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Abduction of Jessica

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Just a story I wrote. Ready and enjoy if you like it. All feedback is more than welcome. It is still being worked on.

You shiver slightly as you exit the Union and step out into the brisk evening air. After a brief hesitation about wearing nothing more than your tight black tank top and pink shorts, you move down the steps into the parking lot and turn to walk back to your dorm. You take a right and move down Woodward Drive back to your empty room. The parking lot is sparse and almost no noise with everyone gone for Easter weekend. You stop and stare up at the sixth floor of the dorm and see light through your window from the lamp and monitor that are on your desk.

You unconsciously begin to walk quickly as you enter the middle of the lot and have to pass by a series of broken lamps in the darkening lot. You start when you hear a noise come from your right and stop to peek at a car. As you stare at the car for a second you feel someone grab you from behind and yank you back in between the two cars behind you. You struggle as the fumes from a cloth over your mouth slowly cause you to get drowsy and unresponsive. You are only vaguely aware of your surroundings as you are pulled into a van and quickly shackled to the floor by your wrists. You look out the back window and a last glimpse of Founder's Hall is all you see before you pass out.

You come awake slowly, your mind groggily beginning to register a completely different series of sounds and sensations from your body and surroundings. Some kind of bracelets are tight around your ankles and wrists and you shiver as you lay on what feels to be some rough carpet. You feel it pressing in and scratching the bare skin of your naked body. "Naked!" the thought shoots through your brain as you jerk completely awake. Your head pulling off the floor and your bare breasts rubbed hard when you scr*pe them against the carpet. Your skin tingling as you sit up and open your eyes but you can't see. You quickly realize you have been blindfolded and try to move your arms and legs but they quickly come to a stop no matter how hard you pull. You swing your head quickly when you hear a voice say "I see you are awake, slut. If you're a good girl and behave then I won't have to hurt you...too much."

You lash back "Fuck you asshole. Just wait till I get out of here!" even though the fear and excitement from the adrenaline rush are pumping through your body. Your skin seems super sensitive and your body feels like you just ran a mile or fucked liked crazy. Your blood pumps fast enough you can almost hear the pulse of it in your ears as you feel the van you are in pull over and come to a stop. "Let me go or I'll scream!" you yell and just here a loud laugh in response. "Go ahead, Jessica. Yell all you want. The van is soundproof and we're already outside of Asheville so no one is going to hear you on these back roads". A trickle of fear shoots through you as you hear him move into the back and you yell loudly when you feel his strong hand grip your ass and squeeze it tightly. "Yell it out slut. Get it all out. I'll help you since I told you to be a good girl."

You feel yourself lifted up to be on your hands and knees and some kind of padded brace is placed beneath you. Your stomach and hips are resting on it as you thrash your arms and legs but can't get free. You scream every profanity you can and yelp as you feel the stinging slap of a hand across your ass. With every yell it slams down and you yelp and yell louder. It stings your cheeks and pussy, your thighs burning with slaps as you slowly yell less and begin do beg for him to stop. "Please stop hurting me. I'll be quiet. I promise!!!" you whimper as tears leak from your eyes when one last resounding slap stings your ass and cunt. Shocks of pain shooting through you. "You promise you won't yell anymore pet? Well, we'll see about that."

You shake all over for a second when you feel a wet cream applied to your ass and thighs. Strong hands rub it in roughly but it soothes your skin, relaxing your taut muscles slowly as you bite your lip to stifle a relaxed sigh as you slowly unclench all the muscles in your body. You yelp a "No!" however when you feel fingers begin to rub the cream over your pussy and ass. Fingers push the cream across your sore pussy lips as a shock of pleasure shoots through your hips. A long sigh greats your ears and then you feel a hand grip your neck and choke you tightly as he says "You said you wouldn't yell so now I'll have to stop you." The hand squeezes tighter and tighter as you feel the slick fingers push inside your ass and cunt, your body relaxing around the intrusion and a mix of pain and pleasure pulsing through you.

You try to feel disgusted for a moment and resist the pleasure. "No no no no no" You keep repeating in your head as your body begins to involuntarily push against the fingers inside you. You start to get lightheaded as fingers push deeper in and into you completely. They push in deeply one last time as the hand releases you, you whisper a quiet "no.." before inhaling deeply. Oxygen shoots into you as you pant hard and your body shakes as the fingers slide out of your pussy. Your body attempts to tighten around them and hold them in but can't stop them and they finally leave you. You hate yourself as you lay there breathing hard and fast then whisper "Just r*pe me you asshole and get it over with." "This is just the beginning Jess. I'm going to teach out something that will change your whole life, pet." he says as you feel his hand reach under you and grip your breast tightly.

