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A Typical Day Off

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Typical of a day off, you sleep till after 9:00 and lazily lay in bed playing with your boner thinking of how nice it would be to slide it into some nice wet pussy, but then of course, you are without a girlfriend at the moment , so that’s not going to happen. You roll out of bed and head for the shower, stopping to check yourself out in the mirror. “That’s a nice fat cock you have there, Mister”, you whisper as you watch the image in the mirror rubbing and flexing his manhood at you. You have to admit. it is a nice sight and you should be proud of the way you look, completely naked , sporting that hard morning woodie. You watch as the the guy in the mirror runs his hands over his chest and playfully pinches his nipples, making them equally as stiff. He half turns and rubs a hand across a smooth slender butt cheek. “Nice ass, man!” you whisper to the guy. Shaking the encounter from your head, you continue towards the bathroom and open the shower valve to full hot, brushing your teeth and shaving as it begins to steam. It’s a stubborn wood you have this morning as you lather the bar of soap in your hands and instinctively reach for your hard cock, sliding one warm soapy hand up and down the shaft, while the other slips down and around your sack massaging your balls. Mmmmmm…. “Damn that feels good!” you whisper to no one but yourself. You finish soaping up and rinse off and shampoo your hair. Squirting a big glob of conditioner into the palm of your hand, you massage it into your scalp, then let your slippery hand slide back down to your cock. After squirting another glob of conditioner into your hand, you smear it all over your cock and balls and stand there massaging yourself and feeling really nice. One hand slides around to your ass, then between your cheeks as you tease your butthole with a slick finger, easing it just inside an inch or so, then gently fingering yourself in and out to the rhythm of your cock- stroking hand. You're about to bust a load, when you decide that just maybe there is a chance you could hook-up this morning and not watch your cum wash unsatisfyingly down the drain as it has on too many other days. So you towel off, slip some sweats over your naked body and head for your laptop.

Your eyes begin to scan the personal ads, when you see one titled “Fresh from the Shower”. It is listed as M4M, but the coincidence is too much not to check it out. It reads like the story of your morning, finishing up with the guy saying that he absolutely refuses to waste his cum yet another morning and although he is straight, there must be a better way when there are no chicks to be had. You answer the ad telling the author that his experience was almost exactly as yours had been and chuckling over the coincidence. Just to prove the point, you attach a picture of yourself, naked from the shoulders down and as erect as was that guy in the mirror this morning. As you continue to scan the ads, your mailbox sounds. It’s from the guy in the ad and he has sent you a picture as well. Feeling a little excited, you open the jpg file and find yourself staring at a very good looking and a very naked specimen of a tall slender guy with a nice long hard cock. The second pic is an over the shoulder shot of his lean muscular back, tapered waist and perfectly shaped ass. Your heart pounds with excitement at the thought that you are in fact very attracted to this guy… the first time THAT’s ever happened.

Your reply goes out, hesitantly asking “Dave” if maybe he’d like to grab a sandwich or a beer. You receive his address by return email and realizing he is quite close by, you reply that you’re on your way and head out the door, adrenalin pumping and horny as hell from looking at the pics of his hard sexy body. The door opens to your soft knock and the image from the pics is standing just inside wearing nothing but a towel. Your heart is thumping wildly as you step inside and glance down at the bulge in the towel. He grins, puts an arm around your shoulder as a greeting and standing chest-to-chest, you feel his hand on the front of your sweatpants. You also feel your cock responding to the attention it is getting from his fondling.

“There are no need for words” he whispers hotly into your ear, “let’s just move over to the couch.” He leads you to the couch and slides your sweats down, dropping to his knees as he does so, exposing your hard dick. You look down just as he opens his mouth and watch and feel as the incredible sensation of warmth and suction envelops your shaft. You watch intently as he slides his lips up and down on your cock. His tongue is swirling wildly around your cock head, bringing you the most intense oral pleasure you have ever experienced. You watch the thick shaft of your dick, glistening with his spit, as he withdraws and then plunges back downward. You can feel the muscles of his throat twitch as you place your hands on his head and push slowly all the way into his mouth. He grunts, suppressing the urge to gag and you wonder why it took you so long to experience oral sex from a man before. Dave’s towel had been discarded at some point in the process and you glance down to see him stroking his beautiful cock as he is busy swallowing yours. Taking your now-twitching dick in one hand, he nibbles and sucks his way up and down the side of the shaft, as you imagine squirting a huge load of cum into his handsome face.

