The Friends Club - Event 02/21/14 - Love, Lust, Luck !!!

great friday party, too ! - 02/21/14 - PFLUGERVILLE, TX

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The Friends Club
The Friends Club 
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The PARTY for FRIDAY, February 21st, is going to be: Love. Luck. Lust

It's a great Friday Night Party, and it's a great way to meet SeXXXy Couples that you've seen profiles of here on SLS!

Talk face to face, Dance a little bit, Share a beverage or two ... and (most importantly?): CHECK OUT THE GOODS IN PERSON, AND IN REAL LIFE !!!

The FRIDAY NIGHT PARTIES at The FRIENDS Club are Social, Sensual, SeXXXy, and FUN for all !!!

Our CROWDS are from all sorts of backgrounds, have all sorts of income levels, come in different shapes and sizes, and just want to have a good time.

There's NOT a feeling of needing to fit in so long as you have a POLISHED, PRESENTABLE LOOK, and can be polite to others that are E-XXX-Ploring the same things you are !!!

Introductions are EASY, and there are NOT expectations from anyone ... though there ARE opportunities for everyone.

Come out to the PARTY this FRIDAY Night ... just to see where things may lead, and we bet you'll come back again and again, no matter what you expect or what you may E-XXX-Perience !

It's a FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY at The FRIENDS Club and Couples (comparable to yourselves) will be here to do eXXXactly what you're looking to do: Party(!), Relax(?), Mingle, Network, and Interact (to whatever level is desired) just because it's a Friday Night !

The BASICS for all of our PARTIES are as follows:

The FRIENDS Club opens at 9pm and never stops before 2am !

FRIDAY Cover Charge: $30 per Couple (not each) … prior to any PROMOTIONAL PRICING!

SATURDAY Cover Charge: $50 per Couple (not each) prior to any PROMOTIONAL PRICING!

*Membership Fees are SEPARATE from Cover Charge and are additional if not current.

Membership REQUIRED for entry to The FRIENDS Club.

Temporary Memberships ($25) current for the Specific Weekend purchased only

Annual Memberships ($60) current for 12 months after purchase

*There are no pre-views/tours, as we consider PRIVATE and Members Only significant when describing our club.

EVERYONE in The FRIENDS Club signs documents assuring Privacy to the greatest degree possible BEFORE entering.

We answer any and all questions that you may ask prior to attendance to the greatest, most accurate, and often lengthiest degree possible!

*For information regarding DISCOUNTS on our pricing, please call (512) 251-1199, for details on joining our Weekly NEWSLETTER/E-Mail list.

The location of The FRIENDS Club is PERMANENT, though it is only provided after Voice Verification (over the phone) from a prospective Female Member of a Couple wishing to attend. *Voice Verification consists of a very brief (usually 90 seconds or less) overview of The FRIENDS Club, assuring us that all visitors have a general idea of the environment and expectations at The FRIENDS Club.

Party Themes (Naughty Girl, Toga, Fishnet, etc) are ONLY suggestions and are NOT MANDATORY to attendance.

The FRIENDS Club does NOT serve alcohol, but does have amenities (ice, glassware, citrus, etc.) available for those bringing alcoholic beverages in.

The FRIENDS Club is for mature minded, SWINGERS, and/or Adventurous Couples and/or Unescorted Ladies OVER 21, only.

*Although there are many Swingers at the club it is NOT necessary to be a Swinger to have a GREAT time here!

Unescorted Males are NOT allowed to attend The FRIENDS Club, but are encouraged to find a SPONSOR COUPLE to include them as part of a trio or grouping.

DISCOUNTS, Exclusive Information, DISCOUNTS, Early Notice for Upcoming Parties, DISCOUNTS, and further details and DISCOUNTS to The FRIENDS Club available though our DIRECT weekly E-Mail/Newsletter!

It is 100% FREE to join and well worth your time and effort!


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