You Know Where - Event 01/26/18 - YKW Fetish Friday

This is a BDSM Event - 01/26/18 - FAYETTEVILLE, NC

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You Know Where
You Know Where 
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Where: 815 Shannon Drive, Fayetteville NC 28303

  Time: 9pm - 2am for everyone



CLASSES FROM 9:30 - 10:00

We will have BDSM classes and Q & A from 9:30 - 10:00 every Fetish Friday. Each class will offer a variety of different things from BDSM 101, etiquette, protocol, sub training, positions, proper aftercare, and more along with an introduction from each Dom on what they offer and a brief description of their types of play. The last few minnutes will be open for everyone to ask about certain things they may want to have more knowledge about so come early as we will start at 9 and you do not want to miss out on some valuable info.




For those that are new or curious about some BDSM fetishes, people with experience, that do not have a regular play partner, or would like to try new things, this is your night.


We will have between 6-8 dedicated rooms and areas each with a Dom (male) or Domina (female) for you to try out different fetishes and play scenes. There will be things ranging from sensation play, bondage, flogging, Fem Dome, electro play, edge play, cbt, pegging, shibari (rope), suspension, humiliation, pet play, foot worship, and a lot more.


Each Dom/Domina will have their own private room and will have a list of what they offer, this way you can select the person you want to work with and what you want done to you. If you do not see a service offered that you would like we will have another area set up in private where you can tell us what you want and then we will go to the Doms/Dominas that are there to see if any of them can grant your request. Once we find someone we will then inform you who it is and if you agree to that person then we will sign you up under their name. All play info is kept one on one and private, you will only talk to one person about your request, judgment free, that person will then go to the Doms/Dominas and tell them the request only, not who asked for it.


Play can be either public or private depending on your request and what you want, for example if you want sensation play you may want to do that in private so it is only you and the person working with you, whereas if you want humiliation you may want people to watch and can do things in a room with the door open or out around the club.


We will have a large sign up board on the main floor that will list each Dom/Domina that we have that night and under their name they will list what room # they are in and what their specialties are. You may then place your name under the Dom/Domina that you want to work with and they will go down the list in order. You can sign up with more than one or go back for a second, third, or forth visit with the same person or someone else later if you like.


Our Friday party is open to everyone from couples and singles, including single males.



  • YKW originally opened in March 2005, now located in a 12,000+ sq ft On-Premise club

  • We average 100-130 couples 30-40 of those are new couples and 5-10 females every Saturday

  • YKW is fully licensed and insured; we have all our permits, annually inspected by the city, and are a fully legal club

  • YKW is cleaned extremely toughly after each party according to CDC standards; we take great pride in cleaning YKW to make sure the entire club is as clean as possible



Nudity is allowed anywhere inside the club.



BYOB limited to beer and wine only, no hard alcohol allowed, as we do not have a liquor license.


  • All of the bedrooms on this night are used by the Dom's only, no bedrooms will be open for anyone else to use this night.

  • This party is geared more towards those who are curious about or already into BDSM

  • The dance floor will have dungeon equipment placed on it so this is not a good night to come dance.

  • We mainly play a certain style of music this night so that the Dom's have something with a hard beat to it, because of this we rarely take request on this night. If you want to dance, come on a Saturday night where we do play a wide variety of music and take request.

  • We do not put out any food this night other than some popcorn, chips or other light snacks.

  • If you are more interested in swinging or sex come on a Saturday night or the First Friday of every month for our Freaky Friday party. You are welcome to attend this party but keep in mind there are no open rooms to play in, people that are in the BDSM lifestyle have certain rules and protocols they follow and some are not allowed to even talk to other people without permission from their Dom first. This is a whole other world and lifestyle.


WHO IS Fetish Friday FOR

  • For those who are new or curious about the BDSM lifestyle.

  • Experienced people looking for a play space.

  • People with experience that may or may not have a regular play partner.

  • Someone who would like to try new things their partner may not have experience with.

  • For those that just want to try something with a different person.

  • Someone who would like to learn new things.

  • Or for any other reason, then this is your night.





You may join as a member and attend the party all in the same night with no waiting.

  • $10 for a One Year Membership per couple or single



  • $10 Per Person



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