You feel the softness of his lips and tongue as he begins sucking at the skin of your sack and licking alongside your balls. He urges you backward to sit on the couch as he lifts your cock and begins to lick and noisily slurp all over your balls. You watch as he sucks first one, then the other gently into his mouth and feel the tip of his tongue moving your balls in the sack. You realize that this is pure pleasure and by far the best blow job you have ever had. No chick has ever sucked your cock like Dave is doing. So you lay back and let him lift your legs as his tongue begins a slow swirling journey southward down the back of your sack. You can only imagine the sensation of what it would feel like if he actually licked all the way down to your ass. Hooking one knee in the crook of your arm, you pull your leg open and back and push gently down on the top of Dave’s head, hoping he’ll lick you down there. He looks up at you with lips glistening in a little grin and asks , “You want me to lick your ass?” “Yeah” is all I can manage to whisper. Dave guides me into a position where I’m kneeling on the sofa cushions with my elbows resting on the back of the couch. I feel his hands on my butt, spreading my cheeks and feel him blow his hot breath on my hole. He begins by lapping slowly at the back of my sack, all the while trailing his tongue upward. When he finally zeroes in on my hole, he flicks his tongue against it lightly. I arch my back and let out a loud moan as he then drills hard nto my ass with the tip of his tongue. I can actually feel it go inside as I try to relax my hole wanting only more. Face buried into the couch back, I push back against his face as wave after wave of pleasure course through me, all caused by the incredible sensations his tongue and lips are creating in my most sensitive ass.

I am very close to cumming as I feel his tongue being replaced by a finger. I instinctively know that I am being lubed, but I am so horny and so submissive to him at this point, that I can only moan another “Yeeaaahhhhh”. I wonder if it is going to hurt as I feel the soft head of his rigid cock wiggle against the opening of my ass. I push against him and surprisingly feel him back away from me… so that only the head of his dick is rubbing against my hole, but not entering. I try pushing gently back against his cock again, and the same thing happens. “Please put it in me” I whisper as I feel him lean into me, slowly increasing the pressure on my back door. I relax as much as possible just as the head plops inside of me and I feel a jolt of intense pain. I try to pull away, but Dave has my hips in a vise-like grip. “Just hold still, take a few deep breaths and relax” he urges. I do as he says and after awhile his dick slips slowly deeper and deeper inside of my ass as he leans progressively harder against me. The pain is all but gone, as I arch my back and push back against his hard cock, wondering if it was really that much longer than it looked. Finally, when I could finally feel his tummy against my butt cheeks he stopped and just flexed his cock deep inside of me. The feeling was incredible. He then slowly withdrew, added some more lube and re-entered me… this time with a lot less pain. Again he withdrew, added lube and re-entered me. I am not sure how many times he repeated this process, but each time he withdrew, I wanted only to feel his dick back inside of my hole. “Please fuck me, Dave” I begged. I thought he was going to continue to fill me with lube as I felt him slowly withdrawing again, but then he suddenly shoved his hard meat deep back inside of me in a single thrust. It almost took my breath away as Dave began a long-stroke fucking of my virgin asshole, forcing me against the backrest with each powerful thrust. He gripped my hips with his strong hands and literally began jerking himself off with my body, pushing me forward, and then jerking me back onto his cock. I was delirious as I started grunting, moaning and (I think) even yelling at being taken in the ass so thoroughly by this guy I had never even met before. And yet even with the incredible sensations of lust and pleasure I was experiencing, I could still detect that familiar tingling in my balls as I knew I was going to bust a huge nut. He must have somehow known it too, because he suddenly pulled out of me, rolled me over and swallowed my cock as I shot load after load of cum into his hungry sucking mouth. When I had spent my load completely and went limp, he crawled over my face and began furiously beating off that beautiful shiny hard dick. I opened my mouth as wide as I could just as he began pumping his wad. First a shot or two, then ribbons and streams of hot white sperm flew from his dick onto my face and into my open mouth.

He milked his cock over my mouth dribbling the last of his cum onto my tongue as I kissed the remaining jism from his pee hole. I could not resist the urge to suck his gorgeous cock as I grabbed it and pulled it down into my mouth. Even though it looked clean, the taste of my own ass on his dick was a little musty. But considering the pleasure he had given me, the least I could do was clean him up with a nice tongue bath. Besides, I wasn't going to be done until I had at least tasted my first cock. Later, we did wind up having lunch together and have since become very good (but still very closeted) friends. We have since shared a girl or two between us, but when there are no chicks around to be had, we don’t lack for sexual pleasure. That’s for sure!

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