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My sister Kelly part II

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yesterday and just how horny you have made me.? I tried to turn around but she would not let me. She pressed her large, luscious tits against my back and continued whispering her dirty, incestuous thoughts to me.

?I can?t get over how good your cum tastes and how good it felt to have you blow it all over my tits and in my mouth.? ?Sis you have no idea how fucking horny you have made me. I wished I could have fucked you all night long. I loved watching you, my beautiful, hot sister, sucking my cock, licking up my cum from your lips and tits. I loved fucking your gorgeous tits and I loved your tight, wet pussy around my cock.?

?Well brother, can you feel my nice hard nipples against your naked back? My pussy is already wet just from holding your steel rod in my hand. I can?t wait until I get to see your prick spewing out gobs of thick, sticky white cum.? ?Kelly mom is still home, she hasn?t left for work yet, we can?t. She might here us or catch us. She?ll kill us if she finds out her son is fucking one of her daughters!?

?I don?t care Eric. I want your cock in my mouth right now. I can?t wait any longer for the taste and feel of your cum on my tongue and sliding down my throat!? My sister let go of me and my cock. Between her hand stoking my shaft and her nasty thoughts, I had already given her hand a nice coating of my pre-cum jiz. She walked around in front me, smiled and then put those jiz-coated fingers into her mouth and slowly sucked all my pre-cum off of them. She worked her tongue in-between each finger and then snaked around each one. I watched as she savor every bit of pre cum my coated and drooled onto her fingers. Watching her do this only made my cock cry out with lustful agony to be in her mouth.

She walked into my closet, she got behind the sliding door of my closet, and I have a double door closet. She turned and without saying a word she dropped to her knees. She gestured me forward with one finger and she licked her lips in anticipation of receiving my hard, bright red prick. Part of my brain reminded me that mom was still home but that part was quickly quieted with visions of my sister Kelly sucking hard and furious on my cock. I remember yesterday how she sucked my shaft with such lust and totally abandonment of shame. It replayed again and again in mind, in slow motion; my sister sucking down every last drop of my creamy load that I delivered into her hot, hungry, moist mouth.

I stepped into my closet far enough that if anyone came in they would only see a small part of my back from the doorway. Luckily my sweat pant-shorts had a fly. I looked down at my sister, on her knees in front of me, reaching for my cock. ?Ok my sweet brother, lets see if your cock is happy to see your sisters mouth.? She reached into my fly as she said this and pulled out my rock hard prick. ?Oh, your cock is happy to see me, look at all the pre-cum oozing out of your piss slit! Your whole cock is already covered with it, nice and sticky!!?

I watched as my sister stroked my shaft, she started at the base by my balls and slowly squeezed upwards. She was really enjoying milking as much semi-clear pre-cum out of the head of my cock as she could. She started to move her head to my cock, opening her mouth up; her tongue was nice and wet, covered with saliva. She moved slowly toward my throbbing shaft, looking up into my eyes and smiling. She was making me suffer in anticipation for the touch, the sensation of ecstasy I would feel the moment the head of my cock reached her tongue. She was enjoying it; I could see the lust building in her eyes. ?Kelly wait.? She stopped with a surprise look on her face, only half an inch away from my pre-cum drooling prick. ?Please open your shirt?I want to see your tits.? ?You want to see more than my tits Eric. I know you want to cum all over them and watch me lick up your cum.? ?Yes sis, please!? ?No. Remember our deal. You do what I say or I tell mom you forced me to fuck you. I want you to cum in mouth!?

Without another word she slid my cock into her mouth. I felt like I could cum right then and there. She kept her mouth open so I could enjoy the sight of my manhood slowly sliding along her tongue and into her waiting mouth. As the head of my cock reached the tip of tongue, my sister quickly flicked her tongue just under my piss slit, right where all the nerves end. I watched as my pre-cum flowed out of my shaft onto her tongue. Some of clear jiz found its way into her mouth; some ran along the sides of her tongue, dripping off the sides of my sister?s tongue. I watched as my pre-cum mixed with my sisters? saliva dripped on to the floor, on to her nightshirt and on to her lower lips. From there it went down the sides of her mouth and her chin.

