You Know Where - Event 02/03/18 - YKW Breaking Resolutions Party

We average 100 - 130 couples every Saturday night - 02/03/18 - FAYETTEVILLE, NC

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You Know Where
You Know Where 
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  • You lasted for over 30 days now it is time to break those resolutions that you just don't want to keep. No smoking? Pssh. Give up sweets? Not tonight. Sex for fun? Yes! Have a drink? Think I will. Come out tonight to spend some time with your favorite couples and see what resolution you can get them to break. There are no resolutions here, and definitely no judgment.



  • 815 Shannon Drive, Fayetteville NC 28303

    8pm - 3am for VIP members

    9pm - 3am for basic members




  • YKW originally opened in March 2005, now located in a 12,000+ sq ft On-Premise club

  • We average 100-130 couples 30-40 of those are new couples and 5-10 females every Saturday

  • YKW is fully licensed and insured; we have all our permits, annually inspected by the city, and are a fully legal club

  • YKW is cleaned extremely toughly after each party according to CDC standards; we take great pride in cleaning YKW to make sure the entire club is as clean as possible



  • Nudity is allowed everywhere inside the club



  • Sex is allowed most everywhere except for the booths, (we do not want bodily fluids where people eat and drink), the smoking room, game room, or the dance floor, everywhere else is okay



  • BYOB limited to beer and wine only, no hard alcohol allowed, as we do not have a liquor license



  • Tours - Personal tours are given to every new member so that you know where everything is located, who to go to if you need something, and what all the rules are

  • Bedrooms - YKW has 8 private rooms including a Castle, Jungle, Aquarium, Vegas, 80's, Star Wars, Pin-Up room, and more, two rooms have a Plexiglas wall between them with blinds to let the each room see in if you wish or close them for privacy. Some bedrooms also have special sex furniture for you to use. You may also shut and lock the bedroom door for complete privacy, leave it open for people to come in the room and watch or leave it open and put up the chain so people can watch from the hallway but they cannot enter

  • Fully Stocked Rooms - Every room in YKW is stocked with condoms, lube, wipes, paper towels, and extra sheets

  • Theater/Orgy Room - XXX movies, wall to wall beds, and a one way mirror

  • Cabana Beds - Cabanas are also fully stocked

  • Huge Wooden Dance Floor - 30x26 dance floor with lights and videos

  • Two DJ's - One on the main floor that plays more line dance, slow songs, top 40 and takes requests and one in the back sitting area that plays more Rock, grind, sexual, and party

  • Locker Room - Lockers with lock and key provided

  • Shadowbox - Dance, strip, have sex or who knows what you might see

  • Two Stripper Poles - One on the main floor for those that like a large audience and one in the back sitting area for a more intimate show

  • Game Room - Pool table and arcade games

  • Dungeon Room - With a professional Dom for those that are curious about BDSM. For those that have experience you are free to use it as well, just make sure to bring your own toys

  • Smoker’s Room - Fully enclosed so you do not have to go outside, and well ventilated

  • 20 Foot Long Buffet

  • Soda Fountain with Ice - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Water

  • Large Glass Door Coolers

  • Huge Men & Women’s Bathroom - Each with a shower

  • 3 Gloryhole Rooms

  • 1 Female gloryhole

  • 2 Sybian Vibrator Rooms

  • Love Swing Room

  • Trio Love Machine

  • Sex Machine

  • Exam Table

  • Photo area - Located in the locker room with photo backdrops that you can take pictures. Just remember this is the only area inside the club other than in a private room where you can take pictures, we value everyone's privacy and we will protect that



  • We have a licensed female masseuse and Marcus our pill guy for the herbal Viagra every Saturday and several different vendors at least once a month




  • Everyone who attends YKW must be a member; this is for your protection. You may join and attend the party all in the same night with no waiting

  • One Year Membership per couple or single is $10



Cash or card, $5 fee added if you use a card

  • Couple - $40

  • Female - $5

  • Escorted Male with a reservation - $30

  • Males by themselves on a Saturday Night - Not allowed



Hotels are located less than a half mile from the club, please visit the club web site to see a list of hotels YouKnowWhereNC



Shuttle bus service provided to select hotels

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