His fingers almost artfully tease your breast and hard nipples. Twisting and pulling, massaging and prodding you as you feel something begin to push on your asshole. A smooth hard plug begins to push inside your ass. The cold glass sends a shiver through you as he gradually works it in, his hand moving back and forth on your breasts and teasing them slowly. Periodically a twist of a nipple will send a shock of pain and pleasure through your chest. You try to keep your reaction calm and show nothing but quick gasps, yelps and even a surprising moan escape your mouth as the plug begins to fill you. This sensation is new and your body has never felt this before. You whisper a "No. Not there. It's dirty." but still wonder what it will feel like when it is completely inside you. It moves inside you slowly and feels like it's been forever when it slides into place and the muscles of your asshole clench to hold it into place a loud long moan escaping you as your nipple is pulled hard and released when the plug finally locks in.

You bite your lip and yelp when something rough slaps your ass and you try and picture what is hitting you. Strands of a rough material sting your ass and legs as you realize he has begun to beat you with some kind of whip. You cry out "Why? I didn't yell! Why are you hurting me? Please stop!" and hear another sigh. "First thing slut. I'll hit you if I want to hit you. Fuck you if I want to fuck you. Got it?" You nod slowly as the whip slaps against your pussy and the plug bounces inside you to send shocks of sensation through your body. "Second thing slut. You promised not to yell and you just did, so you'll have to be punished again!"

You cry out but try to muffle it as the whip teases your cunt and thighs. Strands of fire seem to erupt on your skin when it slams into you, welts raising and becoming super sensitive with each hit. You can feel the cold air on your skin as you shiver and sweat drops runs across the welts on your skin. You begin to count in your head to concentrate and focus something else. You slowly count to twenty and with each number you begin to embrace the pain. You let it fall over you and try and feel the pleasure of the plug in your ass. The sting of your pussy shoots pleasure through you when the whip slaps between your legs and hits your swollen clit. You moan "Twenty..." aloud and are surprised when the whip stops. You whisper. "Please sir. No more whip. I'll do whatever you want!"

"I know you will, Jess." you hear from behind you and you start when you hear the sound of a zipper. The warm tip of a cock slides up your thigh and teases your wet cunt. It rubs up and down the lips of your dripping pussy for minutes as you try and push back on it but stop yourself. Each time you resist the urge to release yourself. A buzz greats your ears from behind and you ask quietly, "What is that, sir? Are you going to hurt me again?" And then your brain scrambles as you feel a large vibrator pushed against your cunt. It rubs hard and the vibrations throb deep through you, your body tensing and pulses of pleasure shooting through your entire being.

It slowly speeds up and slows down over and over but increasing in what almost seems to be a musical scale. Your body begins to buck and shake with your nipples rubbing against the material of the stand you are stretched across. The hard nipples rub back and forth as your tits throb with pleasure and you begin to moan loudly. You groan and shake for what seems like hours but when you begin to close on an orgasm the vibrator is pulled away. You begin to beg each time it stops. "Please sir. Please let me finish. Your going to drive me crazy." And each time it begins again. Dragging you up to the point of explosion and then stopping. You finally realize what you need to do and stumble over the words "Please fuck me. Please r*pe my cunt and do whatever you want. Please use me and let me cum with you inside me."

A pleased sigh comes from behind you as you hear "Good girl." Hands massage your ass and thighs as you feel the tip of a cock just push inside you and pull out to tease you. "PLEASE!" You whimper as you hear a laugh from behind you and his cock thrusts deep within you. You shudder as he rips into you and your body clenches around his cock and the plug inside you. You scream once "Oh my god!" and then shudder as you feel your body immediately release. An orgasm shaking through you as he begins to push in and out of you. Slamming into you over and over as your hips grind into the stand and your moans louder and louder as your crescendo up for another orgasm. It goes on for what seems like forever, your body shaking harder with each successive release and finally you feel his cum release deep inside you as you scream in orgasmic release one last time. A groan escapes you and yell "No." and fall limp over the stand. You feel him pull out and move in front of you. Your head is yanked back and you hear his voice "Clean up your mess."

You open your mouth and push yourself on the cock. You suck it into you and lick your tongue around it like you have never before. The taste of his and your cum fills you as you run your tongue up and down it and slowly lick every drop clean. Finally he pulls out and you hear him sit down in front of you. You lay there for minutes and finally whisper. "I hate you." His laugh fills your ears as he responds, ?You may hate me now but your body loves me. You will think about the pleasure you just had forever, slut.?

