The Hot Spot - Event 07/19/14 - Klymaxxx's 7 Deadly Sins Party at The HotSpot in Pierson

What's your sin? - 07/19/14 - PIERSON, FL

Type:  House Party
The Hot Spot
The Hot Spot 
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Come out to The HotSpot Parties tonight and Welcome
Klymaxxx and their Seven Deadly Sins!

Which Sin will YOU choose?!?

PRIDE - Dress up so that you look full of yourself. Guys
can do the who Bro look with the popped collar and
sideways hat. Girls can dress/act standoffish like they are
the bomb!

ENVY - Dress up so that you appear as if you desire someone
else or other people's traits, status, abilities or
situation. A cool idea for a couple is to wear signs
saying, I wish I were Matt (guy's name) and the other
person sign reads, I wish I were Matt's girlfriend

GLUTTONY - Dress up with dirty food stained faces and

LUST - Dress up so others desire you. This is by far the
favorite for girls as most girls will tend to pick this sin
to dress up as. An idea is wear seomthing revealing/sexy
and flirt all night.

WRATH - Dress you so that you look angry. You could be the
devil, Greek God, etc.

GREED - Dress up so that it looks like you want lots of
money. You could dress as a Wall Street Broker, a CEO, Mr.
Scrooge or a theif.

SLOTH - Dress up so that you look lazy. You could wear no
costume, wear pajamas & slippers or dress as an actual
sloth. People who forgot to dress up or didn't want to,
generally say, Oops, forgot a costume! I'm a Sloth.

The HotSpot House Parties always start at 8pm and goes all night with breakfast in the morning. We now have private rooms available for small donations if you need to stay, or free beds. Don't go to a motel when you can stay with us for a fraction of the cost.

*386-749-0701 ask for Bob - or our web-site, address 925 N.US Hwy 17, Pierson, FL.32180.

Our venue is strictly BYOB, all mixers will be provided. All non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, food, and condoms.

Locker room (bring a lock)
4 Restrooms
2 - Hot Tubs (outdoors)
Stripper Pole/Stage
Dj system
Dj lighting
Huge Dance Floor
Pool Table
4 Lounge Area's
Plenty Play area's -- 21 beds, private and open.
Mirror Group Room
OB/GYN Table Room
Sybian Private Room

Everyone on SLS is welcome to sign-up on the guest list and attend. Go to Hot Dates and sign up.

**Couples are $35.
**Single Males are $60.
**Single Females are $10.
**By Toys are $45

**** Receive an additional $5 off the entrance fee if you post a Hot Date Posting and send an email to The HotSpot on SLS confirming your attendance 24hrs prior to the 8PM party start time.

This is a private on-premise venue, not a hotel party, so anything goes anywhere inside our house. No waiting until you get back to a hotel room. You can play as hardcore as you wish anywhere inside. There are private and semi-private play areas, but you’re not required to use them. Many just use the clean leather couches, a chair, a stripper pole or just the floor. We don’t mind where you play, as long as you have fun.

19 members are attending this event.

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