Kelly closed her eyes and moaned with absolute delight. She slid my shaft along her tongue until it was all the way into her mouth. She sucked on my cock for a few moments and then just as slowly allowed it to slide out of her mouth. She looked up at me and said how my cum tasted even better than yesterday. Then she proceeded to start giving me a head spinning, mind-blowing blowjob. She sucked my cock like a wild, nympho. The slurping noises coming from her mouth, the humming and the wetness of her beautiful mouth and the feel of her tongue snaking around my cock were bringing me to an earth shaking eruption of cum like I had not experienced.

Suddenly the door to my bedroom opened and our mom came in. ?Eric have you seen Kelly?? My mom said. My mother was a very attractive woman herself. She has tan, olive tone skin beautiful long brunette hair. She is 5?8?, about 110 lbs., hazel eyes and a stunning figure; 34D tits (natural like my sister), waist 23? and hips of 34? She was dressed in her scrubs, she is nurse. My sister and I froze; of course my sister froze with my cock in her mouth.

?Um, I think she went out jogging with her friend Cara.? I replied quickly. She put one hand on my doorway, one on her hip and looked at me quizzically. ?Eric what are you doing in your closet?? ?I am just looking for some things mom.? ?Well if you are looking for your dirty magazines I did not touch them. I left them right where you put them.? ?MOM!?

?Oh don?t be embarrassed. It is natural and healthy for a young man your age to have those magazines, to look at and masturbate to. I don?t mind, in fact I flipped through them to see what was in there. The usual beautiful women to fantasize about and then jack off to.? I could not believe my mom was telling me these things. I looked down at my sister, who still had my cock in her mouth and I could tell she was ready to laugh at me because of the look on my face. Then what my mother said next made my jaw drop.

?You know son, when you are sexually active, some women enjoy watching a man jack-off in front them. Some, a few, women find it to be a turn on. It is a very intimate thing you can do for a woman, thin about her and get off in front of her. But you have to find a woman who likes that though. Just like oral sex. Not every woman likes to give oral sex and swallow a man?s cum.?

With that my sister Kelly started to lick my prick again. I could not believe it, between my mom and what she said and my sister giving me head, in my closet with our mom in the doorway! It was strangely exciting. Then our mom told me to tell Kelly that she would be home late so she should make dinner for herself and me and if we could start cleaning up my other sister?s room, Tara, she would appreciate it. My sister Tara would be home from oversea; she spent a year doing peace Corp work or something like that and she would be home in two weeks.

I said fine as best as I could, since I was trying to hold back the moans of pleasure my sister was giving to me and the fact I wanted to cum in her mouth right then and there. My mom blew me a kiss, closed my door and left. Kelly slid my pre-cum, saliva-covered prick out of her mouth. A long strand of saliva went from her lower lip to the head of my bright red, aching, steel hard shaft.

?Mom is right. I would love to see you jack-off for me. I never got to see you do that yesterday. It would really turn me on to watch my brother, lying on his bed, fantasying about me, while stroking his cock. I want to see all that cum spurt out of your prick like a love geyser. Will you do that for me Eric, my sweet brother? I promise I will lick up every drop of cum.?

Without saying a word I grabbed my sisters? hand and led her to my bed. I laid down and began to stroke my cock. My hand was up and down it like a blur. I watched as my sister really began to get turned on. She asked me if I was thinking about her, I said yes in the most lustful way I could.

My sister and I were so involved in my jacking-off for her that we did not hear the front door open and close. Maybe if we weren?t so caught up in our lust we would have noticed my bedroom door open up a couple of inches and we would have seen our mom watching what was going on!

