The Friends Club - Event 11/17/17 - FLIRTY AND DIRTY FRIDAY !

17,000 sf of SWINGER/LIFESTYLE FUN at the ONLY Club in Texas with NO SINGLE MEN ! - 11/17/17 - PFLUGERVILLE, TX

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The Friends Club
The Friends Club 
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The FRIENDS Club  provides you STRESS FREE  THEMES on Fridays !







What the Hell is a "FLIRTY AND DIRTY FRIDAY" ???

*We'll tell you, but first ... let's set a few things to the side.

1). If you're not FLIRTY, or don't consider yourself DIRTY ... NO PROBLEM !

2). If you're a NEW Couple, or just looking for a night out ... NO PROBLEM !

3). "FLIRTY AND DIRTY FRIDAY" just sounds a LOT SeXXXier than "Meet and Greet" in our opinion, and The FRIENDS Club is ALL about being Bold, SeXXXy, and UNIQUE ... so we named the PARTY FLIRTY AND DIRTY FRIDAY !

That having been said ...


A LOT of our Members have a strong sense of Adventure, and high Sex Drives.

They like things Spicy, and the Silent Signals sent and received when they meet someone they may be interested in.


Even others just like being in an UPSCALE CLUB ATMOSPHERE with Like-Minded Couples and NO SINGLE MEN !

What are they doing when they visit The FRIENDS Club ?

We think they may be acting a little "FLIRTY AND DIRTY" !

~ Maybe it's just "innocent" flirting in front of (and approved by) their significant other ...

~ Maybe it's a chance to let the Animal Inside come out of the cage for a bit ...

~ Maybe it's enjoying The Lifestyle and connecting in ways you can only do at a club ...

*It doesn't matter, and being FLIRTY AND (a little) DIRTY can be REALLY cathartic !

We're just opening the doors, and inviting you to come have fun @ The FRIENDS Club  !



P.S. Here's a Pro Tip for those seeking ICE BREAKER opportunities:

The NAME of the Party is "FLIRTY AND DIRTY FRIDAY" which gives you a chance to point out to a SWINGLIFESTYLE Member who's attending, that the word is "and" rather than "or" ... which could lead to them saying they noticed as well ... and maybe have them take things further !



The FRIENDS Club is an Upscale PRIVATE Social Club consisting of Members with an Adventurous and Playful

Attitude in regards to Sex, Sexuality, and the Open Display of such activity in a PRIVATE setting.


As with all of our Events, Current Membership AND Cover, must BOTH be paid before entry !



Weekend (Temporary) CPL Memberships $40

Weekend (Temporary) Unescorted LADY Memberships $10



$ 45 per Couple


$10 per Unescorted Lady


2 members are attending this event.

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