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A year to remember (part 2)

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as John was tonguing my ass I found myself thrusting my ass upwards to meet his tongue. I had never had my ass eaten but this was great. I felt John get up and then I felt a liquid being poured on my ass. It was a lube so I know what was coming next. John put alot of lube on me and told me to relax. John got on top of me and I could feel the head of his cock against my hole slowly going for its target. John told me to relax which I tried to do but then I looked up and noticed all eyes were on us. I could feel the head of Johns cock slowly working its way inside. It hurt but felt good at the same time. I felt someone stroking my hair telling me to just relax. John took his time working his cock into me and when he would feel me tense up he would stop and back out. I felt like I was begining to get into it when I felt John give a thrust and then I could feel his balls against mine. John told to just relax a minute and told me I had his entire cock in me. Someone was still rubbing my hair which I didnt mind. John then began working his cock in and out I felt my ass begining to get used to the cock thrusting in and out of it. It really began to feel good and I found myself moaning and thrusting my ass upwards to meet his thrusts. John asked me how I liked it and I told him to fuck me. John sped up and began going harder and deeper with his thrusts. I could feel Johns cock going all the way in me. Damn it felt good. John pulled out and told me to roll over which I did. He put my legs up on his shoulders and buried his cock in me again. Only then did I notice Jake watching us. I was embarrased at first but I went back to fucking John. John then suddenly kissed me deeply which surprised me but I returned it without even thinking twice about it. John was fucking me hard and I could tell he was getting more intense and I knew he was getting close. He began to moan and I could feel him tense up and then I felt a wonderful warm flood of cum erupt from his cock. I coud feel four or five shots of his cum in my ass. John then collapsed on me and I could feel his cock twitching in my ass. He pulled out of me and suddenly I was under attack from all sides. Someone told me to roll over and get on my knees which I did. I felt another cock sliding in my ass which I gladly accepted. This one seemed larger and thicker than Johns. I opened my eyes and there was cock being shoved in my face. I opened my mouth and accepted the first taste of cock. I just tried to do what I knew to feel good. I slurped and sucked on this cock like it was my last meal. I knew the cock in my ass now was pounding me hard and deep. I then felt another load being released up inside my ass and this was much much more than John gave me. Before I could wind down I felt the cock in my face being shoved down my throat before releasing a generous amount of cum down my throat. I didnt come close to taking every drop as I could feel it running out of my mouth and down my chin. I could then feel a tongue on my chin licking and caressing my mouth and the cock inside of it. I then collapsed on the bed into a stupor. I could feel cum running from my ass and my mouth and surprisingly it felt good. I fell asleep but awoke later on my back with a very nice cock being inserted into my mouth. I took it and then felt my cock being inhaled. I could feel someone sucking my cock like an expert taking time to work on the head of my cock and the underside of it all the way down to the balls. Being on the bottom of a 69 with a cock in my mouth I couldnt see who it was. I just returned the wonderful blow job I was receiving. Within no time I could feel that I was about to cum and told there person on top of me I was about to cum. He just sucked me deeper and harder until I exploded into his mouth. I could feel him licking every drop of cum from my cock. He rolled off and only then did I realize it was Jake. I was speechless but Jake said he couldnt take watching me get fucked and that made him so fucking hot. Jake then pulled my legs up and got on top of me and kissed me deep. As He was kissing me I felt his cock sliding into my well fucked and lubed ass. Jake then fucked me more passionately than the other two taking his time and making sure that I enjoyed it too. Jake then picked up his pace and I could fel his cock release his cum into my well fucked ass. I then fell asleep again and woke up later thinking all that had been a dream. I woke up and got dressed and Jake and I left to drive home. I was squirming and Jake asked what was wrong. I told him I could feel cum dripping from my ass and it tickeled. Jake laughed and I told him he could never say a word about this to anyone. Jake said he didnt need to because he recorded most of it on his phone. When we got back to Jakes place he downloaded it and we watched me turn into a little cum slut. It got me all horny again and Jake fucked me once more before I took my sore dripping ass home. I still like the women but on nights where than doesnt work out I have a plan B to go to.

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