"Never." You whimper but lay there and feel yourself getting horny again as the sensations of the past hours fill you. You hate it and love it before finally whispering one last time, "Please sir. Take me one more time!"

"OK slut. I'll let you have it if you can please me with just your mouth." he says as he puts you back up on your hands and knees. Nails drag down your back and his strong fingers massage your smooth cunt before sliding inside you to tease you for several seconds before pulling out. A soft moan slides out of your open mouth as you hear him move in front of you. The smell of sex fills your nose as you can almost sense his cock close to your face. You open your mouth and push forward searching for it. Hoping to find it with your futile struggles. Excitement fills you for a second as your lips touch the tip of his cock and your tongue licks quickly across the head. The salty taste of his cum quickly fills you but fades as he pulls away. "Please sir! Let me suck your cock. Fill my mouth and throat!" Your whimpering request gets the response you wanted though as his cock pushes in your mouth.

You quickly suck it as hard as you can, tongue swirling around it as you you try and fill yourself with the taste of his cum. You work your mouth up and down it for minutes, trying to suck every drop of liquid from him. You keep hoping to hear a sigh or moan to tell you that you are doing a good job. Relief floods through you as you hear a moan from above you and the feel of his hands tangling in your long blond hair. they grip your blond locks tightly and begin to twist them slowly over and over until your scalp tingles from the pressure. "You're doing a good job, Jess, but I need a little more. Get ready." he says before plunging his cock deep inside your mouth. His hands guide your mouth up and down his manhood.

It starts out slow and deep but seems to speed up slightly and push a little deeper with each plunge in your mouth. Your jaw is sore but you try and open it wide to allow him full use of your mouth. Your tongue slides up and down his sensitive skin and you try not to gag when the head pushes your throat. You hear a quick laugh as you choke for a second and the pace seems to increase. "You can take it better than that slut. I think you are concentrating too much." You hear and then your ass is filled with sensations as the plug inside your ass begins to vibrate. Deep slow pulses fill your ass and send waves of pleasure down through your pussy and thighs. You moan loudly and his cock slides deeper in your mouth without you even noticing. Your brain shuts off for a moment as the surprise of those feelings fills you up.

The r*pe of your mouth and throat continues unabated for minutes. Your mouth and lips are sore and filled with saliva and the salty taste of his sex. You continually try to swallow every drop but it keeps building up until in one quick moment it is gone. You take a deep breath and moan loudly for the first time in what seems like forever as the vibrations in your ass kick it up another notch. Even with this new sensation filling you, you wonder if you passed.

"Sirrrrrr?" You moan breathily "Did I pass, sir? Will you take me again?". A chuckle from in front of you is all the answer you receive but you do feel him moving around beside and behind you in the van. Oh god, I hope he fucks me! fills your mind as you feel the tip of his cock against your dripping cunt.

He rubs it up and down over and over teasing you by pushing the head up against your sensitive clit and rubbing it back and forth to send little electric shocks of pleasure into your brain. You finally snap "Now sir! I sucked you! Fuck me!" but a shiver of fear flickers through you brain when you realize you yelled an order out.

"See, Jess. One step forward and then one step back. You almost had it but you need to learn patience." "I'm sorry sir! Please forgive MEE!" you yell with the final word coming out between clenched teeth as a hand slaps tightly against your pussy. You get twenty quick but hard smacks against your ass and cunt until tears well up involuntarily in your eyes. "Oh god I'm so sorry. Please use me sir. I won't yell again!"

"I know you won't, slut" you hear as fingers pry your mouth open and you can taste the tang of your pussy as you lick them furtively before something is pushed in your mouth. Your jaws locking tight on a small rubber ball gag which is quickly shoved in and latched behind your head. You shake your head but nothing you can do will free the device from your mouth.. The rubber taste is a new sensation in your mouth but quickly forgotten as you feel him playing with your ass from behind. The plug is slowly being pushed deeper in you and the slowly pulled out. Your muscles clenching tight as it slides out quickly and you are left empty for the first time in hours. The sensation of having no toy, cock, or fingers in you leaves you feeling desperately unfulfilled. You unconsciously lift your ass up and almost present your cunt and sweet cheeks to him in the hope he will violate you.

You feel his cock begin to rub up and down your cunt again, sliding up between your ass cheeks and then back down to have the head tease you by just barely opening your wet lips and then pulling away. Yes! you think as the teasing continues and you get hornier and hornier. You buck your hips back and forth trying to entice him to fuck you more, your breath coming in deep gasps as you can now only breathe in through your nose with the gag filling your mouth so tightly. You suck in deep slow breaths as you contemplate what must be your soon to come fuck as you feel him pull away. You shudder as you feel what must be a piece of ice begin to be rubbed up and down the lips of your pussy. The cold is a sharp feeling on your sensitive and already punished sex.

