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A Treat At The Beach

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A Treat At The Beach by Cknthisout

My wife was out of town visiting a friend so I thought I would head down to the beach for the weekend to check out the view. I was able to get a room at our regular beachside hotel and headed off for the weekend. I arrived and got checked in. After changing into my swimsuit I headed back downstairs to see what was going on. There were plenty of girls in bikinis wandering around and I was forced to pick a chair in the sun. Since it was so hot outside I decided instead to hang out at the poolside bar that also overlooks the beach. There were a few others in the bar mostly young couple in their early to mid twenties. While I enjoyed the view I didn't think that there was any chance of me actually scoring with one of those nubile young babes.

Now before you "Swinger Purist" start hollering foul for me looking at playing alone I must say that the wife and I have a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. Although neither of us has admitted it to the other we both know that these trips out of town for her are our play time.I mean that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what she's been doing shen she comes home sore and bowlegged after a weekend at her friends. I always ask her if she had a good time, which I can tell that she did, and she tells me that she had fun or enjoyed herself but she never wants to discuss what actually happened. And although I've tried to talk to her about my experiences she says that she only wants to know that I had a good time as that is my time for myself and my fun.

So as I was scanning the room, pool and beach I noticed a young lady that kept glancing over at me and talking with the young lady beside her. She kept glancing my way and then talking to her friend who would peek up over the book she was reading to see what she was talking about. This went on for about 20 minutes and I can't help but say that I was enjoying the looks from two extremely attractive women. But I figured that they were too young for me and would only be eye candy. Was I ever so wrong. Several minutes had gone by and they had stopped looking so I turned around to check out the view on the beach and was watching the girls playing volleyball when I heard this sweet voice asking me if she could join me for a drink. I turned around to find that bikini clad maven standing right beside of me. She had sandy brown hair that was tied up in a pony tail that shw swished around nervously. I said sure and motioned for her to sit down. My eyes delighted at the tan skin surrounding her yellow string bikini. Her bottoms were almost non existant and I could see from where I sat that she was well trimmed or shaven. Her perky brest were barely contained inside of the bikini top and I could see that her nipples were poking out making little eraser size points in her top. She looked delicious but figured that I probably reminded her of someone and that she wanted to see if I was him.

I ordered another drink for me and got her a Corona and once the waitress left the table she asked me if I was here with anyone. I told her no that my wife was visiting friends and that I come to the beach to relax and enjoy myself when she is out of town. She smiled and glanced back in the direction of her friend who was busy reading her book. She told me her name was Lisa and that she was 24 years old just having graduated from college. I told her that I was 48 and that it was nice of her to sit and talk with me for a few minutes. She paused for a moment and then said that she wanted to do more than talk. She said that she thought older men were sexy and that I was the best looking that she had seen the entire week she had been. She said that she had not had sex in a long time and desperately wanted to find a "Real Man" to show her what making love was really like. I thought she was setting me up for something and immediately grew suspicious. There had been several folks that had gotten into trouble this same way and I wanted to avoid all of that. When I hesitated she reassured me that this was just a last night get laid idea and that she was heading back home the next day.She apologized thinking that she had offended me and I told her that it was okay that I was just surprised that she would want someone as old as me. She said that I looked like a nice guy and that she thought that I could show her a thing or two.

I guess that my little head that was quickly growing was only thinking about how sweet and delicious it would be to be with this beautiful young woman that I dropped my suspicion and told her that I would be more than happy to have sex with her. I couldn't believe that this was happening. Here I was twice her age with a slight pot belly and this sexy young thing that could have any man around wanted me. I was totally stoked. She kissed me on the cheek and gave me her room number and told me to meet her there in ten minutes. I quickly drained my glass and settled up with the bartender before heading up to her room on the 7th floor.

