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Author's note: This is a mostly true story that has a couple of embellishments. Hope you all enjoy. Feel free to provide whatever comments you feel like.


So I met this girl name Lisi. Well, actually her name was Lissette but she went by Lisi, and that is how she was introduced to me. I guess it was about ten years ago, now. We met at a graduation party for some friends from school and she showed up looking like a goth at bible school. She was a mixture of punk and innocent school girl. Her dark hair was cut short and kind of stood every which way, contrasting nicely with her pierced lip and alabaster skin. I had never met anyone (that wasn?t red haired) who had skin as light as hers and it was almost like looking at marble. With her amazing curves and an attitude to match, she was dressed in this incredible sun dress that just accentuated all of her naughtiness. We clicked immediately. We spent the rest of the evening escaping her date and talking about everything from politics to school and religion. Unfortunately I had to leave the party alone and I thought only briefly that it was a shame I might never see her again. Like so many things in my life, however, I got lucky. I did, in fact, see her again.

It was a few months later and I had gone out to a friend?s birthday party at a club in DC. The party died an early (and much needed) death, and I was left alone in some Latin club near Adam?s Morgan. I decided that it wasn?t really my scene so I started roaming the strip to find some place I would be more at home dancing. I finally decided on a little club called Heaven and Hell. I went up into Heaven and listened to the thump of a techno bass beast as I screened the room. Almost instantly I saw here; I wasn?t entirely sure it was her so I eased my way around the room surreptitiously while I danced. Eventually I got around to where I could see clearly enough and I was certain that my girl was there. I made eye contact and smiled then kept dancing by myself amongst all the other horny slobs in the place. When I left to get a drink from the bar I passed by her and let her get a good look at me. I returned and she was standing in the way.

?Don?t I know you?? she asked me in a quiet, sexy voice that I instantly remembered.

?Yes, actually? I said, ?we met at a party a few months ago. You were dating Jim.?

?Oh yeah? she smiled and I offered to buy her a drink. ?Excellent! I just turned 21? she replied and I headed back to the bar to get her a birthday shooter. When I returned, she was dancing again but came over when I held her drink up. She lit a cigarette and sat down. We talked for a bit and then danced some more. She introduced me to a couple of her friends and we all laughed about a guy who was having his way with the crowd. He looked like he was having seizures but he was definitely enjoying himself.

We danced for another hour or so and then Lisi asked if I wanted to head back to her place with her and her friends. I said sure and we were off to my car. We talked about school and work and life in general as she gave me directions back to her place. I was very glad I didn?t head home when all of my friends split from the party, and when we arrived at Lisi?s place we all sat around and talked a little more. Then it was time for bed and Lisi grabbed my hand to lead me into her room.

