Swingers Article: swingers deviance or diversity

Deviance or Diversity?

As we look forward to the friends we will meet and the fantasies we will fulfill, I would like to remind everyone what makes the Swinging LifeStyle so special. Michael and I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderful people in this LifeStyle and expanding our horizons. We have been very lucky to meet many friends who express their sexual freedom in very different ways. Once we opened our minds and our hearts to the differences, we experienced an explosion of fantastic fun and friends. Sadly, we have also met many who still feel that they have the right to tell others how they should feel or not feel, and how they should express themselves in sexual play. The truth about being a sexual being is "there are no rules". We are all different, have had different life experiences, and express ourselves in very different ways.

The enjoyment we get from spending time with Drag Queens is unparalleled. They have a light spirit and very warm hearts. They know how to have a great time and to be who they enjoy being. These ladies are such a community and have done so much to fight AIDS and to help its victims. Their celebration of life is far beyond what many of us experience because of the close ties with the sadness of AIDS. Our first encounter with these fantastic ladies was the result of a friend's invitation to a Christmas party. All of the performers were having fun. Some were dressed up lovely and some just for the fun of it. Some were singing serious songs and some were singing the wrong words to songs. We laughed so hard. We found that we enjoy the glitz and glamour so much that we try to never miss a social event.

The members from the gay community that we have had the pleasure of spending time with are so much fun. They are open and honest with who they are, enjoy being accepted for who they are and know what friendships and relationships are all about. What a wonderful thing to see `couples' together for such long periods. The strong family ties and the devotion and dedication they have for each other and their community always touches me. The first time we were invited to share in a community BBQ was to celebrate a friend running for office. The food, the fun and the fellowship was uplifting.

Have you ever had the pleasure of meeting people who express their sexuality in the realms of bondage play? Wow! I did not know what I did not know. There is a science to this type of play and a freedom of trust and expression that someone outside the game cannot understand. We have been to several conventions where we were able to view some bondage rituals. Hot oils, red fannies and strange contraptions were the teachers. Anyone who participated left with smiles and a new sense of who they are. What can be more freeing than that?

So what about those swingers? What is their gig? What we have experienced from being swingers is the freedom to express ourselves sexually; in our dress, in our play and in our fantasies. The people in the LifeStyle are friendly, happy, well adjusted and honest. We could share many of our experiences, like giving blow jobs for beads (why be traditional?), having your pussy shaved in public, sharing a king bed with 8 people, and finding use for toys and food that were new to us.

It seems that those who sit in judgment of people who are "not like them" are missing so much of what life has to give. Michael and I would like this year to be a year when everyone celebrates those differences. Does it matter if swingers like threesomes, foursomes, groups or orgies? Do you like to see (or be part of) bi ladies playing together? Should you care if people like to be tied, gagged or spanked? Why should it matter if someone is straight, bi, gay, a cross-dresser, dominatrix or trans gendered? As active swingers we have blurred the lines of sensuality, and certainly have opposed the accepted practices of our current culture. We represent a range on the spectrum of human sexuality. What we all share is that we are sexual and expressive, and want to be accepted as we are.

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