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A Cold Night Out

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The night wind was blowing a driving bitterly cold rain from the north and had a chill that would cut through you like a knife. Your car had stalled at the bottom of the hill and instead of calling me to come get you, you decided to walk the rest of the way. As you stood in the doorway I could tell you were chilled to the bone and would give anything to be warm. You removed your coat and scarf, placed them in the closet by the front door and moved toward the fireplace where a large fire was crackling away. As you warmed your hands in front of the fire I came from behind and put my arms around you and held you close to me, allowing my body heat to warm and comfort you. Your hands grasped my arms and held me tight as you tried to get even closer. After a moment you turned inside my arms, nuzzled your head under my chin and leaned even closer into me. It seemed as if you wanted me to totally surround you with my body, protecting you from the cold. I noticed that your clothes were damp from the rain and after a moment I suggested you might be more comfortable if you changed into something dry. You said that seemed like a good idea and went into the bedroom to change.

When you returned you were wearing my white terrycloth robe. It looked big on you as you held it close trying to keep your body heat inside. As I sat by the fire listening to Puccini?s La Boheme, I watched as you walked across the room with a fluid motion, the robe gliding across the floor, hiding your feet. It seemed for a moment that you were floating. I suddenly realized just how beautiful you were and how much I enjoyed watching you. I had made some coffee and had a cup waiting to help warm you. You thanked me as you took a sip of the hot liquid, closed your eyes, took a deep breath inhaling the rich dark aroma of the freshly ground beans. I watched and wondered where your mind was at that moment--somewhere warm and sunny I imagined. You sat on the floor in front of me and asked that I massage your shoulders, handing me a bottle of lotion from the pocket of the robe. You thought it would help soothe the muscles in your neck and back that had become sore and stiff as a result of your trek in the cold rain.

I placed a small amount of lotion in my hand to warm it while you positioned yourself, sitting with your back to me between my legs. As you loosened the robe exposing your soft white shoulders, I realized that you were not wearing anything under the soft terrycloth. My heart started to beat a little faster at the thought of my hands caressing your soft silken skin. As I began to massage your shoulders with the hand-warmed lotion, you reached up and pulled your hair to the side, giving me full access to your neck and shoulders. My hands began to work the tired muscles, starting at the base of your skull, moving down your neck, forcefully coaxing the muscles to relax. My thumbs followed each side of your spine, gently pressing each vertebrae back into its place, giving you instant relief from the tension that had built up over the past several hours of a hectic day. I moved down your neck and out to your shoulders, pushing the robe further down your arms, working the tense muscles. The warm lotion was doing what it was designed to do--relaxing and relieving the tension stored there.

You leaned back against my chair as my hands moved across your chest under your chin, moving in a downward motion between your breasts, spreading the warm lotion over them. I felt your nipples harden as my hands included them in the routine?back to your shoulders and inward toward the middle of your chest?down between your breasts?pulling them gently apart?cupping one in each hand?teasing each nipple with a thumb and finger?squeezing each one just enough to send warm waves surging through your body. Your head fell back as I fondled your breasts, your eyes closed and a look of perfect contentment on your face. I applied more lotion to my hands and leaned slightly forward as I continued to work my way down your body, starting above your breasts, moving down between them across your abdomen to just below your navel and back again. I continued this routine several times until the lotion had been absorbed by your skin.

As I applied more lotion to my hands, you knelt and removed the robe, spreading it out before you, lying face down in front of the fire. My eyes gazed at your perfect body, your satin smooth skin, the way your back tapers at your waist and then flares out into absolutely perfect hips. Your thighs are perfectly proportioned for your body and lead to perfect calves, ending in soft, shapely feet. I had almost forgotten how beautiful you were. Seeing you lying there naked on the floor made my desire for you almost unbearable; my already hard cock began to strain against my underwear, creating a rather large bulge in my pants. I moved to your head, knelt and began massaging your back from the shoulders down to the small of your waist. You sensed my passion and reached up and began to caress the bulge in my pants. You looked up at me and smiled, suggesting that I take my clothes off and really give you a massage.

I watched you?as you watched me?remove my clothes, the smile on your face telling me that your desire for me was as strong as mine for you. I applied lotion to your back as I straddled your hips and began to slowly massage your shoulders, my thighs caressing and massaging your hips. My hands moved to the small of your back, spreading the lubricating lotion over your body. I began to use a rocking motion to help work the tension from the muscles, and as I did, my hard cock rubbed against the small of your back. Your breath slowed and began to deepen? in unison with my movements. I slid back below your butt and applied more lotion to the round luscious mounds. Working each check in a circular motion, spreading the lotion across the soft skin, my thumbs teased the tight ring of your anus, pressing gently against the muscle. I could feel you tighten with anticipation. The head of my cock, resting just above the opening of your wet pussy, was throbbing? almost searching on its own?trying to find the warm wet place that it knows so well. My hand directed it down through your lips, spreading them just enough to allow it to collect some of your moisture. It pressed against your clit, sending warm waves of passion through you; I could feel them in your ass as my thumbs continued to massage the tight ring. My cock came back up, teasing you along the way, forcing your labia a little further apart, pausing for just a moment against the opening of your very wet pussy. I pulled back, not letting it go in, and moved it up toward your ass and across the sensitive area that separates your pussy from your ass. Sliding between your cheeks it pressed against the sensitive muscle. I felt you relax as your hips moved to meet the swollen head. I moved it back and forth, coating the opening with a combination of lotion and the sweet moisture from your pussy. The sensation of my cock teasing your ass sent waves of passion through me; I tried to imagine what it was doing to you. As I pushed a little harder, your ass began to open and let me in, first the tip as it separated the opening, then the head disappeared inside you, your back arching with the sensation of my cock filling you. You let out a slight moan as you gasped a deep breath; I paused just for a moment to let you get used to the feeling. Then slowly?and with a deliberate motion?I pushed a little deeper again, pausing as the head passed through the tight ring and into the cavity. You had been on your hands and knees but now you dropped to your elbows, pushing back against me with a slow rocking motion. I could feel your hips begin to move in a small circle as you worked my hard cock deep inside you. Your ass tightened, squeezing my cock, so tight I could feel the blood being forced into the head and held there, making it throb as it pounded deep inside you. The motion of your body began to quicken, moving up and down my hard shaft. My hands held tightly to your hips, pulling you back to me with each thrust, driving me all the way in. Faster you went, pounding against me! It?s all I could do to hang on; you had taken control and you rode my cock as hard as you could. You had become almost uncontrollable as your orgasm began to build deep inside you. I felt the rhythm of my heart pounding in my head as I reached my climax. We both exploded at the same time, your ass tightening, my cock shooting hot cum deep inside you, and I hold you close to me, pressing my body against yours. The spasms of my orgasm continued, each one pumping more of me into you.

As we both relaxed, we lay on our sides in front of the fire, holding you close in the spoon of my body?my hands gently caressed your breasts as we drifted off into a light sleep?

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