When we got into her room, Lisi attacked me. She ripped at my shirt and pulled off one of the buttons. I was surprised by the aggressiveness that she displayed, but pleasantly so. It is rare that a woman will be that violent but it is a nice rarity that I truly appreciate. After she had me standing with my erection pointing at the heavens, she pulled away and slowly took off her skirt and top. I was again pleasantly surprised to find she not only was shaven (which was rare at the time) but also had pierced nipples. There are very few things I find as sexy as body piercings. The tattoos on her lower belly were also a nice touch; two small birds with a banner held between them that said ?trouble starts here? with a small arrow pointing at her mons. I sat down on the bed and began kissing her everywhere. She wasn?t a hard body, but God she was sexy. She had just enough chubbiness to have a nice soft rounded belly that still didn?t protrude enough to make a ?roll?. Her nipples weren?t small but neither were they as large as I like. They were a light pinkish-brown color and slightly larger than a pencil eraser. (I like very thick nipples but who am I to complain?) The barbells she had in them clicked nicely against the stud in my tongue and made for some interesting sensations for us both. I slowly moved my way down her tummy to that shaven snatch. She smelled divine, even with all the sweat from dancing, and I dove in. I licked and sucked slowly at first then concentrated on her clitoris while I inserted a finger gently. She started to buck and I inserted a second finger just as she sat up and dug her fingernails into my shoulders. I eased up slowly, and then looked up at her. She just smiled and lay back down on the bed as I kissed my way back up to her nipples and then, slowly, to her neck. She mumbled something about being tired and I figured that was the end of it. She curled up slightly and turned her back to me and we fell asleep like that. I looked at the clock as I drifted off and saw that it was almost 7 am. I wondered where the last two hours had gone. I awoke at around 9 with Lisi sucking on my once again engorged cock. Nothing better than a blow job for an alarm clock, I thought and shifted to giver her better access. She licked the underside, and I realized that the ball from her lip piercing was tickling me ever so slightly as she brought her mouth back down to the base of my shaft. What a divine sensation that was. After a bit she fondled my scrotum and began playing with my anus as she continued felating me. For some reason I could not come though and she seemed to sense that. Eventually she pulled her mouth off of me and straddled me. As she slid my cock up into that shaven cunt, it felt like someone had put a vice around me. I was surprised how tight she was, but after just a few strokes that sensation faded and I found her to be a nice fit. She bounced up and down on me for a bit then leaned forward so I could capture her nipples in my mouth as she ground her clit against my pelvic bone. She shuddered again then, and I thought it was nice to be able to make her come so easily. I had been with a few people before who almost never came, and certainly not during penetration. I laid her on her back and put her legs on my shoulders and began trying to get my own orgasm to come.

?Do you ever come?? she asked, and I nervously laughed at the comment.

?I never heard that complaint before, but no, I generally don?t take a long time to come the first time.? I said. I kept pushing into her, varying the strokes and my rhythm, trying to find something that really worked for me.

Finally I started simply pounding into her hard, which really got her pushing back against me. It never fails to amaze me when a woman really likes rough sex, but it does turn me on. I started getting close and the she really started in on me.

?Fuck that bald little girl cunt. Pound my pussy with that hard dick of yours.?

I could hear movement outside the room but I was more concerned with the matter at hand. I pounded into her as hard and fast as I could, the bed shaking violently with each thrust. I started to come just as I pulled out of her and shot my load all over her stomach. Then I heard clapping and turned my head to see her two friends watching with a video camera.

Lisis?s friend Susan was a petite Chinese girl with nice breasts and a firm body. Her boyfriend, Vinh, was a short but fairly well muscled Vietnamese dude. He had ?gangster? written all over him and his ?movie producer? job the night before seemed a bit unlikely given his age of 21. Now it made more sense to me though, as the camera he held was certainly of high enough quality to make low budget porn.

?Nice shot? he said.

I turned back to look at Lisi when she said ?and it tastes good too, see.? She was slowly running her finger along her stomach, catching my sperm on the tip. Then she brought the finger to my mouth and rubbed it on my lips. I licked the come off of my lips and was surprised at the tanginess of it. Susan then came over to the bed and it was then that I noticed she was wearing a very small silk camisole and matching pair of white French-cut panties. She leaned over and kissed Lisi then licked the come off of her stomach and grinned. Then she kissed me. Slowly probing my mouth with her tongue and running her hands against my chest. I returned the favor and found her nipples hard under the silky fabric.

Susan pulled away, then, and said; ?Now I want to give Lisi her birthday present. You go sit in that chair and watch.? I did as I was told and sat; mesmerized as this lithe little girl did an acrobatic dance that left my dick as hard as I had ever felt it before. Vinh was in a similar situation and had set the camera up on a tripod so that he could relieve the strain in his shorts. He pumped his phallus as he watched Susan lick Lisi?s entire body, beginning with her toes. She worked her way around the backs of the muscular calves, and up the inside of the svelt thighs until she was barely millimeters from Lisi?s clit. She paused there, blowing gently and then slowly licked around it in circles. Then she moved on up and teased Lisi's nipples with butterfly kisses and licked her way up to Lisi's ears. Lisi giggled a little but didn't fight or even try to return the attention. She just enjoyed it as Susan worked her way back down to her shaven box. Susan made a few long and languid licks of that perfect pussy, making a show of the whole thing for me and Vinh. Then she looked into Lisi?s eyes and plunged her fingers deep into the dripping cunt she licked. She put two fingers in immediately, then worked in a third. Lisi bucked and squirmed as this tight-assed little Asian girl fucked her with her fingers. Susan sat on Lisi?s knees then and reached her free hand up to pinch a nipple as I sat enraptured. I was so amazed at what I was watching I forgot to masturbate, instead feeling the strain of my swollen cock only after the show was over.