As I stepped off the elevator I noticed that the door to her room was slightly open. I gave a quick knock and heard come on in from inside the room. As I went in she told me to close and lock the door, which I did. As I walked around the corner there she was stretched out across the bed. She had taken down her hair and it was flowing down across her shoulders. She still had on her bikini and I stared in amazement at my good fortune. She offered me a drink and when she handed it to me she pressed the cold glass against my chest as she leaned in and kissed me. Her lips tasted so sweet. I kissed her back and was greeted with her tongue searching for mine. I took the drink from her and set it down then reached up and placed my hands on either side of her face gently caressing her smooth sliky skin. I opened my mouth and began to kiss her passionately. Although she seemed to have little expreience kissing she was a quick learner and I was enjoying every minute our lips were together.

I felt her move in my arms and press against me. I was sure that she could feel the rising probe of my manhood. I tilted her head slightly and began to kiss and nibble on her neck. I rubbed my hand down her back letting my finger slip slightly into her bottoms. Her ass was firm and fit nicely into my hand. I gave it a little squeeze and pulled her close. We kissed some more and then she pushed away. I thought that it was all over that she was just a tease. She pulled the strings on her top, releasing her tits and let her top fall to the floor. It had been a long time since I had seen breast so yound and firm. My mouth and hands immediately went to them and with a slight push I laid her back onto the bed. This was truely a drean cum true. I began to lick and suck her nipples and kiss every inch of her beautiful B cups. Her nipples were dark and the skin around them was drawn up tight causing them to point straight out at me. I wrapped my lips around them and began to play with them with my tongue. I could tell that she was enjoying my attention because she had arched her back and was softly moaning. I rubbed my hand down across her stomach and across her bikini bottom. I could feel the heat and moisture coming from between her legs. I slid one finger underneath her bikini and rubbed it acroaa het clit. She gave a little shudder and coated my finger with her sticky sweet fluid. I removed my hand and held it up to my nose and took a deep breath. Such a delicious smell. I stuck my tongue out and tasted the juiciness on my finger. I popped it completely into my mouth sucking off every last drop.

I looked into her face and saw her smile. I noticed that she had pulled the strings of her bottoms loose and I could easily remove them. Not wanting to ruch I gently caressed her stomach teasing the top of her mound with every pass. I kissed her again tasting those sweet lips and letting her know how much I appreciated what she was giving me. She responded by removing her bottoms and told me to eat her. How could I resist such a beautiful young lady's request? I moved around and planted my face squarely between her legs. I breather in the aroma of her sex and then took my tongue and began to lick her. I licked around her labia and then parted the lips with a long swipe of the tongue straight up the crack. She moaned "Yes" and I began to lick her clit. She lifted her legs to give me better access and presented me with a most beautiful pussy. I dived in like a starving man at a free buffet and began to enjoy this wonderfully tasty treat. It was sweeter than any that I had had in a long time and I was enjoying myself so much that it seemed like only a minute before I felt her tense up. I concentrated my efforts onto her clit and when she let out a gasp and scream she clenched up in the middle and flooded my face with her delicious nectar. Not wanting to waste a drop I continued licking sticking my tongue deep inside her love tunnel scooping up every gush of this heavenly fluid. This caused her to have a second orgasm and wave after wave fo spasms racked her body. I finished cleaning her up and had just sat up when I heard this voice behind me asking me if I could do the same thing for her.

I turned around and saw that the voice from behind had the face of the woman that had been sitting beside Lisa at the pool. Up close I could see that she was a few years older than Lisa and bore a striking resemblence. I thought that this must be her older sister. She too had a killer body but you could tell that she had more experience than her sister. I introduced myself and she told me that her name was Liz and that she was Lisa's mother. I was stunned. I'm sure the look on my face said it all because she said that she was the one that had suggested me to her daughter. She told me that the boys Lisa had dated weren't very good in bed and that shee needed to learn from someone that knew what they were doing. She said that she had watched the entire episode and knew that she had made the right choice. At that point she took off her bikini and offered herself to me. While not quite as firm as Lisa, Liz had certainly kept herself in great shape. Her breast were still fairly firm and pert. And where Lisa was shaved Liz kept a well trimmed little bush. She was just a beautiful as her daughter and I took her hand and pulled her down on the bed. Liz was more of a take charge kind of woman and began to kiss me. As our lips met her mouth opened and our tongues met and intertwined in a dance of passion. She was an excellent kisser and aroused me even more although I didn't think it was possible. She pulled my shirt off over my head and began to suck on my nipples and running her hands dwon into my pants wrapping her fingers around my well engorged member. She pushed me onto my back and pulled off my shorts freeing my cock from it's confinement.

