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Topless Travel - Event 11/28/14 - Official SLS Event: Thailand Adventure 2014
Official SLS Event: Thailand Adventure 2014
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Official sls event- thailand
11/28/14 Fort Laudedale, FL Thailand
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Topless Travel
Topless Travel 
Thailand 2014
Thailand Adventure
November 28- December 7

The Kingdom of Thailand is full of wondrous things to
experience! Incredible THAILAND PALACES, unbelievable SCUBA
some of the best DINING in the world, Formula 1 go carts,
some of the best shopping deals in the world, custom
tailored clothing, the list goes on and on.
No matter when you go you will have good weather and a fun
time. Thailand is equatorial. The warmest month is May. The
coolest is November. There is only about 12 degrees F
difference between the two. The month with the most rain is
July and the least rain is March.

General Information

Thailand is a feast for the senses — Noted by tourists from
all over the world as one of the most EXOTIC and EROTIC
destinations on earth. From Bangkok's eye-catching neon
streets to mouthwatering dishes spiked with chilies and
basil to the scent of incense permeating a Buddhist
monastery in the countryside, this Southeast Asian country
has something for every traveler.
Thailand is affectionately called, by all the travel
writers, Land of Smiles. This is because the people there
are so friendly and smile all the time and that always
brings a smile to the face of visitors. Its natural beauty
can only be matched by its people's easygoing nature and
deeply rooted spirituality, all qualities that have made the
country the most popular destination in Asia.
Thailand's beaches are mythical: tall palms angle over
pearlescent sand, coral gardens flourish in the shallow seas
and beach parties are liberally lubricated with alcohol and
fun. With a long coastline and jungle-topped islands
anchored in azure waters, Thailand is a tropical getaway for
the hedonist and the hermit, the prince and the pauper. The
nightlife in Thailand is second to none; with the local
ladies always looking to Hook-up with the tourists.
No matter what draws you to the country first, a Thai meal
will keep you hooked. Adored around the world, Thai cuisine
expresses fundamental aspects of Thai culture: it is
generous and warm, outgoing and nuanced, refreshing and
relaxed. And it is much more delicious in its native
setting. Each Thai dish relies on fresh and local
ingredients – from pungent lemongrass and searing chillies
to plump seafood and crispy fried chicken. With a tropical
abundance, a varied national menu is built around the four
fundamental flavors: spicy, sweet, salty and sour.

Bangkok is one of the safest cities in the world and one of
the few countries left on earth where the people there
actually LOVE Americans. Sign up now, do not wait.

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