When Susan pinched Lisi?s nipple, the birthday girl screamed and bucked so violently I thought she was going to break the bed, or at least throw Susan to the floor. It was then that I noticed Susan now had all four fingers inside Lisi?s pussy and was pounding away while still licking feverishly on the poor girl?s clit. Lisi went through orgasm after orgasm and it seemed she was going to pass out before Susan removed her hand slowly and eased up with her oral ministrations. She finally left a small kiss on Lisi's thigh and moved to lay beside her on the bed. The two smiled at each other and Lisi fell asleep again.

Susan looked at me and then Vinh and suggested we go into the kitchen and make some breakfast and let Lisi sleep for a bit. We left Lisi to slumber and turned toward the kitchen, me still completely naked and Vinh half so while Susan strutted by us in her camisole. I closed the door quietly and asked if either of them had a robe I could wear.

?Oh goodness, I guess my little present for Lisi left you both in a state.? Susan smirked in mock surprise.

Vinh grabbed her as she headed down the hallway and pushed her up against the wall, grinding his cock against her ass. Apparently everyone in this house likes it rough, I thought.

Susan turned to face me, her cheek against the wall, as Vinh grabbed a tit in one hand and pulled her panties aside with the other. When he pushed his fat dick into her, she cooed and smiled at me. Again, I watched without even thinking to jerk off, just enjoying the show. They fucked hard and fast, her watching me as she pushed her ass toward his quick, forceful thrusts.

Time seemed to stand still and race simultaneously because I had a million thoughts but almost instantly Vinh started to grunt that he was coming as he pulled out and shot his load all over Susan's pretty camisole.

?You dick! Why didn't you come in me or on my face? It's gonna suck trying to explain to the dry cleaner how I got a stain all the way up my back like that. That guy's a total perv.? Susan pouted as she peeled off the camisole, exposing perfect 34B breasts with exquisite nipples. ?Now you have to be punished! What shall it be??

Vinh looked completely startled when the little girl wheeled on him and grabbed his cock, pushing his back against the opposite wall. He stammered but nothing intelligible came out.

?Fine, you get to watch me suck Bobby.? Susan turned on me. ?You don't mind helping me punish Vinny here, do you? That cock sure looks like it could use some help.?

I stammered, sounding remarkably like Vinh, who didn't seem too much like this was punishment. I looked at him and back to Susan only once before her lips wrapped around my dick and I completely forgot him. Any time a woman is kneeling in front of you, alternating between sucking your dick and rubbing it on her tits, especially perfect tits, you forget who else is around. It wasn't long until all I had in my mind were visions of fucking this beautiful girl and Lisi for the rest of my life. I was brought back to reality when she popped my dick out of her mouth and moved to suck on my balls and I felt another mouth begin sucking on my cock at the same time. I looked down and there was Vinh, kneeling right next to Susan, both of them looking up at me. It was the most amazing feeling I'd ever had during sex, and seeing them both sucking on me was too much. I came right then and there. Vinh caught the first shot in his mouth then moved away and the next three splashed across both of their faces.

Susan smiled and stood up then leaned in to kiss me. ?Thank you for helping me punish him. We don't get to do that too often, but you seemed like you might be okay with it. You aren't mad are you??

?My pleasure,? I muttered, ?not exactly what I expected, but I certainly won't complain.?

?Care to return the favor?? Vinh laughed. His dick was hard again and bounced up and down as he walked to the bathroom to get a towel.