As she stroked my dick with her hand, she turned around and positioned her pussy directly over my face. She selled a little muskier than her daughter but the smell was intoxicating and daughting. As she lowered her cunt onto my face she lowered he mouth onto my cock. I stuck my tongue into her gaping hole licking as far inside of her as I could go. She wiggled in delight and I began to show her what I had already showed her daughter. While I was eating her pussy she was showing me how talented he was on my cock. She placed her lips on it's head and slowly pressed down taking in inch after inch until she had her lips buried down to my pelvis. She began pumping my shaft with ehr mouth and hands expertly giving me one of the best blowjobs I had ever received.

Suddenly I felt another tongue on my balls and hands lifting my legs high up into the air. The hair across my legs told me that Lisa had decided to join in and that the two of them were going to pleasure me as I had never been given before. Liz and Lisa took turns licking and sucking my dick with Liz pinching it slightly at the base everytime I was near cumming. It was hard to concentrate on eating Liz's pussy but somehow I managed to continue to the point that she squeezed my head between her legs and pumped my face as a gush of sweet liquid flowed from between her legs. I continued to lick and suck her clit nearly drowning as each gush of fluid poured out of her.

Even though both women had already cum it was easy to see that they were still not satisfied. They intensified their efforts on my raging hard cock. One of them started sucking my balls which is a massive turn on and then without any warning I felt a warm wet finger begin to probe my backdoor. While I am not one to normally allow this type of play the both of them together had me so worked up that I was willing to go along with just about anything. I felt my legs being lifted up and spread apart. I'm sure it was so that they could have better access. And with Liz still on top of me the only thing I could see was her juicy wet pussy. As I began to devour her once again, I felt a tongue tracing my anal opening giving me a rim job. Sensing that this was something that the two of them enjoyed I recriprocated by giving Liz one too. After some more licking and sucking I felt another probe against my ass. I figured "What the hell" and relaxed my opening to allow her finger to penetrate me. I could feel her finger get past the ring of muscles and with a bit more relaxation she began to slowly pump my ass. She pulled out several times and I felt the cool slickness of lube being applied to help her penetrate me. I was beginning to really get into it fucking Liz in the mouth while having my ass finger fucked when she pulled out and something larger than her finger was inserted into my ass. I figured it was a dildo that she had and started fucking it with the same vigor that I had her finger. I tensed up and wrapped my arms around Liz as I erupted into her waiting mouth. As she was drinking down each spurt I felt her mouth being replaced by another. All the while my ass was being fucked and once I had finished squirting the pleasure I was receiving kept me hard.

Suddenly I realized that this was no dildo inside of me. I was being fucked by another man and was thourghly enjoying it. I began to fuck that cock in my ass like a whore. I was grinding and pumping for all I was worth. Finally I felt it get stiffer and expand and then a rush of warm sticky cum filled my ass as this man I had yet to meet exploded deep inside of me. This feeling was enough to send me over the edge once again and I began blasting my cum straight up into the air.

Liz climbed off of me and I saw the young man that had just fucked me in the ass. Lisa was standing beside of him and introduced me to her boyfriend. She said that she hoped that I din't mind the deception but that this had been a fantasy of theirs for a while. I told her that when I realized what was happening that at first I was surprised but that it felt so good that I was gald to go along with the ride. She thanked me and told me that there were several other fantasies that they wanted to live out before the night was over. I told her that I would be happy to help.

A treat at the beach by Cknthisout Please let me know if you like this story.

A treat at the beach pt 2 coming soon

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