The Lagniappe Chateau - Event 11/23/12 - Sexy Friday With Sexy Friends

Time to ditch the family time for fun time - 11/23/12 - SHREVEPORT, LA

Type:  House Party
The Lagniappe Chateau
The Lagniappe Chateau 
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Friday night you are invited to come TO OUR POST THANKSGIVING PARTY and unwind AT OUR
Ditch the family party.

After all that family fun and thanks. It will be time to start the Holiday Season with us at the Chateau.
We do have a left overs party where everyone who attends brings a dish of left overs to share with all our sexy friends. Any one who brings a dish of left overs gets 10 dollars off their suggested donation. This is a great party because not only do you get to share your delicious food with friends you get to taste so may different things and ( NO FAMILY). Just lots of sexy friends!!! Meet lots of sexy new couples and join
us for a weekend of fun.

The DJ will be playing all of
your favorite dance tunes. The hot
tubs will be hot along with the play areas and dance
floor and stages.

Party for the weekend at the
Lagniappe Chateau with lots of sexy couples. Join us on Friday for the best kept secret at the Chateau!!

Our parties start at 7pm and we ask that new couples arrive between 8pm and 10pm for their first visit. Any couple that has attended in the past can arrive up to 11pm.
We do have a suggested donation to help cover the party cost

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