread. She took the beer from the freezer. She had put it there to cool down quicker, she knew they would want them cold.

She went into the living room where she grabbed the TV guide. Turning to the page that showed the week's sports, she quickly found the listing for today's baseball game. She turned the tv channel to the Jays-Twins game. She liked to pretend she was a Twins fan, just to rile the guys. They were all Jay's fans, every last one of them.

She heard car doors slamming and guys hollering. She smiled. She could tell by the shouting that they hadn't lost the game. From the sounds of it, they may have even won it. She hurried into the kitchen, just as Paul swung the door open.

Putting both hands on his chest, she pushed against him and shoved all four guys back outside. "Great!" she thought, "only 4 of them." They stumbled off the small back porch, somewhat surprised. "Look at you! Do you really expect that I would let a bunch of muddy, stinking bleeding Neanderthals in MY house!?" They looked at each other and shrugged sheepishly.

"Go get the hose and rinse the mud off. Then go into the bathroom, strip to your under shorts and I'll clean those scr*pes BEFORE you put clean clothes on. Ok?" Not waiting for a response she said "Good! Now do it." Jason, Syd and Greg started poking Paul, trying to get him to change her mind. Reluctantly he let the door close, with them on the outside.

The guys turned and sprinted for the hose. When Syd and Greg saw that Jason had the lead they grabbed Paul and held him back. "Hey! What's going on here?" Paul was surprised to find himself restrained. "Payback, buddy, payback." The two holding him laughed. Jason reached the hose and cranked the tap on. Syd and Greg held on to Paul until Jason had the hose aimed at him. At the last second they let go, just as Paul got hit in the chest with a blast of icy cold water. Paul yelled in shock and a water fight started.

Sondra stood on the back porch with towels. When the guys saw her they started towards her with the hose, looking for revenge. "I don't think so boys," she said warningly, "You want dry towels don't you?" They looked at each other and shrugged. Jason, possessing the hose again, turned it on Sondra.

"You wouldn't!" Sondra said. She backed up a little. "Oh yeah." Jason nodded. As Sondra dropped the towels and turned to run Jason blasted her. She felt the glacier cold water pummel her in the back and shrieked. She yelled even louder as the stream of water moved down her legs. Still being showered, she turned to face them. She saw Syd passing the hose to Greg. She gave them THE LOOK.

That wasn't what made them stop though. The tank was soaked, clinging to her curves. Her nipples were hard with cold. They were pushing through her thin bra, giving hint of their color.

"Pick your jaws up off the ground and get your clothes!" Shamefacedly, Greg replaced the hose and turned off the water. Soon they were all facing her again. "Greg," She looked at him, "How about you go first. I'll be in to clean that nasty scr*pe in a second." Greg slid past her and went into the house. Sondra said Paul had to be last but she didn't care who went next.

She knocked on the bathroom door and Greg invited her in. She walked in and the site of Greg in his tight briefs took her breath away. "OH Greg," she said with a frown, " you have a nasty scr*pe on your right shoulder. Let me help." Greg shrugged.

She got everything she needed and went to work on him, gently scrubbing out the mud. As she worked, she brushed up against him. "You know, Greg, I'm really glad we had that threesome. I'd wondered how your thick cock would feel." She pressed her body against him as she talked. She reached down and stroked his growing bulge. "you have always been my fave and I wish I could fuck you again." She sighed wistfully. Greg smiled and said "Anytime Baby!" Then he crushed her mouth with his.

After the kiss was over she went outside and said, "Who's next?" She turned back in to the house Syd followed her. She waited outside the door until he told her to come in. She walked in and her eyes widened. She never thought Syd looked this good! He had a small pot belly but his chest was powerful. His arms and legs were well defined with muscles. His shoulders were broad and his hips narrow.

When her eyes settled on his left leg she said, "I see you did a slide tackle. Can't you guys ever do that without ripping up your legs?" Syd laughed and said no. He sat on the edge of the tub like she directed and she kneeled between his legs. With a wet cloth she carefully cleaned the wide scr*pe. " You know what Syd? I'm going to have to clean your whole thigh. I need to bandage this." He offered to do it, but she declined saying she had already started, she might as well finish.

Starting at his knee, washed in circles, gently scrubbed away the dirt. She got further and further up his thigh. When she reached the top, where his legs joined his body, she let her knuckles brush lightly against his balls. When she did it a second time Syd sucked in his breath. "Oh! I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" Sondra asked with concern and innocence.

"No, not at all," Syd said in a strangled voice "Good," she said," I'd hate to hurt you and not be bale to play with them!" At Syd's startled look she grinned and said, "Well, I have always wondered what your cock would feel like up my ass." His cock stated to harden at the thought and she asked, "Would you if you had the chance?" Syd, with his best Austin Powers impression, said, "YEAH Baby!" Sondra kissed him on the lips and left the room.

Jason went in as soon as Syd left the bathroom. Sondra followed him in and leaned against the closed door. She ran her eyes up and down Jason's near naked body and said, "Well, you don't have any scr*pes for me to kiss better."