You groan as it rubs up and down your lips and let loose what would be a loud yell if you weren't gagged when the ice is rubbed up against your swollen clit. He presses it in deeper as you feel the chill flow into you and then it's pulled away and you feel strong hands grip your thighs and lift you up higher. Your ass push high up in the air as you wonder what will happen next when you feel his hot wet tongue lick slowly up the outside of your cunt. Tender warm caresses flick all over as they lick the cold water dripping down your thighs and leave trails of warm pleasure all over your skin. You moan and bite down on the gag when you feel him nibble on the warming lips of your pussy and press his hot tongue in deep to tease your sensitive clit. This oral exploration continues on as he brings you up closer to a long shuddering orgasm as he sucks your clit deep into his mouth and flicks it mercilessly until you shudder with release.

You feel the gag unlatched slowly and then pulled from your mouth as you lick your sore lips and flex your tight jaws before whispering, "Thank you sir."

"I'm not done with you yet, slut." he whispers in your ear and you perk up quickly as you wonder what could be next. Slowly he moves around you and unlocks each shackle, taking time after each one to massage your sore wrists and ankles as tingles of pain shoot through your hands and feet as the blood pulses back in. You feel his hands petting and massaging you for a few minutes before he says, "Break time's over, slut."

Slowly you are pulled up on your knees as you feel his mouth suck your hard nipple deep inside and squeeze it slowly in his teeth, the pressure and pain building as you lean your head back to release a guttural growl of a moan. His hands grip your wrists tightly as you struggle to pull free even though your brain flickers in between wanting to push him away or pull him closer to suck you completely inside him. His mouth works your breast slowly and methodically for minutes releasing and licking his tongue slowly up your chest, the warmth of his flesh caressing your skin as he licks the salty drops of your sweat as they run down between your swollen breasts.

You feel his tongue moving slowly up your neck and then release quickly before biting tenderly on the lobe of your ear. Hot breath blows across your neck as shivers run slowly down your spine. His voice is rough, whispering "I think your other nipple is jealous, slut. Should it get some attention too?".

You whisper breathily, "Oh. Please sir. Please take care of it also!" and lean back to push your breasts up at him, hoping that he will spend the time and effort again on your untouched mound of flesh.

"Good girl. You're learning, slowly," he whispers as you sense him bend down and tease your nipple with just his tongue. He flicks it slowly across your aureola over and over as your nipple gets harder and harder. You barely push your breast towards his mouth as the hope of him sucking it in fills your brain. A moan escaping you as your wish is granted when his teeth glide over your flesh and pull it deep in his mouth. Wet firm circling paths swirl around your nipple before his teeth grip it tightly and pull it away from your body, the hard flesh stretching and pulling your breast out taut before it snaps out of his mouth and you release a painful yelp.

Your arms are jerked hard up and behind your back as you struggle not to fall over with the quick motion. His strong experienced hands hold them in place as you feel him move behind you, warm breaths flowing across the skin of your arms and back as he kneels behind you. Your wrists clamp tight together as you jerk your head around trying to recognize the sound of something dragging behind you.

You give a startled shake as his hands quickly loop soft rope around your wrists and then slowly complete an intricate binding of your limbs, your wrists pressed tightly together and then another length of rope pulled up and crossed around your upper arms to push them closer. Your shoulders burn slightly as your muscles struggle to flex with the pressure and you test your bonds but are unable to move your arms at all. A bit of a shake is all the give you have as you feel him release the rope and move away from you.

You sit high on your knees as you wait for a touch or command but all you hear is the sound of his breath behind you. You hear another noise and try to focus on it but the slow repetitive slide alludes you until you realize the he must be slowly stroking his hard cock as he watches you. Just the idea flares the need for sex within you as your juices drip just outside of your cunt. One drop slowly gliding down the inside of your thighs as you rotate your hips slowly. Your ass pushed slightly back to present it to him as your imagine him smiling at your display.

Minutes pass with no reaction but you wait patiently in order to avoid another whipping like earlier. However the struggle to stay in position intensifies with each passing minute as a burning sensation builds in your thighs. They begin to feel sore like after a long trip to the gym or a climb of the many stairs up to your dorm room. The thought of that safe room flickers in and out of your mind as you wonder if you will ever see it again before you realize the distraction has caused you to fall back and you feel your ass rest against your heels.

