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A great begining. Anal, group

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My sister Lisa had a mission to set me up with her girlfriends. I went out with three of them in the past, but nothing ever materialized. Lisa asked me what I was looking for in a wimae, and I told her; Nice looking, great personality, and a brain that worked on occassion. She stared at me and asked about sexual habits, and I told her that I preferred a slut, so I wouldn't have to train anyone. Two weeks later as I was doing routine yardwork, Lisa pulls into my drive with a nice looking friend. I was introduced to Kelly. Lisa to my utter amazement told me that Kelly is the biggest slut she knows. Lisa said "She even fucks me and Tony (her husband) at least monthly". I asked Kelly what her limits were, I figured I might as well be bold, sinse my sister was. Kelly said she didn't do scat, or kids, which was fine by me, but anything else was fair game. I asked Kelly if she would be interested in ging out, she said yes, and told me she would be back at eight that evening. I finished up my yardwork, cleaned up, and took a nap. After I woke up, I went to a drugstore and bought a couple of mineral oil enemas, and candles. Kelly showed up about 15 minutes early. I kissed her hi, and asked her if she was hungry. I lit the grill, and threw on a couple of steaks, and asked Kelly to join me in the bathroom. I had her remove her jean skirt, and underwear, which she was not to wear the rest of the night. I had her bend over as I informed her of the enemas. She was alittle suprised, I mean you just meet someone, and they are giving you an enema, though she complied. I stared at her beautiful bubble butt that enclosed an open butthole. i gave her the first enema, then had her sit on the toilet, and instructed her to hold it in as long as possible, then I fed her my cock. Man she gave awsome head. After a few minutes, I told her to release. I wiped her ass, flushed the toliet, and repeated it all over again. Afterwards, we ate and talked. She was very inteligent, and truely a slut. She told me of fucking her way to a job, and keeping the bosses happy, and empty. She told me she gets laid at work quite often, even entertaining clients. One client, who her boss warned her ahead of time to be careful, as he had a warped side, ended up having her fuck a German Sheppard. She said she was scared at first, but it an experience. When I asked her how many men she has had, she looked me in the eyes and said you will be number 206. I had an instant hardon. After dinner, I took her to a gay porno store that a friend told me about, Let me tell you, gays are quite kinky! There were dildos, vitrators of every size. I bought a couple of inflateable dildos, and some lube.

I asked the guy behing the counter if he ever fucked a woman in the ass before, and he replied "I'm gay. If I fucked women, I wouldn't be gay". I asked him what was the difference between fucking a man's ass, and fucking a woman's ass. He said he didn't know because he never fucked a woman in the ass before. I told him I wanted to make a deal. He could bang Kelly's ass, and then knock 50% off the price. He looked at me like I had three heads, and Kelly just stared at me. I said sharpley to her "Don't stand there, get his cock hard, and ket him fuck you". We both walk around the counter, the clerk is saying, "I don't know about this". Kelly pulls out his hard dick, I grab the lube and coat his cock, squirt some in her butt, and I stick his cock in her hole. I then started smacking his ass unitl I was satisfied with the pace. The clerk told me to lock the door, and as I started to lock it, a black couple started walking in. I politely tol them the store is closed for the next 15 minutes, potty break, but they heard Kelly enjoying the clerks' cock. I asked the woman if she liked to eat white pussy, her eyes got big, she smiled, and off she went to eat Kelly's pussy, I aked the man if he would like to fuck her ass when the clerk was done, his pants were unzipped in a New York minute.

Larry, the black guy-I never got the gay guys' name-Put his dick in Kelly's mouth, then the clerk moaned, and came in her ass. Larry went right behing Kelly, and started stuffing his big dick up her now creamed ass. I was eating toya's pussy (I love fucking black women). Larry only lasted a couple of minutes then he dumped his load. We got our toys for half off, to which Larry paid the other half. I inflated the smaller of the two dildos, and put it up Kellys ass. I told her how much I like sloppy butt holes, and I didn't want this opportunity to go to waste. We got back to my house, I poured her some wine, removed the dildo and had her clean it up. She was soooooo fucking hot. She moaned, and thanked me for the evening so far. I at this point had a hardon most of the night, and my dick was aching. I laid Kelly on her stomach, placed pillows under her waist, and just slammed my cock up her ass. I cannot describe the feeling of fucking a sloppy ass. For those of you that have experienced it, you know what I'm talking about. I didn't last long. I came a ton in her ass, grabbed a dixie cup, and caught alot of cum from all three of us. I then asked Kelly if she was thirsty. The sight was simply erotic. Kelly put on a show for me, keeping the cup about an inch away from her mouth as she poured the cum into her mouth. She opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out at me, showing all of the cum, then swallowed it all, displaying her empty mouth. I kissed her passionately, tasting the remnants of the three of us. I then ate her pussy until she begged for me to stop, where I mover south and ate her ass for what seemed an eternity. She could not stop cumming. After a short rest, she thanked me for the evening, saying it was too bad it won't happen again. I asked her why. She told me everyone wants to fuch her once, but who wants to marry me? I replied " You are incredibly sexy. I would treat you like a lady, make love to you like a princess, and fuck you like a whore". She said "Prove it". I laid on top of her, kissing her, and sliding into her very wet, and unusually large pussy. I came again, as did she, kissing each other the entire time. I then gave her a bath, caressing her, and I washed her hair. I carried her back to the bedroom, eating her to who knows how many orgasims.I then took the smaller dildo, placing it back in her ass, and I took the large dildo, pumping it up to a pretty good size, and started fucking her. I told Kelly to fuck her ass, and to increase the size of the dildo as she goes. I did the same to her cunt. I drilled her cunt as hard, and fast as I could. She did a pretty good job on her butt, though everytime she came, she would let go and it would paritally come out. Man, she had that dildo pretty damn thick. I remove the dildo from her pussy when my arms became sore, and I started fucking her exceptionally large hole. I pulled the other dildo out, and finished in her ass. I was done for a while. We fell asleep in eachothers arms, and Kelly woke me up in the middle of the night giving me a blowjob. She rode my cock, though I don't think she felt me, then finished me off by riding my cock in her ass, where I came again. I made Kelly breakfast in the morning, and told her I wanted to see her again. She seemed hesitant, stating "While I enjoyed last night, I cannot be satisfied just fuking one man". I told her she can continue to fuck others, as long as she lets me fuck her sloppy. She said "I'll test you on that one". She has a "date" with a client on Tuesday, she said she will be over after.

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