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Spa Treatment

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Spa Treatment

Jack was nervous as he sat in the waiting area of the spa. He bounced his leg to work off nervous energy. Heather looked at him incredulously.

?Why are you so fidgety?? she asked. ?It?s not that bad.?

Jack tried to conjure up a response but he knew whatever he offered wouldn?t be sufficient. Heather had convinced him to do this. He had put it off with excuses as long as he could; now it was going to happen and he was terrified. It wasn?t the actual procedure as much as the administration that was of such concern to him. At forty-five Jack still had good looks for his age but worry lines brought on by years of stress marred his otherwise handsome appearance. Heather was almost sixteen years his junior and a knockout. Since they had gotten together Jack had tried everything to stave off aging. Hair dye, skin conditioner, dressing more hip, he had tried everything to keep up with his younger girlfriend. Heather was always supportive, offering suggestions and continual encouragement. It was she who had suggested this procedure, a Botox treatment.

?It will take years off you,? she had told him. ?It?s nothing and it will last you for months.?

She had brought in up so often that Jack had begun to think if he failed to follow through she might decide he wasn?t the one for her. Heather was a thin brunette, with thick curly hair. Of medium height she was exactly proportioned, boobs, ass and all. Their friends jokingly referred to her as ?Heater?. Finally, after months of pestering, Jack had acquiesced and agreed to have the procedure done. Heather had made him the appointment and even offered to accompany him. As the day crept closer Jack had grown ever more apprehensive. Now sitting there, his face covered in goop that was theoretically supposed to numb the pain, he was nothing but nerves.

Jack hated needles. It was a phobia he had no rational explanation for. Not much frightened him in the world except for a sharpened piece of hollowed out steel. So powerful was this ingrained in him that even wasps and bees made him flee in terror. Needles with wings, he called them. Heather often teased him over this irrational fear. She told him how she had undergone the procedure and it didn?t hurt at all. That failed to reassure him. The only thing that kept him from bolting from the chair was his more pervasive fear that if he didn?t go through with this Heather might leave him. The waiting room door opened and in walked a tall blonde nurse. It was a different on than the thin ebony woman who had smeared the cream on his face. Jack sized her up.

She was at least six feet tall, thin, except for her ass which was a bit wide for the rest of her body. Her blue eyes were piercing but her smile was radiant. Her medium length hair with its cropped banks framed her delicate features perfectly. She wore her nails in a French manicure and the ring she sported was a minimum four carats easy. She entered and caught Heather?s gaze. The two exchanged smiles and waves.

?Jack?? she said. ?You ready??

Jack drew his breath in deeply, resigned to his fate. He got to his feet and followed the blonde woman out of the waiting room. Heather trailed behind him. As the tall woman led him to a treatment room, they passed another woman who was seated behind a desk. She was a brunette, her hair swept back, parted perfectly down the middle. She wore a pair of those black rimmed glasses that gave her that look that said I?m sexy and I?m smart and I know it. She acknowledged Heather as they passed and actually sprang up from her desk to offer the other woman an embrace. Jack stood there half smiling thinking her must have looked ridiculous with the slime smeared all over his face. He stood there trying not to let it show as the woman and Heather chatted a moment.

?Is this your man?? the other woman asked Heather. She extended a slender hand to Jack. ?Hi, I?m Tina.? Jack shook her hand. ?Are you scared?? Tina asked. ?Don?t be. I promise you won?t feel anything.?

Jack waited while she and Heather chatted entirely too long. Even the blonde nurse that had been escorting him gave the impression she was getting impatient. Eventually the pair broke off conversation. As the blonde woman led Jack away Tina stared at him. She slid her glasses off her face and chewed the rim tip thoughtfully. Upon entering the room Jack found the slender black woman who had been the first one he encountered waiting for him. She directed him to one of the oblong shaped chairs that occupied the center of the room. Jack took his place eyeing the collection of needles laid out on the tray next to the chair. His breathing quickened and he started to shake.

Heather took a seat facing him. Jack was not pleased she didn?t linger close to him so he could at least hold her hand. The door opened and Tina stuck her head in. She motioned the black woman to her and the woman excused herself and they ducked out the door together. Jack turned to Heather.

?How do you know her?? he asked, the question intended only to deflect his nervousness.

Heather sat up straighter in her chair. ?We worked the same club, before she married Doctor Rahter,? she told him. ?He bought her this spa.?

Jack half smiled at that. Heather had been a stripper at the Moon Club before he and she had gotten together. The idea that the spa owner had once danced naked for money suddenly made her go from sexy to slutty in his mind. In fact the club was where he had first met Heather. The dancers who worked that club had a reputation for being a tight group and many shared bi-sexual relationships with the others.

?Did you and her ever??

He was cut off in mid-sentence as the door opened and Tina slid into the room. This time she was accompanied by a different blonde. This one was younger, shorter and a bit thinner than the other one. She was cute but lacked the elegance of the first. She wore scrubs that were low cut and her ample breasts jutted out forming cleavage that Jack could barely fail to notice. She positioned herself above Jack?s head. Tina turned and locked the treatment room door.

?Are you ready?? Tina asked, her voice almost had a melodious quality about it.

Tina walked over and threw one leg over Jack as he reclined in the treatment chair, straddling him. She reached down and unbuttoned his jeans. Jack?s eyes went wide as she reached in and extracted his cock from within. Her slender hands were warm and immediately he became erect at her touch. Even as blood rushed to his throbbing cock he peered around Tina to catch Heather?s gaze. She looked back at him and just smiled. Tina stroked his cock gently and something about the glasses and the look on her face aroused Jack to new heights.

