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A night at the book store turned out to be a fullfilling night.

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I was horny so I went to the x-rated bookstore that has peep shows in the back. I walked in and got my tokens from the big fat guy at the counter. He eyed me and smiled as he gave me my $10 worth of tokens.

I went down the hall and saw 10 booths. 6 were already taken. I picked one in the middle of two occupied booths and went in and locked the door. It took a minute for my eyes to adjust. I found the coin slot and dropped in a token. The screen lit up with 20 different selections. Some couples, some MFM, some FMF, some gay, some bi, one S/M and one TV.

I picked the Bi one because I have always known I was bi and the two guys looked great and the girl was very young and hot. The movie started with them both fucking her. One was in her ass and the other in her cunt. I whipped out my 7”cock and started to jack off.

I heard a sound from next door and looked at the opening at about waist level. I saw an eye looking through the hole. The person was looking at my cock. I turned my body so the person could get a good view. Then a tongue stuck through. What the fuck. I moved over and shoved my cock into the hole. A moist mouth enveloped my cock head. I was getting a great blowjob. Soon he pulled away. Then his cock pushed through the hole. It was very nice. Long and somewhat thin and smoothly shaped. I went to my knees and kissed the head. I licked all around and then took it deep in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down as I sucked his beautiful cock.

As I was sucking I saw the other side also had a hole. A guy was looking through and was making moaning sounds. I knew he was beating off.

Then the guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and it was gone. He didn’t cum so I was shocked he pulled out.

Then the knock came at my door. I put my cock away thinking it was the fat guy from the front. I opened the door and a thin white guy in a business suit walked quickly in. He went to his knees and pulled at my belt and pants. I helped him and soon my jeans were at my ankles. I sat down and he went to work on my cock. God was he a good cocksucker.

Then the door that I forgot to lock opened and in walked a big black guy. He said he was watching from next door and decided to join in the fun.

He wasted no time in removing his jeans and shirt. Now he was naked and looked chiseled. His hard body was that of a construction worker or body builder.

And his cock was long maybe 9” but not real thick. It looked like mine only longer. He was hard as a rock and sticking up at a 45-degree angle. He was cut and fairly dark skinned. I liked what I saw. Pre-cum was formed at the tip. He moved over and presented his tool to my face.

I opened my mouth as he came closer and his manhood went into my open mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head licking off the pre-cum. I then grabbed his shaft with my right hand and pumped his cock as I sucked his cock head. My left had found his nut sack and I massaged his big cum laden balls. I also moved down and rubbed between his balls and asshole.

What a great feeling. Sucking a big cock and having my own cock sucked.

Soon the black guy tensed up. His ass cheeks got rock hard. His balls pulled up and his cock swelled up. I released my hand from his shaft and just sucked and bobbed my head up and down as my lips rubbed over his cock head. I slowed my pace giving him a nice slow BJ.

Then he grunted and his cock shot forth his seed. The first blast shot out so hard hitting the back of my throat that it made me jump. His cock slipped out of my mouth. I reached for it to put it back but before I could he shot two more thick ropes of cum. Both hit my face. One shot hit on my nose and the other on my forehead and hairline. I got it back and sucked hard as he shot over and over filling my mouth with his hot load. I continued to suck him until he softened a bit. He pulled back and his cock popped out of my mouth. I looked at him with my mouth open and full of cum then I closed and swallowed. He said that’s right white boy swallow my black cum.

That sent me over the edge and I unloaded my built up load into the mouth of guy who was sucking me. It felt like a gallon of cum shooting from my brain down my body and out my cock. I shot 8 long ropes of hot man juice into his waiting mouth. He was a trooper and drank it all down. He swallowed several times to keep from missing a drop. When I was finished coming he pulled away but my cock was still hard.

He stood up and said, hey Randy I am going to loosen him up for you. What? Oh wow they know each other. Jim said for me to lean over the bench. I put my knees on the bench and my hands on the counter that was holding the screen. My ass was high in the air at about crouch level. I knew what was next. I was going to get fucked and I couldn’t be happier.

Randy spread my ass cheeks apart with his hands. He spit on my asshole and then Jim rubbed his middle finger around my puckered hole. Then he pushed in and his finger disappeared deep in my rectum. It felt wonderful. He finger fucked my ass for a minute the stuck two fingers in and continued to fuck my not so virgin asshole.

Jim pulled out and lined up his cock at my opening. He opened a small bottle of slippery stuff and lubed his cock. I asked about a rubber but they both just laughed. I felt his cock head at my brown eye then it popped in. He pushed and his cock slid in my ass till his balls were resting on my ass. Randy slapped my ass cheeks with his big hand. He smacked me at least 10 times on each cheek. He was saying take his cock white boy and fuck him good Jim. My ass was stinging from the spanking I was getting and I didn’t even feel any pain from his cock.

My dick was so hard from the fucking I was getting plus from the spanking, which I really love. I was in heaven. Jim was now really into it. He was fucking me real hard. Pulling out till just the tip of his hard thin cock was still in and then he slammed back in to the hilt. His balls were slapping and my balls making me almost cum. Randy started his spanking again. Then also reached around me to grab my cock. He just pulled on it real hard. I thought he was going to pull it off.

Then Jim came. He shot his jism into my ass. It splashed deep in my man cunt. He kept fucking me a grunting as he fucked.

He pulled out and Randy took his place. He was bigger but my hole was open and ready for business. He shoved in my hole in one move as his balls slapped against mine. He fucked me fast and hard for several minutes then dumped his large load in my ass mixing with Jim’s.

Next I got a surprise. Randy pulled out and Jim pushed his face between my ass cheeks and sucked on my wide-open asshole. He sucked the cum from my ass! He licked all around my hole and got every last drop.

I then sat on the bench as both guys went for my cock. They alternated sucking my cock. I was very close and told them so. They both put their lips on the sides of my cock shaft and slid their mouths up and down. I blew my load and it splattered and their mouths, cheeks and noses. They drained my cock and balls of every last drop of cum.

Then we got dressed and walked out together. We went for a bit to eat at a nearby all night restaurant. They said I was their best fuck ever and would I be interested in doing it again. I said of course. They said they have several friends that would love a crack at my mouth and asshole. I asked if their friends had big cocks because I always wanted to see if bigger was better. They said one guy Jake had a ten-inch and thick cock but the rest were average 6 to 8 inches.

We made a date for Saturday night. They said all the guys were bi-sexual and we would suck and fuck each other all night. But the grand finale would be a gang-bang on my ass with Jake the Snake fucking me last with his big snake. I can’t wait!

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