Kelly and Eric?s mom came quietly as possible snuck into through the front door. She thought to herself; ?I wonder if my son is jacking himself off now. I hope he is, I would love to see him, a nice handsome young man making himself cum.? She made her way up the stairs and down the hall to her sons? room. She could here him moaning, talking and groaning. She smiled lustfully as she reached his door. She thought she caught her son and would get to see him pleasuring himself. She quietly opened the door two inches, just enough to look in and see him on his bed.

Her eyes bugged out as her jaw dropped to the floor; she was not ready for what she saw. Her son Eric was lying naked on his bed furiously stoking his cock but instead of a magazine in his hand she saw her daughter Kelly sitting there on the bed watching. Not only watching but they were talking about all the fucking they did the day before!

?Kelly, ooooh, Kelly I wanna fuck you even more than yesterday. I gonna lick your cunt and make you cum in my face again and again. Your pussy juice tasted so good and your pussy is so wet. I loved having my cock in it!? I was trying hard not to cum just yet but just looking at my sister watching me stroke my shaft; thinking about her licking up all my cum, was becoming more than I could bear.

?Sis, oh yeah I am gonna cum soon. Sis?why?uh oh God, why did mom say that all to me?? ?Eric she is probably even more horny than me. She has not been with a man for over two years since dad passed away. This is turning me on brother. I am going to fuck you so hard. You can cum on my tits, in my pussy and in my mouth as much as you want today. Please cum Eric, I can?t take it anymore, I need to taste your cum!?

Their mom at first was going to stop them but then her own lust took over. ?So my son and daughter are fucking each other?hmmm, I will have to keep an eye on them more!? She looked down at her watch, she was starting to run late but she had to see her son cum, she had to, she needed to.

Eric let out a sound scream, ?oh yeah Kelly here I cum, I?m cuuuuummmmmming!? With that both Kelly and there mom watched as his closed and the first large spurt of thick, white cum came erupting out of his shaft like a volcano erupting. It shot about a foot or so in the air and landed on his stomach. Quickly spasm after spasm followed. Spurt after spurt of sticky, salty, white cum jetted out of his prick and splattered when it landed on back on Eric?s body. His sister yelled at him to keep cuming and with one spurt she stuck out her tongue and caught it. She quickly swished her brothers? gob of love goo around in her mouth and then happily swallowed it.

As Eric?s cum fountain subsided, his sister said; ?Eric, Eric stop stroking your cock. I want to suck the rest out of your prick!? Their mom just watched with a smile and slowly licked her lips. ?My God, look at all that beautiful cum my son can make.? She thought to herself. She with delight, pride and jealously as her daughter Kelly knelt down and sucked her brother?s cock. She watched in lustful pleasure as her son moaned and squirmed under the treatment her daughter was giving to his shaft with her mouth and tongue. She slid her hand down her scrub pants and felt her own pussy tingling and becoming very moist.

Their mom continued to watch as Kelly slowly licked up every drop, every gob of bright white cum from Eric?s body. She could tell her daughter was savoring every drop of her sons man juice. She wanted to burst in the door and help her daughter lick up all that cum. She wanted to tell her daughter to make sure she licked up every drop and swallowed it so none was wasted. ?That?s it my daughter. Lick your brother clean. My son deserves that.?

Then she watched as her daughter stood and then took her nightshirt off revealing her beautiful, lustful body. She watched has her daughter luscious tits bounced as she climbed up on the bed and her son started to lick and suck on his beautiful sisters tits. ?I can see why Eric is fucking Kelly. Who could resist my daughters?? body.?? She thought as she looked at her watch. ?Shit? she said in a low tone. She wished she could stay and watch her son and daughter ravish each other in lust. She wished she could do more, but she thought her son would never find her, an older woman, desirable. She would just have to settle for watching her son and daughter fucking each other like wild animals when she could and get herself off when she could imagining that it was her son ravaging her body.

She left for work allowing her son and daughter to continue their day along incestuous fuck-fest with one another.

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