Swingers Article: swingers watch out for low flying objects

Watch Out For Low Flying Objects, A Trip to The Group Room

By Cori www.intimatecircles.com

Used by few, but an attraction to many, the ubiquitous group room is where it's happening at a swing club.Watch Sometimes called "The Orgy Room," "The Big Room" or "The Group Room" is the stuff that swinger's dreams are made of. u8232 It's a common mistake that new couples think the group room is "off limits;" that it's for seasoned couples only. At most clubs, as long as the couple goes in together and leaves together it's not a problem. As a matter of fact, it's welcome. How else are you going to learn? It's the eye-candy of the lifestyle.

Most couple's start out slowly, meeting a couple and then perhaps going to a private room so the 4 can explore without intrusion. It's hard enough to maintain certain standards (or erections) with all eyes upon you unless you are a veteran, so suffice it to say, if you don't want to worry about PAS, aka "Performance Anxiety Syndrome," you'll do just fine.

PAS is when couples have swapped mates, the guy happens to glance at the other guy, to make sure his wife is happy, and, for whatever reason, loses his erection.

It can be for a myriad of reasons, his wife is making noises he's never heard before, or maybe the other guy's cock is fucking huge! All of a sudden Willie is limp and the guy upstairs can't get the guy downstairs to get over it!!!

n the group room, everything is magnified. It`s a hedonistic, sweaty experience when you're ready for it. It's one of the reasons we don't have objections to couples watching. The fantasy "cum-true" makes for great lovemaking later when you're home rehashing every erotic detail. We all know that sex is more in the mind than in the body, so all you need to do is whisper to your wife," I'd like to see those 2 guys in the room last night doing you; one guy with his cock in your mouth, the other in your pussy and you hungrily taking it all." GET IT?? u8232 How do you be BOLD enough to make merry in the group room in the first place? Knowing a few couples that you are comfortable with and suggesting that you go into the group room to play is one way. Another is strike out and just venture into the room and start playing with each other. You may position yourselves on a bed near or next to other couples. Swingers etiquette says if you want to get in on the action, just ask the other couple. You may get a yes or no, either way take it gracefully. Sometimes a more subtle approach is needed. You and the wife are playing on the bed and she is on her back and you are licking the velvet ice cream cone for all its worth. A hand reaches out and touches another body; soon, another connects until it's one big daisy chain! It's important to remember NOT to be offended if someone does make a gesture to play by touching an arm or leg. You can gracefully decline with a "no thank you," but realize that being in a group situation already gives a green light for at least an initial contact. u8232 Finally, being in a group grope can be hysterical fun! I will close with an experience that happened not long ago. There were 3 couples, all friends in the group room at our club. They all started playing and I mean balls to the wall, boobies all over, cocks flying in and out and all of them were TALKING!!! Talking about the weather, talking about work and every once in a while, talking about SEX! Can you imagine that??? One couple was 69-ing, another husband had the wife on her knees and another couple had another wife riding on top! One of the guys, known for his "outbursts" yelled he was cumming and came so hard he got everyone in the room, the walls and mirrors and even a face or two. Personally, I think Cameron Diaz had the right idea. It makes for a great hair spritzer!