?I promised you that you wouldn?t feel a thing Jack,? Tina cooed.

She then knelt down and wrapped her lips around his swollen manhood. Whatever fear lingered in Jack was immediately carried away in a torrent of lust and pleasure. The blonde woman at his head laughed softly as she uncapped the needles to administer the treatment.

?Lay back,? she instructed.

Jack did as he was told as waves of sensation surged through him. Tina turned and motioned to Heather and she joined her in knelling next to Jack. They both began to work his cock orally passing in back and forth between them. Each woman?s mouth had a slightly unique feel and her technique differed just enough to keep the sensations new. He never felt the needles slide beneath his skin as the blonde woman injected the toxin into him. After a moment Jack looked down. Tina and Heather now were making out over his cock while they both continued to stroke it.

Heather and Tina kissed passionately, Tina?s hands going for Heather?s breast. Heather put her arm around Tina and pulled her in their mouths locked together. Watching them Jack reached out and groped clumsily for Tina?s tits. Tina reached out and pushed him back into the treatment chair.

?Nope, no strenuous activity for you for at least four hours,? she said.

Heather and Tina stood and continued kissing and touching each other. Tina let her white lab coat drop to the floor then pulled her blue scrub shirt over her head. Jack could see she sported a few tattoos beneath the professional attire. Heather doffed her own top and both women stood in their bras. They moved together, both reaching behind the other to unfasten the clasps that held the bras in place. They then let them fall pressing their now exposed breast together. Jack saw that obviously Tina?s breasts were fake but they were impressive nevertheless. Heather had no such enhancements, she didn?t need them. Tina?s mouth dropped to Heather?s nipples and she began to suckle them. Heather gasped softly in delight at the touch of Tina?s mouth to her.

Jack was dying to get in on the action as he watched the pair. He had seen Heather with other women many times before but here, in this place, it was a surreal experience. Almost as an afterthought he glanced around for the woman who had just injected him. She stood there watching as if doing so was the most natural thing. She caught his gaze smiled broadly and shrugged. His attention was drawn back to Heather and Tina as Heather pushed Tina down against him. She pulled at the drawstring that held Tina?s pants on and slid them down, panties and all, leaving only Tina?s white shoes in place. Tina braced herself against Jack as Heather buried her face in the other woman?s pussy.

Many women had commented on Heather?s oral skills and it was immediately apparent that Tina approved readily as well. As Heather licked at her pussy Tina squirmed and made little squeaking sounds. She ground her bare ass against Jack?s cock and dug her nails into his thighs. Heather worked Tina?s pussy expertly. Jack was afraid he was going to explode all over the spa owner?s ass and back. He reached up and played with one of her rock hard breasts and this time she didn?t dissuade him. The noises that escaped her grew in pitch and intensity. Suddenly Jack felt a warm wetness cascade over him as Tina gushed female cum all over his pants. Tina cried out loudly and for an instant Jack worried someone might come rushing in thinking she was being hurt. Heather looked up from Tina?s soaking wet pussy and smiled. Tina stared at her breathing heavily.

?I need him,? Tina said.

Heather nodded and Tina stood up just enough to bring Jack?s engorged cock out from underneath her. With her back still to him she rubbed her pussy against him for a moment before pressing him deep into her. She was remarkably tight and her pelvic muscles stronger than he expected them to be. She had a mind blowing skill where she contracted her pussy tightly around his cock, picked it up then released it, only to close around it before it could fall out. The sensations were overwhelming as Jack lay there letting her use him. She pounded herself on him repeatedly, her passions building. Jack clenched his jaw tightly together as he fought to control his own building climax. Then he felt it again, accompanied by the same cry of pleasure, as she squirted all over his pants anew.

Tina came off Jack?s cock so suddenly that it surprised him. She faced him, giving him the first full look at her tight, tanned body. One hand clenched around his cock, the other swept her long hair aside. Squatting down she swallowed his cock again while working her slender hand up and down on it. It was all Jack could take. He grunted loudly, back arching off the chair. Cum spurted out of his cock. Tina took the first bit in her mouth before pulling him out and letting the rest cover her face. When Jack?s orgasm was done she smiled up at him, white steams of cum dripping down her face. Jack collapsed back into the chair spent. Heather appeared in his field of view and began to pet his forehead lightly.

?See, I told you it wouldn?t be that bad,? she whispered.

A few minutes later they all emerged from the treatment room. Tina and Heather had redressed and Tina had touched up her makeup. Jack wore a pair of borrowed scrub pants and carried his cum soaked jeans balled under one arm. Jack and Heather stood before the front desk where an older woman sat. If she noticed the change of pants or she had heard the sexual escapades that had gone on, she didn?t show it. Tina came up to Jack again as professionally poised as ever, as if the entire encounter hadn?t even happened. She handed him a set of instructions for how he should conduct himself after the treatment, gave Heather a hug and disappeared down the corridor toward her office. The older woman behind the desk typed some information into her computer terminal and presented Jack a bill for just under a grand for the routine services he had received. Jack leaned in a whispered to Heather.

?We still have to pay?? he asked softly.

?Of course,? Heather said. ?You didn?t think it was free did you??

Jack gave her a strange look then produced his credit card and handed it to the woman behind the desk. As he waited for her to process his transaction he noticed a jar on the counter labeled tips. Smiling he brought out a pair of hundred dollar bills from his wallet and placed them in the jar. The woman handed him back his credit card and receipt.

?Tina wants you to come back for another treatment in two weeks,? the woman told him.

Jack?s smile widened. He couldn?t wait for his next treatment.

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