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Husband hears wife get nailed over Phone

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I have always hoped it would happen, it seemed to happen different than how I thought it would. I guess these things usually do happen that way. Your mind sets things up in your fantasy world but forgets about the real world. That?s ok it still was fucking hot.

My wife Lori was gone on a short trip and I stayed at home which is a reversal of the way things normally go. She called early in the morning and paused on the line quietly. I asked if things were ok and she answered quietly they were. She continued to pause for a bit while I spoke of the normal things. During one of the pauses she interjected with?I am super horny.?

Great, I thought she is in the mood for a bit of phone sex, this will be a great way to start off the morning. ?Hold on a sec, lemme get more comfortable and let?s see what we can do about this.? I said as a repositioned myself by the couch.

?I have an idea what I would like to do,? she surprisingly volunteered.

?Sounds good, what is it??

She started in on how in my stories and fantasies I always wanted to see her with another guy. ?True enough? I stated. ?Well, (long pause) how about you hear me? What do you think of that?? said Lori.

I truly got confused and horny at the same time, something good was going on here I just needed to figure it out. ?Like listen to you tell me about doing another guy right?? I asked quizzically.

?No, like hear me actually doing it with another guy over the phone? She responded with quickly.

?There, in your room right now?? I felt my stomach drop into a pool of horniness and fear. ?Have you already??

?No but I think I want to, my pussy is dripping just thinking about this, never been this horny before.? Lori whispered excitedly.

I was at a lose for words but felt adrenaline coarse through me and my heart pounding. ?Well catch me up on what you have planned?, I said trying to sound calm.

Lori proceeded to describe the scenario. Yesterday evening she went and did a workout at the gym at the hotel. While working out she noticed a young man working out there as well. She described him as being in his 20?s, tall and muscular with short black hair and a slight Italian look to him. ?Cool? I again played the calm role. Anyways, he obviously took a liking to Lori as well. Being in her 30?s she still has a killer body and a very sexy look to her. She is 5?6 about 115# small perky breasts and a lean body. She also has a stylish short black hair style. They got to chatting and he tried getting her to go out and have a drink with him. She told me she was very tempted but just stayed in. During the night she told me she masturbated thinking about what would have happened if she did go out with him.

?Wow you have already been a naughty girl? I exhaled in between touching my cock as it grew with her story so far.

?Yes, I guess I have? She exhaled as well ?So what happens next? I asked again with a bit of fear mixed in.

She explained that this morning her computer wasn?t getting any access to the internet so she called down to the front desk and they said they would check on it. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and when she answered it turned out to be her workout buddy. He said he would check on someone else?s room then come back and that is where we were at right now.

?So he could be there again any second? I blurted out feeling like time was racing.

?Yes? responded Lori.

?You think something will REALLY happen? I mean REALLY you think you might?? I was not being too smooth I could tell but I was almost in panic mode.

?Yes, isn?t this what you always talked about and wanted, I wont if you say not to, I thought you would be excited? Lori rolled on. She felt the fear and anxiety in my voice and it started to seep into her now.

She was right this is what I had been wanting; of course I never really thought she would act on it. I guess I had always pictured my being in the room as well but I was so fucking horny right now thinking about my wife there to seduce this guy.

?What are you wearing? I asked matter of factly ?What? Lori asked shortly? My change took her back a bit.

?What are you going to be wearing when ?.what is his name?


?When Keith gets back?. I finished.

?I just have my white bathrobe on with nothing else; I am so horny, listen...?

I heard as she slipped a couple fingers into her pussy and moved them around, I could hear how wet she was as they slipped in and out of her lips.

?You think that pussy will be getting fucked in a little bit?? I asked. She responded with a low moan and hissed ? yes?.

My cock was hard as it could get already and my heart raced as we spoke.

Just then the door knocked loud and I could hear her jump out of her chair. ?I?ll leave the phone on by the bed? was all she said and she was gone. I pictured her walking to answer the door in the little bath robe her sexy legs hanging out from the bottom, her little tits tucked away and her pussy drenched.

I sat on the phone straining to hear every sound. I tried picturing the room and the set up of how this would go. I heard talk about the computer problem and moving stuff around on the table. There were a few more minutes of hearing Keith walk her through some steps of rebooting the computer. I heard some nervous laughter from both Keith and Lori then it was very quiet. I again strained my ear against the phone and heard hard heavy breathing. Slowly Lori?s ?yes?s? became louder and then I heard Keith?s voice order her to her knees. I heard his moans steadily become louder and Loris moaning with her mouth filled. ?Oh that feels so fucking good, you suck so good? Keith methodically gasped. The image of my wife naked on her knees sucking while this strange guy had his pants pulled down almost put me over the edge. I stopped touching my cock, pre cum had made a pool at the base of my shaft. Keith continued his ordering her to take it all as I heard Loris gag while trying to perform. ?You like sucking on my big dick don?t you?? Lori moaned yes. ?I can?t wait to fuck your little pussy, you want that don?t you?? Again Lori moaned a yes. ?Get on the bed and open up your legs, I want to taste you and make sure you are ready.? ?I am ready, I am ready?..I am? Lori repeated while her pussy was getting eaten. ?I am ready for your cock, I want it fucking me? she continued. It quieted for a second then both Keith and Lori groaned as he pushed it in. I felt my cock stiffen and I started shooting load after load with out even touching my cock. I let loose with pleasure cries listening to Lori begin the familiar sound that leads into her orgasms. ?Oh my god, keep, keep, Fuckin, me, hard please! Keith grunted with each stroke and he was trying to hold off the inevitable. ?OH, Your pussy is so fuckin good, I am gonna cum, hard!? ?Pull out and cum on me? Lori cried. I sat shaking from my orgasm feeling my hot cum dripping down my stomach and chest knowing Lori was getting sprayed. ?Om I god, Oh my god, so much? Loris cried with genuine shock. Keith moaned what sounded to be the final finishing ones. ?You were fucking unbelievable? his voice echoed into the room and phone. It happened so fast. I could hear Keith move around and ask if she wanted a towel. I lay stunned listening to the bed move as she got up and whispered in the phone while Keith went into the bedroom. ?Call you right back? she urgently reported and then done.

I didn?t get much time after cleaning myself off before Lori called me back. He?s left, can you believe it? Did you like it?

?What about you did you like it, fill me in.? I begged

Lori told me in details how it all unfolded. She told me Keith?s eyes almost bulged out when he walk in and saw her in the robe. She sat at the desk in the chair and set up her computer with him leaning over her shoulder. She sat trying to stay focused enough to turn the computer on but she shook just trying to turn it on. As Keith started his spiel about the computer Lori turned around looking back and up to him giving him a straight shot in on her right breasts. His eyes locked on and he paused just staring. Slowly she spread her legs open on the chair as she pulled the robe to the side to give him access of her little black striped pussy. She jumped startled as he grabbed her pulled open her robe and went to work sucking on her tits. He became aggressive she said and ordered her to her knees she dropped and opened his pants to see his big cock hard and throbbing already. She said he forced her to suck him deep in and he was thick and long so you gagged a few times but feeling his dick so deep in her mouth made her even more horny.

She asked what I could hear and if I liked it. I told her I thought I heard things pretty well and I came without even stroking. It was hot as she went over the details again and again. She became horny all over again and later that evening Keith came back and I got to hear another episode of my sexy wife getting fucked.

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