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Preacher's Wife's Friday Night Conquest

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We all are now familiar with Becky, the preacher's sinful wife. Since meeting up with Randy and Dale, she has an insatiable desire for sex, all the while keeping it unknown to her husband or the church congregation.

She even seduced her own brother's girl friend to whom he is engaged.

Her husband was gone to a conference this Friday night.She is so proud of her husband and his accomplishments as pastor, but she felt very neglected by him in the bedroom, that is what first caused her to stray, and at times, she really did feel guilty.

Becky, along with two other ladies, had volunteered to take five girls home for an overnight stay. The girls were members of a band who came through town each year for a performance and the next day would leave to head for their next tour stop.

She had a six bedroom house, so room was no issue, two showers, one bath, and two living areas, so it would be very easy to host the girls and for once, the desire to stray might actually leave her mind for a weekend.

Becky ended up with only three girls, the other two had driven ahead to help set up in the next town. She didn't realize until they arrived they were all 18 to 23 years of age. All were from the Center,Texas area.

"Center, that's where they found that warden's wife from Oklahoma," she mentioned to one of the girls. "That inmate supposedly kidnapped her and held her against her will, after nearly 11 years, they found her, and him, on a chicken farm," she shared with Sherri, one of the girls she was hosting.

"Yeah, only time I remember being on the national news," Sherri laughed. "I doubt if she stayed against her will, but that 's just my opinion," she added.

Becky grilled steaks on the grill on the patio, just the way the girls requested, and baked some potato's and made a salad. "You girls are way too easy to please," Becky commented, smiling.

"Well, a beer would be nice," Myrna, one of the girls commented, laughing.

Becky suprised them, getting a six pack of beer from a refrigerator downstairs,where her husband had never ventured, or she knew if he saw she would be in trouble, she had bought this one and two others just days before when Glenda was there.

The four ladies ate, and drank the beer, then drank more beer and sat in the living room talking.

It was an unusually hot day, so Becky had changed into a thin tank top,no bra, a pair of light blue shorts,no panties and since inside was bare foot. Myrna, the 23 year old, about 5-8, long,long, brownish to red hair to her waist when it wasn't tied, commented on the beauty of Becky's feet.

Myrna also was bare foot, having showered and putting on a long night shirt, and just for safety, a blue pair of panties, almost the color of Becky's shorts.

Sherri had showered, and dried her long, what the people in Oklahoma called, dirty blonde hair, that went just below her shoulders. She was about 5-6, athletic, a tennis player, and very tan. She had put on a gorgeous lavender nightie, nothing underneath, Becky noticed, thin spaghetti straps, low cut,revealing a nice,no not nice, a very,very nice set of at least 34 or 35 b cups, Becky figured.

Lisa, another girl, the 21 year old who drank more than the others, was about 5-2, ample tits, tan, long black hair just about to where her bra would go across her back. Having showered, she was also in a nightie, light blue, not as low cut as Sherri's, bare foot, and a little shorter than Sherri's, about 3 inches above her knees.

Bobbi, the third girl, the youngest, 18 and a half years old, was a fiery red head, hair down to her shoulders, lusty eyes, showered, smelling good like a peach, in a short night shirt, and suprisingly, no panties.

"Yeah, Bobbi and the warden's wife have the same name. I wonder if she likes old men too," Sherri teased.

"Shut up, you just want to know what went on behind those closed doors, you little ho," Bobbi laughed.

All four were laughing now, they had drank enough beer that all were loosening up.

Lisa asked,"you think they really went over 10 years with no sex?"

Becky answered first, "No, I doubt if until he had a heart attack, that they went ten days with no sex," she laughed.

"Yeah, if I go three days without sex I am a bitch," Myrna said, "and by the way, it's been five days now,so look out," she added, laughing.

Lisa laughed, harder than the others and said "you gals. I had sex last night! Remember that 18 year old hunk who delivered the pizza? He came back around 11 last night, our host was asleep, I let him in," she winked.

"Great, I have to stay up and watch all the doors," Becky teased, laughing and winking. "Of course,if you share, something could be arranged," she added, not beleving she actually said it.

"Geeeeeeez, threesomes, foursomes, nothing new to us," Sherri said. "Not much we haven't done. Hell, we even seduced our host once," she laughed.

"Hell, I have to watch the doors and look out for three horny girls seducing me, what have I gotten into?," Becky inquired, laughing.

The girls decided to play some dominoes, and kind of changed the rules a bit. Each got to draw seven, that was the same.

If one had to pass, they had to remove and article of clothing. At the end of each hand, the one who scored the least points had to remove an aritcle of clothing.

Realizing,none of them had on many clothes, the other rule was, at the end of the hand, if all are naked, the one who is furtherst ahead, gets to pick what the one with the fewest points through out the game, has to do with another girl!

"Wow! That's tough!," Becky laughed.

The first hand Becky scored the fewest points, so she took off her top, revealing her magnificent tits, that so many men recently had sucked upon.

As the game continued, each had removed all their clothes after around five hands.

Sherri was in the lead, and Becky trailed, so it was Sherri's call to give out the first instruction to Becky.

"Ok, we'll start off slow. Kiss Myrna on the lips," was what Sherri ordered.

Hell, Becky had been eye balling her since she first got naked and put her arms on her shoulders and kissed her passionately, not knowing how Myrna would respond, but was very pleasant to find how Myran returned the kiss, even more passionately, and even found a way to run her hands across Becky's tits, much to her delight, sending a sensational chill, straight to her wet pussy.

Soon, Becky who tried not to score many points, had licked each ones pussy, and sucked every tit in the house.

Sherri won the game and said, "hell, we are all naked, we might as well have a female orgy," she laughed, really feeling the effects of the alcohol.

Myrna and Lisa, had gotten Becky to her feet and tied her hands and ankles to the dining room table, and gotten a huge dildo from Myrna's purse and with some KY jelly put into the preacher's wife ass, fucked her ass with "big boy," as Myrna called the dildo, laughing.

Then Lisa lay across the table and Becky munched,licked, and devoured her pussy.

Becky was untied and the four girls had sex, although dead tired, in every room in the house, in the shower, the hot tub, the utility room, and all were in each other's arms when the door bell rang.

Becky through on her shirt and shorts and answered the door, it was only Glenda, her future sister in law, she laughed, kissed her and said, "come on in, welcome to our orgy."

The all female orgy continued well into Saturday morning with the five ladies laying all on Becky's bed, tired,soaked, and ready for one more round before leaving for the next town.

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