Swingers Article: swingers east vs west

East vs West... The European Way By: Olaf

Have you ever been to Europe? For all of the readers who have visited this other continent, they will agree, that you notice lots of differences instantly when you leave the airport and for example “hit the Autobahn” in Germany.

People not only talk a different language, they live a completely different lifestyle as well. We are a German couple and both of us grew up and lived in Germany for a long time. For the past 10 years we have resided in the U.S. and that is where we started to get involved with the so called lifestyle or you could just say being swingers. We still remember our first visit to a local club here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. My husband told me to dress sexy, he himself put on a dressy shirt and some nice pants. Since we really had no idea what to expect, we were kind of surprised, to find a nice bar area, a spacious dance floor, loud contemporary music playing and lots of normal looking people, who just enjoyed the social aspect of the whole situation.

One of the friendly staff members gave us a tour around the club, showing us the locker rooms and play rooms, which were completely separated from the, let’s call it “social playground.” We liked it, especially the fact that we felt comfortable enough to hang around for a few hours, without the feeling, that we had to interact or do something as a “newbie.” Six years have passed since then and we still enjoy going out for a club night, sometimes just for a social evening, to meet friends for a drink and dinner, other times for a sexy, playful night.

Our last vacation we spent in Germany and decided to explore the European Swinger scene. Neither one of us had ever visited a German Swingers club before, so we picked two clubs that were recommended by some friends of ours. We pulled up their websites, to get some more information, about the location as well as the house rules, etc. The cover charge for a single evening is pretty similar to the U.S. clubs, but that’s about where the similarities end. The site said “Woman dress sexy” and “Men dress sexy too!” My husband looked at me stunned “What do they mean?” he asked. So we browsed through the member pictures to get an idea and went shopping for “sexy” men’s wear the next day. The big day came and we entered the club, covered in a coat, scarf, long pants and boots, since the outside temperatures didn’t quite allow to just walk around, wearing a hint of nothing. Once inside the club, we found ourselves in a big locker room, where we were able to unwrap and finally show off our sexy outfits. Thankfully, the room was nicely heated. The club owner greeted us personally, we paid our cover charge and he led us into the club room. Wow, what a difference! Cozy sofa areas with candlelight and couch tables. Background music and a small area that would allow some dancing, but nobody was dancing. People were gathered in little groups around the tables and bar area. There were no more than 12 couples and a few singles, which, as we found out later that evening, was a perfectly average crowd for a Saturday night. The main room wasn’t very big or spacious, although it had quite an intimate atmosphere. We went to the bar to get a drink and a few minutes later some of the other club guests approached us to introduce themselves, since new faces are rarely seen. We were happy to notice, that the typically stubborn Germans were so outgoing and talkative. We’d like to mention at this point, that it seems to be a lot harder to strike a conversation or to really meet new people in an American club. Maybe it’s just because of the usually very loud music there. We felt very comfortable after just few minutes there, especially my husband, after he saw that he wasn’t the only man wearing “sexy” men’s wear! Drinks and a Dinner-buffet were included in the cover charge, so there was no need to B.Y.O.B. Beverages, beer, wine, as well as a variety of hard liqueurs were offered. As is customary in Europe, no tips were needed or expected. After a while we were, of course, curious to see the play rooms, so we wandered off to explore the rest of the facility. There were different little theme rooms, each one uniquely designed and decorated with love; cozy and quite inviting. A few couples were playing already, but their was no traffic jam. For the ones who liked it hot, there was a sauna. For the ones who needed to relax or loosen up, free massages were offered. Last but not least, we found clean, spacious shower rooms for both genders, to freshen up after a steamy encounter. That evening we happened to meet some wonderful people and left the club not too late, maybe around 2 a.m., with a happy grin on our faces. Overall we thought that this night was definitely different from a club night in Fort Lauderdale. Not necessarily better, just very different. The club had more the touch of a private party with an intimate setting. Although the same swinger rules apply everywhere, we’re pretty sure that anybody who’s new to the Lifestyle, would prefer an American club for their first night out, due to the fact that the facilities in the U.S. are generally set up for a larger crowd, more like a regular night club. To all the swingers who are already a little more outgoing and like to comfortably present themselves in an intimate setting surrounded by strangers, we’d like to say “You have to see this! Enjoy the European way!”