Jason raised an eyebrow and said "Is that why the other two are so happy now, you KISSED them better?" Sondra shrugged and stepped up to him. She pressed her soft lips to his. He didn't respond at first. For at least 30 seconds. She was beginning to think he wouldn't when suddenly he grabbed her ass with one hand and her head with the other. Pulling her to him he ravished her mouth. He held her head still and explored her body with his other, thinking that this may be the only chance he'll have to get his hands on her.

She broke the kiss and pushed away, after several minutes. "Just as I thought," she nodded as she spoke.

"What?" Paul said thickly, his testosterone clouded brain beginning to remember that this was his best friend's wife. "What did you think?" Sondra laughed gaily, " I thought that you would be fun to fuck. Now I know I'm right!"

Jason growled and made a grab for her "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" She danced out of his reach and out the door. Her clit was throbbing with need and her pussy ached to be filled. At Jason's words the steady throb skipped a beat.

It was finally Paul's turn in the bathroom. He stood waiting warily. He thought she was furious. He got a shock when she walked into the bathroom. She sat on the tub, pulled his shorts down and stuffed his cock in her mouth. It grew rapidly as she hungrily sucked on it. He gasped as she twirled her tongue around his head.

She slid her mouth up and down him over and over again. She grabbed his ass and made him thrust into her mouth. He rapidly approached orgasm. As he did she thrust a finger into his ass, something which she had recently learned drove him over the edge. Paul moaned, almost shouting as his cum spurted down the back of her throat. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over him.

She swallowed and left the bathroom, leaving him standing there, holding on to the shower curtain for support. She went into the kitchen and grabbed the sandwiches and beer. She took then into the living room and set them down on the coffee table. "I think I'm going to put on some dry clothes," she said, "enjoy the food. Three pairs of eyes followed her as she walked across the room, across the small hallway separating the living room and master bedroom. They devoured her with their eyes as she turned and winked at them all.

As soon as she closed the bedroom door behind her she grinned wickedly. She had a BIG surprise for them!!! They had been primed perfectly. She began to strip off her damp clothes.

Meanwhile, in the living room, three horny guys were thinking about her, staring at the tv but not watching it. They were all lost in their thoughts. She was the object occupying their minds. And she knew it, she wanted it that way.

The bedroom door opened with a slight creak a few moments later. And 4 heads turned towards it. Waiting, wanting to see her again.

One leg appeared around the door jamb. It was clad in a boot. The boot was thigh high, skin tight with a 4 inch heal and made of soft supple red leather. The top of a stocking was barely visible above the top of the bot, a garter was stretched down her leg. An arm appeared next, with it they could just see a hint of red torso. The arm was enveloped in a fingerless glove. Red lace, elbow length, showing more skin than it was covering. This hand pushed the door open wider and Sondra finally revealed herself.

The guys, who had been hooting in response to this show were silenced by the sight. She was dressed in a red merry widow. It was leather and lace. The corset was leather, even softer than the boots, and the bra was lace. Her nipples, anxious for attention, strained the fabric. Her audience licked their lips. "Anybody want to play?"

Four very horny men leaped to their feet. Three stopped and looked at the fourth. He strode towards his wife, scooped her up and tossed her on their bed. "Dinner is served, gentlemen!" he said.

Greg, Syd and Jason practically fell over themselves getting to the bedroom. Paul had just finished tying a blindfold over Sondra's eyes. "Ok Boys, here's the game: Sondra has to guess which cock is where." Greg laughed and Sondra objected. Loudly. "No way!" she yelled "How am I supposed to know?! I have only played with 2 of the dicks in this room!" Syd and Jason were startled at this news. "Who was it?" they said together, "It wasn't me!"

They both turned to Greg, "You?!" Paul laughed at their surprise. "He walked in one night when we were well involved in making out. What was I supposed to say when Sondra invited him to join us?" Syd and Jason grumbled some things that he could have done. Greg added, "She's got a great cunt, hot and tight." He stroked his cock with the memory, "And she gives a fantastic blow job!"

Paul had started to remove his clothes while Greg was talking and that one joined him. Syd and Jason stood there, a little nervous. Paul stopped, one leg out of his pants, "What are you guys waiting for? She's ready, willing and she definitely can't suck your cock if it's in your pants!!" They quickly stripped. They all stood with cocks hard, wondering where to start. Jason said it out loud.

Sondra spoke up from where she was lying, stroking her body. "I knew you guys wouldn't figure it out for yourselves so I solved it for you. On my dresser you'll find a small dish. In it is four pieces of paper. Each of you picks one. No one looks until every body has one. Start where it says."

The idea appealed to them since everyone would have an equal chance. They all knew that they would move around, it as getting started that was hard. They all chose a piece of paper.

When they all opened them up this was the result:

Paul: left breast

Syd: right breast

Greg: pussy

Jason: mouth

Jason and Greg were thrilled with their picks, Paul and Syd less so, but not unhappy. Paul and Syd settled themselves on either side of her and applied their attention to her large tits. She gasped when both mouths started sucking her at the same time.