When he returned he gave the towel to Susan who did her best to clean my come from her face and hair. When she was cleaned up, she reached out and grabbed my hand. I hadn't moved from where I was standing, still unsure of where this whole situation was heading. She pulled me toward her and I felt her nipples touch my stomach, tickling the hair and sending goosebumps down my spine. Her hand felt like a doll's hand in mine. She stepped back, grabbed Vinh's hand with her other hand and started toward the bedroom pulling us behind her.

When we got to the bedroom, Susan pushed us both gently onto the bed then stepped out of her panties, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She crawled up on top of me, straddling my face and leaned over and put Vinh's fat cockhead in her mouth. I took my cue and started licking her velvety folds and enjoyed hearing her moan in response. I licked slowly at first, with long swipes along her inner lips ending with a punctuation on her clit. After a few minutes of this she was grinding her hips on my face, forcing her clit down on my mouth with every gyration. I could hear her slurping on Vinh's dick and it urged me on so I started really working in her clit. As a young man I'd been told about the ?ABCs? and found that it was a relatively effective technique so I started writing on her little button. By the time I reached L she was on the edge, moaning and breathing very fast. She had left Vinh to himself as she focused on her impending orgasm and he shifted around so he was also straddling me, preparing to fuck her doggy style. I continued lapping at her as he slid slowly into her. When he was all the way in, I hit Z and he thrust his hips forward, pushing down on Susan's back so her tits rested on my hips and her head was on the mattress between my legs. Susan let out a wail like an ambulance siren and convulsed madly on my face, then collapsed, resting all of her weight on me.

Vinh continued to fuck her slowly as she lay quivering on me, and I had a close up view of his dick sliding in and out of her. I was trapped, with nowhere to go and nothing to do but watch this man's fat cock slide back and forth less than an inch above my face. I thought of the two of them sucking on my dick and stuck my tongue out tentatively, licking both of them at the same time. Vinh growled and I felt Susan lift her weight from me slightly. Her tiny hand wrapped around my rock hard dick and stroked me while simultaneously rubbing my precum on her nipples. I moaned and continued licking them both and Vinh started speeding up his pace.

After a minute or so Vinh was pounding in and out of Susan, my tongue pressed firmly on the underside of his shaft and I reached one hand over my head and put it on his ass. Vinh roared and slammed into Susan, bucking violently as his come gushed into her. I licked her clit and his balls as he ground his hips against her ass and Susan popped my dick in her mouth and deep throated me all at once. I hadn't expected that and came for the third time, quite unexpectedly. Susan moaned around my cock and I could feel the muscles of her neck vibrating the end of my dick, milking every last drop from me.

After a minute of just enjoying the moment, we all fell into a pile.

?Jesus, dude, you can do that anytime.? Vinh breathed heavily and Susan murmured her agreement.

?It only seemed fair after I gave you guys a facial.? I replied and we all laughed.

Susan got up and grabbed another towel and we all cleaned up a bit.

Susan grabbed some new panties and a T shirt from the dresser and started getting dressed. ?I think it's time we actually get some food. I'm starving.?

We both agreed and I realized it was almost time for me to leave. I showered and got dressed while the two of them made some brunch and then the three of us ate. As I was getting ready to leave, Lisi walked out putting on a small kimono and kissed each of us in turn. I told her I was sorry but I needed to leave and she said to give her a call later. She wrote her number and email address on a small slip of paper and I pocketed it as I headed out the door with a last happy birthday wish for her.

A couple of weeks passed before I got to see Lisi again. We had talked on the phone occasionally but generally communicated via email. That oh so modern form of correspondence that allows instant gratification was my savior with this young woman. We arranged to meet at her place again and have some dinner before going out to a club where a band I liked was playing.

This being the first woman I had dated in several years, I was as excited as if she was the first girl I?d ever been with. It was giddy and fun and left me warm every time I talked to her or read a message from her.

