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Sister & Brother In Law Part 1

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This is Pt.1 of a true story...

Mike and I were sitting out on the back patio on Friday night after dinner relaxing and having a drink. My name is Pete and I'm married to Anne and Mike is married to Anne's sister Cathy. We are both decent looking guys in our thirties with good jobs and we each have a couple kids the same ages. Mike and Cathy and the kids have come to visit for the long Memorial Day weekend here in Fort Lauderdale from Palm Beach. Mike is telling me that he is really tired and that he is looking forward to a good night's sleep.

"It's only an hour and a half drive, why are you so tired?" I ask him.

"It's not the drive, it's that I can't get a decent nights sleep any more." he replies.

"Why not?" I ask.

He hesitates then tells me, "It's Cathy, she wakes me up almost every night for sex. I feel her stroking me and I wake up and I know what she wants. Afterwards she falls asleep but I can't get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Believe me after a few nights all I think about is sleep."

"How often does this happen?" I ask.

"Lately almost every night".

"Don't you two have sex during the day or before you go to sleep at night?" I ask him.

"Yeah, all the time but she still wants more. I know I shouldn't complain but she is wearing me out. Last night when I woke up she was sucking on my cock. I hoping that because we are guests here at your house that she will leave me alone tonight and I can get some sleep."

Now I can't help imagining what it would be like to have his wife sucking on my cock. She is my wife's younger sister and is very attractive. Both sisters are tall and blond and my wife Anne is elegant and voluptuous with 38dd's slim waist and full curvy ass. Cathy is more outgoing, funny, with an athletic slender body in perfect shape and super cute face. She is also a little naughty at times.

"I wish I had your problem," I tell Mike.

"What do you mean?" he asks.

"Well", I hesitate while I think of how to explain, "It's like this.

Anne is very tight down there and after intercourse she always complains how sore she is. We have been to the doctor and he says everything is fine, just does a lot of foreplay to get her warmed up and then use a lot of lubricant. Even then she can't have sex for a week because she is so sore. I admit that it's partly my fault. I get carried away and usually end up pounding her too hard. She says it hurts a little at the time but the next day she has to use a pillow to sit down."

The one thing I didn't mention is that my cock, when hard, is almost ten inches long and not as big around as a beer can but close. Another source of frustration is that if I stick it in too deep I hit Anne's cervix so I can't really enjoy myself without hurting her even worse. When we first got married it didn't seem like that big a problem but after a few years it's starting to bother me. Anne is sympathetic and offers to perform oral on me but my cock is so big that she can barely get the head in her mouth so its not all that great. I usually end up beating off on a daily basis just to keep sane.

"Wow" says Mike; "You only have sex once a week? Man, I wish I could go a whole week without having to fuck Cathy. She never goes more than a day or two without it."

We get up and put the kids to bed. We only have three bedrooms in our house, mine, and one for each of the kids. When Mike and Cathy stay over they take my oldest daughters room and all four kids sleep in the remaining bedroom. There are two trundle beds there so it's not too bad and the couch folds out into a bed in a pinch. As Mike and I pass the living room, the conversation between Anne and Cathy pauses as if they don't want us to hear what they are talking about. I find it kind of suspicious but I'm not nosey so Mike and I freshen up our drinks and head out to the patio again.

I try to figure out a way to offer my services to his wife but I chicken out and don't say anything. Besides, I'm pretty open minded about sex but I can't imagine Mike, Cathy and Anne would even consider the idea of me fucking Cathy. They would probably think I'm an asshole. Finally, we head to bed and I notice Mike has left the bedroom door open, probably to dissuade Cathy from waking him up for sex.

As I lie in bed the idea of Cathy being so horny gets me hard. I snuggle up to Anne from behind and start to nudge her with my cock. She says, "Oh no, please I just can't take it tonight. If you are really desperate I'll suck you off but I really can't take your dick right now."

I feel guilty and tell her that it's ok and I roll over and go to sleep.

The next morning I wake up to the sound of the coffee grinder. The bed is empty and it's just as well because my cock is hard as a rock. I get up and lock the door and proceed to stroke it thinking about my wife's horny little sister. It's no use, I can't come. So I get up and go into the master bath to pee and brush my teeth. I decide to take a shower and as I soap up my cock and balls I can't help fantasizing about Cathy again.

I dry off and put on a tee shirt and a comfy pair of cotton baggies without any underwear. The kids are still asleep but Anne, Mike and Cathy are in the kitchen drinking coffee at the breakfast bar. I join them and they seem in a pretty good mood and I ask them what's up.

"We have talked to Mom and Dad and the plan is to take the kids to their house for the day so that they can swim in the pool and spends some time with their grandparents"' replied Anne.

"Sounds good," I say.