Before she could close her mouth from the gasp, there was a tongue in it. Jason was kissing her again and she moaned. Her clit was suddenly assaulted by Greg's very talented tongue. She immediately orgasmed. She had bee ready for so long that the slightest touch on her clit was enough to set off the screaming orgasm.

He determinedly continued lashing her with his tongue, wave after wave of pleasure over took her. Jason swallowed her screams as Greg let up a little. Enough for her to catch her breath.

Once she had, Jason leaned over her and stroked her mouth with his cock. She opened willingly and licked his head. He shoved it in her mouth,a little forcefully, and started fucking her face. She moaned around him and opened her throat. She took him as deep as he would thrust.

Paul and Syd traded tits and started licking and sucking all over again. Sondra's breath came quicker as she felt another orgasm build. Greg decided that, as yummy as her cunt was, he wanted to fuck her. He knelled between her legs and lifted her hips. He guided himself to her opening. She felt him slide his dick up and down her slit. She bucked a little, trying to get him to enter her.

She lifted her hands to the heads of the guys sucking on her tits and slid them down their bodies. She found their cocks hard. They twitched as she closed her hands around them. She started to stroke them. Kneading them as she went up and down. She felt their cocks harden with her ministrations and she wanted them in her mouth too. She moaned.

Greg finally entered her. He thrust slowly at first, eyes closed in ecstasy He began to thrust harder, feeling her wetness slick and smooth against his sensitive cock.

Jason thrust into her mouth, forcing her to deep throat her, until he felt himself ready to come. He said, "Greg, you want to trade places? I agree with you about her mouth and now I want to try her cunt." With a slight pop, Greg left her pussy and moved to take Jason's place, "All yours pal!" Sondra moaned with despair and the emptiness of her mouth and cunt. She begged for them to be filled again.

Greg and Jason quickly obliged. Jason filled her sopping hole with a grunt. He moaned "ohhhh she feels so gooood" Greg slammed his cock into her mouth and fucked it for all he was worth.

She hungrily slurped at him, happy to be filled again. She flicked her tongue over him as much as she could and sucked as hard as she could. She could feel Jason slamming into her cunt and reveled in the feeling. Her ultimate fantasy was reality. She had two mouths on her tits and a cock in each hole. Well, almost. She intended to fix that when one of them came. She tightened the suction on Greg.

"Oh god! Oh no! I'm cummminggg!!" Greg yelled. He spurted into her with a grunt, filling her mouth with hot creamy spunk. Gush after gush of his fluid poured down her throat. She swallowed all she could and let the rest dribble out of her mouth. She sucked every last drop from him. Then she pushed him away.

"Now that my mouth is free and Greg is no longer a player, [all 4 of them checked to be sure she was still blindfolded, she was], I'll tell you what I want! I want Jason to stay in my cunt, but I want things to change a little bit." The men groaned, they had no idea what they were in for, and were a little worried. "I want," Sondra continued, "Syd in my ass and Paul, my love, in my mouth. That all right with you guys?"

Enthusiastic yes's greeted her suggested. Greg found the KY, determined that he was going to guide Syd's cock to her ass hole. They moved around. They moved Sondra and Jason lay down on his back in her place They guided Sondra so she was straddling him and pushed her down on his cock and he slid easily back into her.

They pushed her forward so her ass was more easily available. Greg lubed her ass and then surprised Syd by applying the KY to his cock too. Greg smoothed the KY all over Syd's dick, making sure there was extra on the head. Then he placed the tip against Sondra's hole. Syd slowly pushed his way in. Sondra cried out in pain as Syd's head forced it's way through her tightest hole. Once through he waited a moment, letting her pain subside.

Once it had. She began moaning in pleasure and reaching for Paul. She leaned up a little and Paul straddled Jason's head. He inserted his cock in to his mouth. Jason opened his eyes to see Paul's balls swinging over him. He thought it was funny and yet a strange turn on. They all began thrusting into Sondra's holes. Sondra moaned, feeling the mother of all orgasms begin.

Syd felt the tightness of her ass take him to the top, his cock ached with the need to cum. He groaned and loudly announced his need "I'm going to blow!!" Within seconds his hot cum filled her ass. She moaned as she felt his liquid fill her and she started to cum.

Her pleasure washed over her and Jason felt her cunt muscles tighten around him as her juices began to flow. Her pleasure started his. He tried to hold it back but couldn't. He pushed into her as hard as he could and yelled his release.

With all this cumming going on around him, Paul couldn't hold back any longer. For the second time Sondra had jism pouring down her throat in hot spurts. Paul held her head to him, her nose in his pubes, while he came. She swallowed all of it She sucked him dry She tickled his head, knowing he was ultra sensitive after cumming, and he gasped.

Sondra whimpered as cocks slipped out of her and her orgasm slowly wound down. Jason slid out from under her, with the help of the other guys. They let her lay there, exhausted, with all her holes leaking with the evidence of their pleasure. The guys grabbed their clothes and left the room, leaving her to drift to sleep with a smile on her face.

"What a great way to end a game!" Syd said. They all laughed in agreement as they dressed. After a beer and a sandwich, while watching the last inning, Paul saw them to the door.

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