SoCalCircus - Event 02/15/13 - Socalcircus Gangbang Party - Very Action Packed!!!

One to six gangbang girls and a lot of men =) - 02/15/13 - ONTARIO, CA

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This is the most action oriented party we have and it is a
lot of fun for anyone who is ready to jump in with both
feet. The women who attend the GANGBANG PARTIES come because
they LOVE to suck and fuk. To any women who are interested
your safety, security, and comfort are our number one
concern. The women who attend consistently compliment us on
how well we run it. YOU WILL BE SAFE WITH US!!! This is a
great place to make that gangbang fantasy into reality. We
only allow 6 women to attend and all of them will be there
to either get gangbanged or to fluff (get guys hard for the
gangbang girls) . We DO NOT allow women and couples to come
just to watch at this event. There is no maximum to the
amount of guys. GUYS this isn't a free for all --- NO still
means NO and a woman should only have to say no one time, DO
NOT touch without asking, and DO NOT be rude, pushy, or
10PM the women will be introduced and YOU WILL NEED TO BE
THERE FOR THAT so that you know what each woman is up for
and what they are not up for. YOU HAVE TO ARRIVE BEFORE
10PM! Each woman will have preferences as to what kind of
action she is looking for and how she wants it to go down
and we always respect that. All of that being said this
party always serves to be the WILDEST and MOST ACTION PACKED
party that we have :-)

In order to attend we need to have some conversation with
you over the phone to make sure that there is a good vibe.
Give us a call at 909-549-5236. If you get the voicemail
please leave a BRIEF message with just your name(s) and
please say your number twice. All calls are returned ASAP.

that you bring some food to keep our energy levels up :-)

Be sure to join our yahoo group so you can see hundreds of
past party pics and learn more about us. You can also learn
more about us by calling us anytime 24/7. Our phone number
is 909-549-5236. So give us a call and cum have some fun.

KEEP IN MIND when viewing the list of attendees here on SLS
that we have four or five other places where we are doing
the same thing so there will be A LOT of people at the party
that aren’t on the list of attendees here.

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