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A needing friend

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A couple that we had played with a few times, recently had had a rough spell. The wife, Karen, hadn't been getting any from her husband due to him working out of town. Now Karen and the wife are good friends in and out of the bedroom and told me that Karen was really going through the batteries in her toys. Karen asked if she might be able to have a threesum with us as she was super horny. Well told me and I agreed so a date was set up.

Karen came over for dinner and we started having some drinks. Karen wanted the light stuff tonight as she wanted to feel everything she said. Just as we were getting ready to go and get into the hot tub, my wife got a call from work. Her coolers had gone down and the gal in charge was freaking out and needed help. Well, I said that we could wait till she got back as it might only be 10-15 minutes, and she told me that Karen needed to be made special, so that I should go on as planned.

Well, I went back and got in the tub, Karen asked me where my wife was. I told her that she had to go into work for a bit, but that you needed some attention. Also that my wife had told me to give it to you, what ever you needed. Karen asked me if that meant that she could suck me dry, I'd let her. I said yes. She then asked me if she wanted me to fuck her, I would. I told her that my wife told me to do whatever you needed tonight as she didn't expect to be gone long.

Karen then go on the side of the hot tub and asked me to lick her pussy. I got between her legs and parted her pussy apart with my fingers and started to lick her like there was no tommorrow. Karen started to moan loudly and grabbed the back of my hair and told me that I'd better do better or I wouldn't be doing what I was told. So I slipped a finger into her pussy and her ass as I continued to lick her pussy. That is when I got the first taste of Karen's orgasm, drenching my mouth. Now she said it's my turn.

She told me to get on the tub side and she started to suck my cock, which was almost hard anyway. Now I should tell you that Karen is a very attractive gal, despite having 2 kids and that I'm an average sized man, with a 6" cock that both Karen and the wife claim is thick. Karen started to suck me like there was no tommorrow. This of course got me to moan and take her hair into my hands. She stopped sucking long enough to tell me to fuck her mouth, but not to cum, YET! So I did just what she told me to do, I took a handful of hair and started to pull her into my cock. That is when she slipped a finger into my ass. I groaned loudly and told her that she'd make me cum, and she put a second finger into me and sucked me harder. I couldn't hold back and blew my load into her mouth, which she took it all. THen she stood up and gave me a kiss, forcing the cum that was in her mouth into mine.

Well as we were getting rather wrinkly in the tub, we got out and dried off. I started to put some clothes on and she said no. I need more, lets go to the bed now. I agreed and thought, that the wife would be home soon. We got into the bed and she wanted to suck me hard again. She asked me to get her pussy wet again as she dried it good with the towel. I laid down and she got on top of me. Taking my cock into her mouth, she lowered her pussy back onto my face. I dove into it good, licking her pussy and then I started to spread her ass checks so I could finger it now. As she was fingering my ass with 2 fingers again. Then she stopped and said that she needed me inside her pussy NOW! I reached for the drawer that had the rubbers in them and she snatched it out of my hand, putting it on me faster than I ever have. She grabbed my cock and aimed it at her pussy as she lowered herself down on to my cock. "OH YES" she cried out as she took it all inside her. Then Karen started to rock back and forth. This gal was fucking my cock good and I thought that I was going to blow. I told her to stop as I didn't want to cum this fast and she told me to doggy fuck her. She got off me and onto the bed on with her ass in the air. I got behind her and started to fuck her slowly. She told me to spank her ass and fuck her harder. Karen is moaning loudly, screaming me to fuck her.

I ask Karen if her husband ever fucked her ass, and she told me sometimes, but not as much as she wanted it. I asked her if she wanted me to cum in her ass if I fucked her ass. Karen looked at me with the eyes of a wild woman. Told me lube her up and get that rubber off me!!! I put lube on her ass and started to work it in with my finger. Karen told me to stop that and lube my cock. She wanted me in her and in her NOW!

I spread her ass checks and started to slowly work it in. Karen is moaning that it hurts but then she leans back into me as I start to push in slower. I'm all the way in her ass, giving her time to adjust, she tells me to cum in her. I start to fuck her slowly. Karen yells at me to fuck her hard! I realize that I'm not going to hold out too much longer, so I start to fuck her hard. Within minutes I'm cumming, filling her ass with my cum.

I pull out of Karen and she cuddles up next to me as the wife finally comes back home. She asked us if she missed anything, and Karen just said...I'm almost ready for ROUND 3! My wife looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders and she started to undress. I told them that I wasn't sure that I could go any more, but Karen asked the wife if I ever have had my ass fucked. Karen knew that the wife had a strap-on cock harness. Karen said that if I couldn't get it up, that she'd fuck me till I got it up.

Wife showed her where the harness was at and helped her get it on.... Karen then said, get it up or this goes in you! I'm horny and I'm going to satisfy my urges.

But that is another story.

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