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A couples orgys

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My wife loves orgies! She loves anal, watersports and pussy. But above all else, she loves cock. She loves it big, and she loves it plentiful. So about once a month, we have a little party. All men plus her. It's not hard finding men for this usually. But if she feels really naughty and wants only porn-size dicks on guys who enjoy watersports... Then it becomes a bit harder to organize.

Our all-time record attendance was seven men (it could easily have been more), myself included. Our all-big-cock best was with four guests, and our "dirty" all-big-cocks only had three. She loves to film it too, and never misses an opportunity to wip out these videos, or at least the mild ones. Our last "all girls and me" party started with the viewing of my wife taking it from all angles. The girls went wild! We filmed that too of course.

Our last two parties have been at the pool, thanks for the gorgeous weather we've been having. We've had a large canopy installed just for that sort of afternoons. Fucking in the hot sun all day is pretty tough on you. My party had four girls plus my wife, hers had five men plus me. The only reason why I ended up with fewer guests is because my wife planned it so that only anal women would attend. She didn't explain this before hand, and so I got utterly confused when it took over an hour for everyone to be "ready" ("thorough" showers were apparently going on behind the scenes). But it certainly explained their reactions to the video close ups of two huge cocks alternatively beating at my wife's backdoor. Applause even erupted at the point where each cock goes in once, then immediately out only to be replaced by the other. Imagine my surprise when each one of them announced they would love to have that done to them. I was overjoyed. And that's when I decided the camera had to come out.

I keep watching the video from that day! I especially like the part where all five asses are sticking straight up, lined up on a lawn chair, so that I can lick them one after the other. I never realized how different assholes can be until I had such a variety in front of me. They don't only look different, they taste different, feel different and are not all as tight, or as easy to deep-fuck.

I especially enjoyed going from a very tight deep one to a somewhat looser shallow one, then back. The shallow one reminded me of my wife's long time friend laura, who had her first anal experience in my expert hands. This hole was even shallower at a mere two inches, just enough to swallow the bulb of my cock head. But it was wide and was a breeze to poke. Of course with a little insistence, and some careful angling of my tool, I was eventually able to fit her flexible rectal tunnel over my entire cock and feel the squeeze of her stretchy anus around the very base of my shaft.

Still, my absolute favorite part of the evening was having one asshole at every extremity. One wrapped tightly around my cock, one on both sides so that both my hands were busy rubbing and fingering, and two in front of me, that I kept alternatively suking and licking, and rubbing my face into the depths of their ass cracks. Then of course, the part where they all take turns sitting on my mouth while I'm laying on my back was also pretty damn good. I only wish it had been filmed closer up. But my wife wanted to also capture my cock getting sucked while I was being served ass for dinner. Unfortunately, You simply can't see my expert tongue work from that far. Oh well, next time maybe.

My wife's party was the following weekend. It sarted with three of the men, who were already familiar with her preferences, making a circle around her and using her as a urinal. I was a bit shocked the first time I saw her in such a position, but since, I've gotten used to it, and now I enjoy seeing the pleasure she gets out of it. She was rubbing her tits under the streams of their pee, then her pussy, then she had two of them finish in her ass crack, while aiming the third one one all over her face with her right hand, the left one buried in the guy's balls. Without even a shower, she started sucking the dick that was right in front of her, while pointing a finger at her asshole for the benefit of the two huge cocks that were now getting hard looking at her crevass.

The guys started slowly touching her anus with their fingers, then rubbed their dicks along her ass crack for a little while, spitting on her hole , and not caring much when their two monsters were touching, sharing the narrrow crack. It wasn't long before one penetrated her butthole. Then they switched and switched, sodomizing her in turns for a good fifteen minutes before she asked them to let her go rinse off.

The poolside shower was nothing but a shower head sticking out from a tiled wall, so they all gathered around her in there, and that's where she really went wild, sucking all of them first, then fucking them, sucking them again and taking their huge cocks in every hole. I watched for a while, filming the whole time. She finished her little "shower scene" with one dick in her pooper, one in her pussy, and three in front of her, sucking on one at all times, while jerking the other two with both hands. When she came, she was getting pounded in both holes, and was rubbing the three standing cocks all over her face, licking them and gobbling their balls and large shafts.

The rest of the evening was littered with such all-player encounters. Everytime I joined in the fun, she used me to fill up her rectum, knowing it to be my favorite. The last cluster of that evening ended with all cocks spitting out their batted almost at the same time all over her body. One cock splurted its jizz oll over her tits, while another sprayed her inner thighs and pussy. I was at her head, with my dick head at her eye level, and pointed towards her chin. When I spilled my cum, it went all over her cheeks, nose, and open mouth. As I was coming, she spread it all over her face. Then the three last guy rolled her onto her stomach. then one of them came all over her back and arms, and the next guy started fucking her anus again to get himself closer to orgasm, while the last of them patiently waited, jerking himself frantically.

She was looking back at the one sodomizing her, and was encouraging him with some name calling and a few mentions of how his cock was buried in her ass. She was now spreading her ass with both hands, and told the guy he should take it out and look at her gaping hole a little, which he did. When he took his dick out, my wife's anal opening was so wide a normal size dick would have fit easily in there without even making contact with the shiny pink rim of her anus. Then the guy put his huge cock head against her wrinkled shitter, and slowly penetrated it, everyone else staring at her growing anal areola, probably jealous the guy was getting the last squeeze.

He only had a few inches of cock in there when he started going back and forth, pulling my wife's stretched anus out with every stroke. The skin of her round opening was sticking to his shaft, and on every pull, it looked like a pink ant hill; A shiny pink volcano growing out of her ass crack, and erupting the guy's cock. When he finally inserted his whole ten inches of cock in there, pounding her like he knew she wanted, he stayed in a bit, giving her anus time to come back out, sliding slowly up his shaft, until it was in contact with his base. Then he pulled out all at once. Her anal volcano had know fully erupted, throwing his cock out, the inner folds of her rectum visible, pressed closed and almost protruding from her wide open anus. That's when his first huge squirt, which probably had started as he was exiting her, splattered all over the protruding gaping rosebud. Another three spats hit her all over the rim of her now misshapen asshole, covering the anal areola, and slowly dripping down toward her pussy.

The last guy came right as the last of it was lazily falling of the other cock. His sperm was not all that fast, but there was a lot of it. And as it was gushing out of his cock, it fell accross my wife's ass, in horizontal lines that went from her left to her right cheek, the bulk of it of course aimed at her still open and quivering shithole. She then proceeded to spread the jizz all over, pushing her veiny anus out as much as possible, inserting fingers in the puffy center, then rubbing her whole crack with the two-cum cocktail she had just been given.

The rest of the evening consisted mostly of DPs and one on ones, as the guys took different amounts of time to regain their strength and two of them had left after the cumfest. It all ended with her making the last two guys rub their cock all over her oiled tits, one on each side. She kept putting her arms down over their cocks, essentially making them fuck her armpits. Then she had them come on her tits, one on each side.

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