Velvet Curtain - Event 08/02/14 - Official SLS Event: 4th Annual Slutfest @ The VC

Compete for Sluttiest Slut...Deep Throat, Fake O,Best Lesbian Kiss,Best BJ.... - 08/02/14 - DALLAS, TX

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Velvet Curtain
Velvet Curtain 
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Due to the overwhelming popularity of one of our wildest annual events The Original VC Slutfest, we would like to show our appreciation to all our loyal supporters by offering our Create A Buzz pricing plan for this years SLUTFEST Event!! Early Bird gets the worm with our Create A Buzz pricing plan, so don't delay...sign up today!

If registered for event on SLS by midnight:
Monday, July 28 = $20 per couple
Tuesday, July 29 = $25 per couple
Wednesday, July 30 = $30 per couple
Thursday, July 31 = $35 per couple

Official SLS sponsored event, our 4th Annual Slutfest is sure to be as huge as in previous years, so reserved seating is strongly encouraged or plan to arrive early. Should you desire to reserve your seats for an additional $35 per couple, you must prepay with a credit card in advance by calling us @ (434) 298-4382.

All the VC Ladies will be struttin' their stuff in their hottest outfits and their highest ho heels!! Those that dare, will compete in our competitions!! Ladies practice up on your best Meg Ryan impersonation of her award winning performance in When Harry Met Sally that prompted the infamous line: I'll have what she's having!! aka: the Fake O contest, along with the Best Fellatio Artist aka Best BJ Giver, not to mention our Deep Throat contest and our latest addition Hottest Lesbian Kiss (Partner required). Don't miss out on all the FUN, plan to start your party early, as from 8PM - 11pm-ish, we will be hosting a social mixer game where you will make tons of friends and get a chance to win prizes!

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