You sigh in relief as the burn in your legs evaporates but jerk suddenly when you hear him move behind you. A familiar hum of leather fills the air as a stinging slap of the whip hits your ass and sends you struggling back up on your knees.

"Please sir! Don't hurt me! Why are you hurting me?" you whimper as you hold yourself up and bite your lip as the whip stings your ass and thighs. "Please sir" you ask and even you are surprised at how steady you have held your voice with the leather teasing your ass. One last slap greets you when the flogger slides up between your open thighs and barely stings your pussy before falling away.

"I'm pretty sure you have already figured out why you were whipped so tell me why in five seconds or I'll beat you again, slut." he says before you take a quick breath and yell "BecauseIwas abad slutandI couldn't stayinposition!!". The sentence whips out of you and your words blend together as you answer and clench your whole body waiting for the inevitable response. A chuckle echoes through the enclosed van before he answers "That was almost perfect, slut. You should speak more clearly when I ask you a question, but I won't even punish you for that. I am going to have to, though, because you forgot to say Sir when you answered me."

You whimper a "Sir!!!!" before you clench harder but only one soft slap of leather across your dripping cunt greets your reaction. You hold yourself tense for another blow but relax slowly and moan when you feel his hand slide up your slick thighs to grip your sex and firmly rub his fingers across it, his thumb teasing your sensitive asshole as his fingers slide slowly inside you just a bit at a time. It feels like minutes as he pushes them in deeper and deeper with your asshole deftly massaged at the same time.

"Relax, pet. You are doing a good job now. I think you are finally learning what you need to do, and as much as you don't want to admit it, what you want to do." he whispers licking his tongue slowly across your spine and up your neck before spreading his fingers wide inside you. A clenched moan slides through your teeth as you answer with a resounding "Yes SIR! I shouldn't have sat down unless I asked first. I'm sorry, sir. Please let me prove that I am a good slut." You release a deep moan as your brain gives way again to your pleasure and you struggle to believe your own word as his hand moves expertly inside you. Teasing you deeper and faster as you slowly push yourself deeper on his fingers.

Your cunt is penetrated expertly as he moves in and out of you slowly with the tip of his thumb barely entering your tight asshole as you begin to ride the pleasure again. Your nipples are hard in the cold air and you can feel each drop of sweat flow down your swollen breasts, past the ripple down your taut stomach and across your pussy to mix with the warm liquid of your pussy that he seems to be calling out from your body. Your cunt clenches on his hand as you feel his teeth bite down on the sensitive skin on the back of your neck to send a stab of pain but mixed with pleasure down your spine. You feel like a bitch in heat with an animal forcing his dominance on you, his canines ripping into your neck as you feel yourself submit to his every wish.

Part 4 His fingers slide deeper inside your tight dripping pussy, spreading slowly inside you as you rock back and forth on his hand.  They move teasingly inside you in slow circular motions as your face is pushed down against the cold metal floor of the van.  Your hair is gripped hard and twisted until you scream loudly as you hear him laughingly say "You're turning into such a dirty little slut, Jess.  The way you're pushing back on me makes me think you want some more inside you.  I guess I'll have to fill you up completely." 

Your ardor falls quickly as you feel his hand pull out of you and images of being "filled" flash through your brain.  Pictures of huge dildos, hands, bats, and bottles flash through your brain as you begin to struggle again.  Pictures of women being violated that you saw one night while surfing the web after a few drinks when your roommate was out.  Even though you were wet that night watching women fill themselves, you are terrified of something that large entering your pretty little pussy or your ass.  A long shudder shakes your body as you pull on your tight bonds but have no luck freeing your arms from their intricate rope cage.

You jerk your head up quickly as your hair is released and pull yourself up on your knees, head and shoulders jerking around as you struggle in your bonds. Your begin to breathe deep and fast as your muscles burn but you have no luck getting even a bit of slack. Soft laughter echoes through the van as your abductor enjoys your struggles. ?What are you doing? Please don't hurt me!? you whisper as you hear the scr*pe of something being dragged across the floor.

A loud metal clang is your only response as he opens a toolbox from the back and rummages through it. You can hear him humming softly to himself as he rummages behind you and finally says ?OK, slut. Now I can finally fill you up like you need to be. I bet you've thought about having all your dirty holes filled before but have never been able to.? You can feel him moving closer to you as your legs give out and you lay back over whatever device you have been bent over all evening.

