Chaoz is a club that started out as a few friends that would get together for small house parties.   However, our friends list got bigger and bigger and bigger!!!   Not that we are complaining~~ For we love our friends!!!  So we decided instead of buying a bigger house to make room for all you party people.  We agreed that a group didn't fit us anymore!!  We are now a club!!  Our main goal in creating this club, was to provide a welcoming environment for couples and singles to meet and mingle and play.  We provided a safe place and enforced the rules to respect others and No MEANS No.  We know we are all here to meet and play, although no one wants to feel pressure or disrespected in any way.  We expect our friends, new and old to respect others and have found that everyone has a great time and come back for more!!!   So in saying this we have expanded our horizions for all you great sexy people!!  We want to make your swinging sexual experiences the best you can possible imagine!!!  I KNOW RIGHT Shooting for the stars!!  Well it is all for you!!  So get ready and enjoy making new friends and lots of bomb blowing mind memories.  We are here with a mission and that mission is with YOU having a great sexual Revolution with the CHAOZ Group!!!!