Swingers Article: swingers strike force one

Strike Force One:

Swingers Respond

Our LifeStyle as swingers is under attack. Millions of Americans are swingers; millions more are interested, but afraid to even discuss it. You no doubt appreciate the fear and hatred that causes many of us to live in the closet. Many swingers simply want to practice their version of the swinging LifeStyle quietly, without their families or bosses knowing the intimate details of their sex lives. But rest assured, powerful political forces, pseudo-religious groups, and even people with a grudge, are attacking us right now.

I was investigated by the Florida Bar Association and outed to the community with bogus court filings when someone with a grudge tried to get me disbarred for being a swinger. Everything was dismissed, but there I was, finding out firsthand how it would impact my livelihood and my life in general.

In Jacksonville, Florida, a swing club was raided and the owners were arrested. The case was dismissed, but only after the owners spent tons of money. In Arizona, religious fanatics terrorized a swing community through zoning laws. In Alabama, the government made selling sex toys illegal. Thus the state's victimized citizens are threatened with imprisonment for major crimes such selling vibrators. SwingersDateClub.com blocked trial members from viewing profiles in order to protect members due to an Oprah Winfrey show featuring swingers.

As a diverse community practicing more variations of the swing LifeStyle than can be tallied, how do we respond? The traditional defense has been through the use of lawyers, laws and the constitution. After all, we are guaranteed "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." But as a lawyer, and as someone outed, I can tell you first hand that this is not enough. More direct action is required to defend ourselves and our LifeStyle.

Each one of us can phone a government bureaucrat, a legislator, a senator, a governor, a town mayor, a television network, a newspaper or even a member of the local zoning board. Each one of us can use the power of e-mail to fill their inboxes when any of us are attacked. Each one of us can also encourage our friends within the swing community to do the same.

The government has an `Army of One.' We are a strike force of one. The concept behind Strike Force One is simple, yet effective: One person at a time, we make a massive impact. When our enemies throw rocks at us, our partners, our websites, our clubs or our friends, we respond with the cannon fire of hundreds of thousands of phone calls and e-mails.

The choice is yours: We can sit silently in the closet and wait for them to pick us off one person, one couple, one website or one club at a time. Or we can fight back, anonymously if you wish. Swingers are not lambs awaiting slaughter. We have the keyboard, the mouse, the telephone and much more. We have growing numbers. We are the growing mainstream. One person at a time, we have the power.

Stephen G. Cobb is a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Trial Law who resides with his wife in Florida. You may contact him at Stephen@cobblawfirm.com.