You lay there for a few moments before his hand runs slowly through your hair, an almost pleasant petting motion until he grips it firmly to pull you back up on your knees. ?No more stand for you slut. This time I'm going to lay you out.? he whispers as the vibrations of him dragging it out of your way shake through the floor of the van. He pushes you forward quickly and your sore muscles tighten but are only able to slow your fall.

Breasts slap hard against the smooth metal of the floor, your raw nipples slapping tightly and sending shocks through your tender breasts as your collapse forward. You let out a loud grunt as you hit but try and muffle the sound by clenching your teeth as hard as you can. Laying there with just the fear of what is to come in your head, he moves up close to you and begins to loosen the bindings on your arms. Minutes pass as you feel his deft fingers carefully undoing his handiwork from earlier, your arms tingling as they slowly gain a bit more freedom every second as he slowly unravels your bonds.

You take a long slow breath as your arms finally pop free and you pull them up from behind you. Waves of tingling sparks pulse through your sore muscles with each wave of blood pumped through your body. You roll back and forth on the floor at what is to be a brief sensation of freedom. ?Looks like you're feeling better, slut.? he says as you feel him grip your arm and yank it above your head. Rough leather encircling your arm before the soft click of a lock shackles it tightly to the floor.

You briefly pull your arm away from him and instantly regret it as you feel his free hand slap your cunt hard. The brutal smack instantly drawing tears from your eyes as you feel them run down inside the hood that covers your face. ?You just keep forgetting things, Jess.? He whispers, as you whimper and cry briefly before yanking your arm up and quickly latching it down. Moving slowly behind you he repeats the process with your ankles as you feel your body placed spread eagle on the floor. Arms and legs are locked completely down as you briefly pull on your restraints but are unable to budge them from the metal locks on the floor.

His hand slowly slides up your thighs and caresses your shaven slit briefly before you feel him rubbing something hard across your cunt. It spreads your lips open wide and your fears return as you imagine a hundred different things that he could be placing inside you. A hard pinch to your clit breaks your train of thought briefly as you feel a cold liquid being poured over your ass. It slowly drips down your cheeks and flows down your cunt. Your skin slowly warms as the lube begins to work on your sensitive flesh, your body instinctively reacting to the soothing and pleasurable sensations of lube and the unknown object in unison.

Your pussy spreads open wider as you spread your legs open, the tip of the toy just edging inside you. It stretches you slowly as the head of what feels like a large rubber cock begins to push inside you, your body trying to accept it as your brain fights to accept the pleasing sensations that are rippling through you. He works in slowly over the next few minutes, slowly moving in and out as your cunt tries to accept the huge toy. You have never been penetrated by something this big and waves of pleasure and pain fill you as it works itself in.

You hear a laugh when the first moan escapes you after this new phase in your abduction. The pleasure finally beginning to overcome your fear and worry as you feel the toy move completely within you. It fills your cunt completely as you grunt with the last forceful push when he thrusts it in your sex, the muscles of your pussy flexing around it to hold it within you as you feel him moving some kind of straps or cord around your thighs.

Your ass clenches tightly as you feel him caress slowly in between your wet cheeks, fingers slowly teasing your asshole as he locks the dildo firmly inside you, your body hot and aroused by this feeling of having your sex filled totally like never before. You roll your hips as you push them up just barely from the floor and feel the hard cock moving inside you. Your soft moans grow louder as you feel him get up and move up to your head.

?I'm going to have to gag you now slut so I don't have to listen to your bitching when I fill your ass. ? He says as you feel him grab your hair and yank your head to the side. The pain of his strong hands in your hair races through your scalp.

?Oh god! Please don't! I'll do anything if you'll stop!? you yell as you shake your body and struggle, your breasts rubbing the floor hard as you thrash side to side. Your cheek stings as you feel his hand slap you tightly and you whimper a short sound of displeasure. The feeling of a hard object pushes against the lips of your mouth as you struggle, your teeth clenching tight as you try and show one last act of defiance to your unknown assailant.

?You are going to take this slut. It's fun watching you fight but I'm done with your rebellious behavior.? He whispers in your ear as he pushes it hard against your teeth. You stubbornly keep your mouth closed, though, even when he slaps your face tightly again. Shocks of pain then immediately flow through your back and ass as you feel him rain tight sharp blows against your skin with a whip, your brain fighting the pleasure of the toy within you and your urge to submit as you twist your head to stop him.

?OK, my little fuck toy. Looks like you want to fight but I'll show you that I can make you do anything I want.? he barks at you as you feel him pull the object away. A sense of victory shoots through you, though ultimately futile, before you feel his hands across your mouth and nose. The sharp smell of sex fills your nostrils as you take one last breath before he cuts off your air. You thrash a bit more and fight but your body begins to burn as you try to breathe. Your mouth opening as you attempt to bite his hand but he deftly keeps your teeth away while keeping you fighting to breathe. You begin to feel dizzy and disoriented when you feel him pull away from your mouth.