I arrived at her place shortly before 7 with some candles (they are less predictable and more practical than flowers) and a bottle of wine. Lisi opened the door, wearing a pair of Docs that went to her knees, thigh high hose, a short skirt and a tiny ?baby-tee? that accentuated her breasts to the fullest. She stood on her tip toes and kissed me chastely then took the wine and smiled broadly when she saw the wrapped box that contained the candles. I handed her the gift and she pulled the bow gleefully, like a child on Christmas morning. The ribbon unfurled and she lifted the top to view the prize. She yelped and pulled the glass candle holder from the box and eyed the delicate flames molded around the glass. She put the gift down and then turned to kiss me more deeply. The move surprised me but I returned her affections eagerly. When she pulled away I asked what she was cooking.

?Tandori? she replied, ?do you like Indian food??

I answered in the affirmative and then asked where the wine glasses were. She told me and I went to the cupboard to retrieve them and poured the wine. We talked as she finished preparing our meal and I poked around her apartment, investigating everything I found interesting.

When the meal was ready, we served and sat together opting for a carpet picnic rather than the table. Our conversation turned to past history and lovers and I was amazed by what she had done. She enjoyed both men and women, and even at only 21 she had been with many of each. I thought back to the night I had been here with her and her friends and couldn?t stop myself.

?Have you ever done any porn?? I wished I hadn?t said it as soon as the words left my lips, but she just paused a moment and then laughed. My relief must have been visible because when she looked at me she doubled over with renewed gales of laughter. When she regained her breath, she replied.

?No, the video that Vinh made of us is the only thing I?ve ever done on film. It?s over there in the video bin, actually; and it?s the only copy.? She smiled and then asked ?do you want to watch it??

The gleam in her eyes was contagious and I smirked a little as I nodded. She leaned across me and reached into the bin, throwing tapes aside as her hips bumped against my chest. The view of her ass, so close to me, and the hem of her hose peeking from under her skirt turned me on and I gently caressed her thigh as she continued her search. She cooed slightly and then proclaimed her success as she sat back on her knees, catching my hand between her boot and the back of her thigh.

?You?re trapped,? she giggled as she inserted the tape in the VCR and wiggled her butt slightly. She turned to me then and licked my lips as she pressed play on the remote.

I watched the scene unfold as Lisi and I fondled each other playfully. Vinh had apparently been in the doorway for a while because he had filmed the last of me going down on her and the beginning of us actually having intercourse. I watched as this little woman clawed at me and bit my shoulders. I felt her hand unzip my pants as the tv showed us changing positions. As I entered her from behind on the screen, her hand snaked into my pants and began stroking me with the same rhythm. I massaged her breasts through her t-shirt and found her nipples once again hard as diamonds and I leaned over and bit one lightly through the thin material. I heard her gasp simultaneously on the tv and in my ear and I glanced at the screen. The images on screen were captivating. She was having an orgasm and had her ankles crossed in front of my chest and her hands clawing my ass as I rocked gently in and out of her. Shortly after that, I watched myself start pushing into her with much more force and heard the dirty talk that had spurred me on so well that evening. Lisi was now going down on me and I was fingering her as we watched the action unfold on the screen. As I started coming on the tv, Lisi sucked very hard and I felt her vaginal walls contract in an orgasm around my fingers. She continued tonguing my shaft as we watched her friend begin eating her out. As Lisi orgasmed on the tv, I felt myself beginning my own orgasm and warned her. She continued sucking me and also reached a hand over to cup my balls. I started bucking my hips as she sucked me all the way into her mouth and I exploded. When I stopped spasming, she released me then leaned over to kiss me. I felt her tongue enter my mouth as I returned the kiss, and I could taste my cum on her. She then straddled me, hiked her skirt up and sank down onto my semi-rigid cock. We made love passionately until we both orgasmed again and then we finished our meal.

We went out later and enjoyed ourselves watching the band and dancing. It was the beginning of a nice courtship that taught me an awful lot about sex, love, myself, and what I really want out of a relationship. It didn?t last, but I will always cherish the memories as some of the most amazing in my life.

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