The Club Prestige - Event 10/13/12 - Hooker's Ball

Hooker's ball - 10/13/12 - San Antonio, TX

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The Club Prestige
The Club Prestige 
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Oh Hells Yeah its that time of year... time for the most
fun, sexual, and best themes of the year!!!!

This is the best and most exciting nights theme wise that we
Hooker's ball is a game that the whole club plays... the
rules are simple
the men are givin play money when they pay the door fee at
the door, the women must then tempt,tease or work that money
out of the men's hands throughout the night...
Ladies you then use your hard earned play cash to buy the
items that we will have donated by several event sponsors
that night.... all types of things from Toys to lingerie,
lubes, swings... even things like hotel stays and even limo
service for a date night.... 1yr memberships to swinger
sites and even things from the club...
dress attire is men dress like a pimp
women dress like a hooker
dress attire is not enforced but it helps with the feel of
the game!!!!

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