The taste of sex is still on your lips as your pull your mouth open wide and take a deep gasp, a split second of air before you feel him shove the object inside. You take sharp gasps through your nose as you feel it pushed inside you, filling your mouth as a piece of leather straps over your lips. The sense of the surroundings slowly returns with each deep breath as you groggily feel your brain reacting even harder to the pleasing sensations of the cock in your pussy.

Your tongue begins to explore the object within your mouth and you realize the gag must be a hard rubber dick. Your tongue absently swirling around the head of it as you feel him latch it tightly behind your head. The sensation of having even two fake cocks inside you is something completely new to you even as you shake your head in a futile gesture to try and get it out of you.

His breath is hot on your neck as he leans down over you and begins to caress your tight ass, fingers exploring your wet crack and teasing your tight ass hole as you feel his teeth bite hard on the lobe of your ear. A muffled scream as pain races through you before he releases and sucks it in his mouth to tease your sore flesh with his tongue.

Your brain jump-starts again when you hear his next soft whisper ?I think it's time to fill your ass now cunt. But first lets get you ready.? You feel him stop teasing your ass and move away slightly before your cunt erupts in a deep hard vibration. The cock inside your pussy is actually a vibrator that he has turned on quickly and it begins to shake hard within you. Your sex is full of pleasure as he slowly turns the speed up, the sensations moving through the lips of your pussy and sending tingles of pleasure through your swollen clit.

Your tongue begins to swirl faster on your gag, your mouth trying to choke yourself on it as you think for a second how good a real cock would be in your mouth. I'm such a whore! You think as you begin to give over to the pleasure once again tonight. Your body twists slightly back and forth on the floor as your breasts rub the metal, your nipples ridiculously hard and swollen as pulses of pleasure flow through your chest, melding with the slowly spreading sensations from your cunt to fill your body.

You've never had your body respond like this before, this wave of horniness rippling through you as you feel his fingers tease your asshole. Slowly sliding inside you as you buck your hips up as much as you can to push them in you, the sensations of the moment completely override your thoughts as your carnal urges push to have your body completely filled. He dextrously teases your asshole slower and deeper over what feels like an eternity as you feel your asshole relax and stretch to welcome him inside you.

His tongue slides up your spine, a warm line drawing up your skin as he licks the cold sweat off your back, finally reaching up to your neck and biting it hard, your head yanking back to open your throat to him in the most instinctual gesture of submission. Teeth rip into your throat and bite down tightly as his tongue races across your raw neck and his fingers spread wide in your ass before you thrash as an orgasm races through your body. Grunts and choked moans come from you for ages as you cum so hard you feel like you will black out and then collapse as you feel him pull his fingers out of your ass. ?I think it's time you had my cock in that sweet ass, Jessica.? He whispers softly before licking your neck one last time.

You lay there on the floor as your body seems to hum from the constant thrum of vibrations from the vibrator deep in your tight cunt. Turning your head from side to side as you feel his face pull away from your neck, his parting lick leaves a warm trail that slowly fades on your sweat covered skin as you feel him move behind you. His knees press on the insides of your bare thighs as you imagine him kneeling behind you, the muscles of your body tightening as his rough hands grip your ass cheeks tightly and spread it open.

"Such a cute little asshole you have there Jessica. I hope we worked it out nice and loose or you're in for some pain," you hear him say through the haze of pleasure and fear that is clouding your senses. A shock runs through you as you feel the rough burn of stubble scraping your sensitive ass cheeks before his teeth bite tightly into your flesh. Your teeth clench around the gag as pain shoots through your ass. It clears your mind for a moment as you futilely clench your buttocks in an attempt to keep him from entering you.

The slow drip of a cold liquid on your ass is the next thing you know, as it crawls down the crack of your ass and pools at your asshole before running down and dripping over your hot dripping cunt. A muffled moan comes from you as your teeth release the cock gag in your mouth and you slide your tongue slowly around the head without thinking, the fluid sliding around the toy in your cunt and dripping down to your swollen clit to send a final shivering shock through your pussy.

His nails dig into the flesh of your ass hard. They tear in your skin as you feel your asshole open up under the stress. The muscles already relaxed from the violation you received earlier tonight finally release and you feel the last bit of lubricant slide inside you, your body shaking as your last bit of resolve fades when even your last reserve of strength fails to keep yourself from being invaded.