We feed the kids breakfast and pack up all the swimsuits and sunscreen and Mike offers to drive the kids to my in-laws house and Anne decides to go with him.

After they are gone Cathy and I are reading the newspaper in the kitchen and drinking coffee. I offer some more coffee to Cathy and she winces when she holds out her cup.

"What's wrong", I ask.

"I pulled something in my back doing yard work a couple of days ago and it has been hurting every since", she tells me.

"Here let me see if I can help", and I begin to rub her around the neck and shoulders. She is wearing an emerald green kimono robe. The material is like silk, very smooth. I use my thumbs to loosen up the muscles below her neck.

"Lower", she tells me.

I rub between her shoulder blades and there is some tension there, her muscles are knotted. I work out the knots and she tells me it is better but the pain is more in the middle to lower back.

"I can't really get to your lower back while you are sitting in this chair, you are going to have to lie down." We go into my room and she lies face down on the bed. I sit beside her and start to rub her back. She moans and tells me that it feels very good. I start to rub her hips and she reaches down and pulls up her kimono and pulls her panties down exposing most of her ass. Holy shit! I gently begin to massage the upper part of her ass to see if she is going to object, but she doesn't.

"You need to get the left side some more. You're going to have to get on top of me instead of sitting on the side"' Cathy tells me.

I straddle her and she is right. I can rub her hips and back more effectively from here. I'm sitting on her legs when I can't help it when I feel my dick starting to get aroused. I adjust myself hoping she can't feel it but I can tell it's going to be a whopper.

As I move up to rub Cathy's upper back there is nothing I can do to prevent it. She must feel my hardness against her ass.

"Mmmm... That's so good, please don't stop," she tells me. She takes off her kimono and tosses it on the bed before closing her eyes and relaxing again.

Oh my God, she is so beautiful. I can see the side of her full breasts and my cock has now nestled between her ass crack. Either she doesn't know it, or doesn't care or she is enjoying it but I don't know which. My cock is starting to hurt so I reach down and adjust myself. The only way I can help it is to point it straight up but it's so long it sticks our from the waistband of my shorts so I make sure my shirt is covering my swollen cock head. As I straddle her legs my balls are nestled at the bottom of her ass and my cock is now lying between her ass cheeks and I can't help sliding it up and down a little. Cathy moans and arches her back and starts to slide her ass up and down my throbbing cock. Cathy reaches back and starts to rub her hand up and down my erection.

She gasps and says, "Oh my God, Anne wasn't kidding when she said you are huge." She turns over and I get to see her bare breasts as she begins to rub my cock through the fabric of my shorts. "These things have got to go" as she pulls down my shorts and throws them onto the floor. My cock flops out almost fully erect. "Holy shit. This is the biggest cock I have ever seen." She tells me as she strokes it with both hands.

"Cathy, are we sure we should be doing this?" I ask her. I don't want her to stop but I have never been unfaithful to my wife and I wouldn't like to be caught fucking her little sister.

"Don't worry about it. Last night Anne and I were talking about you and I not getting enough and Mike needing some rest so she said that if you and I wanted to fuck that she was ok with it."

I'm floored for a second but then I realize that Anne and Cathy are pretty close and Anne has a pretty open mind toward sex.

"What about Mike?" I ask.

"It was his idea. He told me this morning that if I wanted to then it was ok with him", she says as she lowers her mouth to my cock and begins sucking on it.

I lie back on the bed with a couple pillows behind me to rest on. Cathy gets between my legs and continues to suck my now engorged cock. She starts working her mouth past the head and down the shaft. I have had some decent blowjobs in the past but no one has ever been able to take more that a couple inches past the head. Cathy is now past that point and pushing her face harder onto my cock. I watch her in amazement. This is as good as a porno video with her cute face forcing itself down onto my enormous cock. She holds the base with both hands and inch-by-inch slides her mouth down the shaft until she is three quarters of the way down. I have never felt this good before and I am astonished at her cock sucking skills. She finally slides her mouth up and off of my cock, looks at me and smiles.

"You have the most beautiful cock I have ever seen and I'm not going to rest until I can deep-throat this monster, but now I have other plans" she tells me.

Cathy holds my cock up with one hand as she positions herself and prepares to lower herself onto me. Her pussy is blond and hairy except around the full lips where it is shaved. Her pussy lips are large and swollen so I lick my fingers and rub them. They feel great, nice and full.

I slip a finger into her pussy and find it hot and wet. She presses her cunt against my cock head and eases down onto it. It won't go in, it's too big. My cock starts to bend and hurt so I reach down and hold it up while Cathy tries to get her pussy to open up and get it in. At first the head pops in and she stops a moment to catch her breath and let her pussy adjust to the size. Then inch by inch she forces her cunt down onto my monster meat until I feel her lips against my groin. She has done it. She has taken my entire dick up into her pussy. I haven't felt this in years and it is so damn good. Cathy puts her palms on my chest and starts to work herself up and down on my dick. Every once in a while she grinds her clit on my groin before sliding up my shaft again. I reach up and fondle her gorgeous breasts and she gasps as I pull and pinch on her hard nipples.

