IntimateParties Group - Event 05/03/13 - Female Orgy & Birthday Reversed Gang Bang

Does your husband likes to watch?click details - 05/03/13 - Port Monmouth, New Jersey

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Female Orgy & Surprise Birthday Reversed Gang Bang combined.

We will close the attendees list for your privacy.

Date/ time/Location.
Friday May 3rd. from 9pm-12am, Bay front home in Port Monmouth, NJ.

Sam's name is not really Sam but this is a surprise so we are using the name Sam for invite purposes, just in case he reads this post the surprise is not ruin.

We are combining these two fantasies to make Sam's fantasy a reality.

1-A Reversed Gang Bang; the basic idea of a normal gang bang except the genders are reversed.
2-The Female orgy; is self explanatory= that's his birthday gift.

He knows nothing about this;
He is a great friend & a great Dad.. Sam has been part of our lives one way or another for many years and been to our events numerous of times, he has always been kind, tender & sweet to us and everyone else around him, so much that he has let us use him as a joke punching bag at our parties & also as our parties/events reviews Punch lines... so we want to do this for him bc he been a good sport & he deserves it...

And NO!! he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, neither is he rich,he cant draw, or read or write,lol, he cant dance even if his life depended on it ,cant sing or play any instruments, lmao, wait a minute.., what in hell is this fucker good at?? lol, oh yeah, he is funny, a great guy and a great friend, male model good looks, a great hard body builder type on a 6'1 frame, ohh yeah and a big hard cock, so he is a basically a good looking walking hammer...lmao

We are looking for 5-6 good looking females,in ok shape or better, married or single 25-50 yrs old.

Note; Husbands/boyfriends very welcome to attend but sorry you can not play.

This event would be great for couples with Husbands that likes to watch the wife play, and the female likes to play with males & females..or single females that love to play with females but also likes some male interaction at the same time...

$40. per couple
$20. Single female

Mixers station will be in place with the usual suspects.
We will have a Hot, cold food table...

Please bring your own liquor.

Maddy & Joe

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