"It's time for me to fuck that sweet little ass Jess. Just relax and enjoy the ride. I will." He laughs as you feel his hard cock rub slowly in between your slick ass cheeks, his hand releasing your flesh so your round ass seals around his hot sex, a warm rod pushing up and down on the soft mounds of your sweet buttocks. He slowly pumps it up and down your ass until it is well lubricated, your mind beginning to wander as you drift off into the pleasure of the toys filling your mouth and cunt.

Without even realizing it, soft repetitive moans begin to come from you as you suck the cock in your mouth hard, your tongue sliding up the plastic shaft tenderly as you imagine a real warm one filling your mouth up. You drift quickly out of your sexual dreamstate though, your ass sending waves of sensations through your body as the tip of his cock begins to enter you.

You try to clench your ass together one last time to stop him but your muscles betray you as they fail to respond to your wishes. You barely even notice the toy in your cunt as his hot flesh seems to pour into your tight ass, your ass stretching slowly but seamlessly to his cock as a mix of pain and the overwhelming sense of being completely full fill your brain. The pain grows as it forces deeper inside you and slowly fills you up until you feel like you will burst.

He finally completes the penetration of your ass with one last painful thrust as his hips slam into your ass, balls slapping against your dripping cunt and jarring the vibrator in your cunt as if just to remind you that it is there. The vibrations rip back through your thoughts as your ass and cunt clench in sweet unison to hold these objects deep in you.

Your brain struggles to absorb this completely new feeling as your ass is packed tight. In all your years of sex you have never had your body filled as full as you do now laying on the cold metal floor of the van. His cock enters you in slow but strong measured strokes that press your body tight to the floor, your nipples rubbing the metal with each hard press to send pulses of pleasure through your chest to mingle with the vibrations from your dripping cunt.

Minutes pass as the burning pain from your ass fades and his body begins to move quicker against you. Your hips begin to press tightly to the floor as he begins to slam his cock into you with increasing force. The jarring slams push your body tight against the floor as he fucks you with a bestial vigor, your body responding in kind as you lift your hips up each time he pulls out to give him better access for his next forceful penetration.

I never thought having someone in my ass would feel this good! you think as your body begins to completely respond to all the sensations rippling through it. Your nipples rub hard on the floor and the vibrator shocks your cunt in hard steady vibrations as he enters you faster and more forcefully, all thoughts blown from your brain as your body explode in an orgasmic fit.

You feel like a bolt of lightning has struck you when the orgasm rolls out of your wet cunt, all the muscles in your body flexing and relaxing over and over again as the waves of pleasure rip through your body. You feel him responding to you as he begins to fuck you faster and harder, his moans growing loud as he yells "You have such a perfect ass you whore."

Finally as your orgasm reaches its climax you hear a deep guttural moan from above you. His nails dig into the skin of your back and rip trails of pain down your silky skin as he releases his cum deep in your ass. You feel him flexing inside you as his hot cum fills your tight hole, your body falling limp from the orgasm as you feel him flex one last time to squeeze the last of his cum into you.

His breath is hot on your back as he holds himself just above you, sharp gasps coming from his lungs as he holds himself hard deep within you. "That was perfect Jessica. I hope you liked your first ass fuck. It won't be your last," he whispers before licking the sweat off your back with one long lick, the scratches on your back burning as he slowly drags his mouth across them with licks and small kisses.

"We don't want you to spill, slut," you hear him say as the sound of something being grabbed from the floor reaches your ears. His body pushes up off you as you feel him slowly pull out of you to kneel behind you. Your ass tries to contract as soon as he exits you but before you can tighten up you feel the cold hard rubber of a plug being shoved into you.

Your body is completely limp as you lay spent on the floor, the events of the past hours taking it's toll on you and the last shattering orgasm sapping the rest of your energy. You feel like you're melting against the floor of the van, the iron tang of rusty metal filling your nose as you breathe through the tight mask and your tongue moves in soft strokes up the toy in your mouth.

A pleasured sigh penetrates the fog filling your brain as you hear him moving around the van. Stopping at each of your limbs, he unshackles you before his strong fingers knead the sore muscles of your arms and legs. "You aren't done yet, slut," he says as you feel yourself finally free of the bonds and summon just enough energy to curl up in a ball on the floor, rocking back and forth as your body stays completely relaxed.

He leaves you there for several minutes as you feel your energy slowly returning. The cold night air seeping into the van from open windows in the front and softly blowing against your sweat soaked skin, shivers rack your body as the heat from the previous bout of sex fades.

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