She is so cute and pretty I need to relax to keep from coming. This is the most erotic sex I have ever had and I want it to last as long as possible.

Cathy gets a rhythm going and now is really going to town on my cock. She is smiling and looking straight into my eyes as she grinds her pussy up and down on my rock hard cock. I just lie back and relax enjoying the show. I wonder what would happen if my wife and Mike were to come home but I simply cannot stop myself, it is that good. I hope Cathy wasn't lying when she said Mike and Anne gave their approval but right now I don't even care. My cock is harder than it has been in years. Cathy is now plunging down from the top all the way to the bottom. Her stamina is amazing. She has been going at it full steam for at least fifteen minutes and is showing no sign of stopping. She is now sweating and the sweat is dripping down onto my stomach. She tosses her head back and her waist length blond hair tickles my thighs. She swings her head back and forth, looks out the French doors and waves.

Waves? What the fuck is she waving at? I follow her gaze and see my wife and her husband sitting on the patio chairs watching us. I don't know how long they have been there. They must have come around the side and onto the porch, sat down and have been watching their spouses fucking each other. Cathy doesn't even hesitate and keeps fucking herself up and down on my cock. She motions them to come in and they do. Mike comes right over and kisses Cathy on the lips and says "Hi honey".

Anne bends over and kisses me and says, "Wow, you two look so sexy!"

Cathy is giggling and says, "Oh my God. This is so much fun. Thank you for letting me fuck your husband."

"Hey, if I knew how sexy it looks I would have suggested it long ago", replied my wife.

"Mike I have to show you something", Cathy said as she slides off of my cock. "Have you ever seen anything like this", she asks her husband as she holds my glistening manhood.

"Only in a porno, honey. And some of those weren't that big", Mike says.

Cathy gets on her hands and knees on the bed, looks over her shoulder at me and says, "I want you to take me from behind"' and I comply.

I watch my wife for any signs of jealousy as a press my cock against her little sister's pussy but I don't see any. Instead I see her big nipples sticking out in obvious arousal as she watches me push my big hard cock into her little sister's wet swollen cunt.

I check Mike for jealousy but he looks eager to watch me fuck his wife.

I can see his hard-on making a bulge in his pants so I say "Hey Mike. I pretty sure she can take both of us. Why don't you whip it out and see if Cathy wants to suck on it."

"Excellent idea", Mike replies as he strips naked. His cock is so hard that it slaps up against his tummy when he drops his pants. He has a nice cock, maybe six, six and a half inches. Not real thick but nothing to be ashamed about and I notice that he is uncircumcised. He comes over, slides the foreskin back and points his cock at his wife's lips. Cathy has been bouncing herself into me, impaling herself on my cock so I don't even have to do any work. As she goes forward she takes Mike's cock into her mouth and soon is swallowing the entire thing every time she rocks forward away from me. I am now envious of Mike. Cathy is an excellent cocksucker and Mike gets a deep throat blowjob on a regular basis. Man, what a lucky guy.

Anne is sitting on the bed watching us and stroking Cathy's hair as I fuck her and she sucks on Mike. I look at Mike and he is having a great time. We shake hands and I tell him, "Man, Mike. Thanks, you don't know how much I like this."

He laughs and says, "Me too."

Cathy lets his cock out of her mouth and says, "Yeah me too."

The only one not getting any is Anne. I look at Mike, wink, and say, "Honey, why don't you come over here and give Cathy some help with this nice cock."

Anne says, "Don't mind if I do"' and begins to undress. We all watch her as she unbuttons her blouse and lets it fall to the floor. We all gasp as she unfastens her bra and her 38DD's spring out. I must admit my wife has great tits. The areolas are pinkish brown and as big as silver dollars and her nipples, now erect, are as big as the end of my thumb. She slides off her slacks and is standing there in white panties so sheer that we can see her wet pussy lips pressed against the fabric. She kneels behind Mike and nuzzles his ass. She looks at me as if checking if it's ok and I just smile. She comes around his side watching her little sister sucking Mike's cock. Cathy lets it slide out of her mouth and points it at her big sister, offering her husbands cock. Anne leans forward and takes in into her mouth. She looks so sexy sucking on Mike's cock that it pushes me over the edge. I pull out of Cathy just as my cock starts to spurt hot cum all over her ass. Mike only lasts a few more strokes before he pulls his cock out of my wife's mouth and shoots and nice load all over her big tits.

We all crash on the bed in an exhausted heap. We have the house all to ourselves today. I can't wait to see what we can think of next.

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