ShareNation Events - Event 10/27/17 - GLOW NIGHT - Official Halloween Friday Event

Bi-Laides, Body Painting, Hot Couples Event - 10/27/17 - PARSIPPANY, NJ

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GLOW NIGHT is the first night of an all sexy weekend.  This is a bonus night for all ShareNation guests. Amazing connections happen for guests who arrive on Friday.

The after-event is BYOB and always turns very playful.


Holiday Inn of Parsippany 



Rooms are $109 - Suites $149

Party floor rooms require a two-night stay - everyone has a chance to get on the party floor at ShareNation.

Consider Saturday too: October 28

2 pm - Couples Speed Dating - Cut to the chase at our amazing icebreaker and make your instant connection.

3 pm - Ladies-Only Meet & Greet/Playtime: No need to explain what happens here.

4 pm - All Couples Meet & Greet/Playtime: This fantastic afternoon session is BYOB and always leads to instant connections and play.

7:30 pm - Official Door Decoration Contest: A committee of NEW COUPLES round all hotel floors to select the BEST DECORATED DOOR. Cash Prize Winner announced at 11:30 pm in ballroom.

7:30 pm - Official In-Room Decoration Contest: A committee of NEW COUPLES report to select hotel rooms to select the winner of  the BEST IN-ROOM DECORATION. Cash Prize Winner announced at 11:30 pm in ballroom. All in-room contestants must REGISTER at the ShareNation Help Desk to enter. The contestant MUST be in their room from 7:30 pm - 8 pm and MUST make their room available for viewing during this time for ALL GUESTS.

8 pm - 9 pm Candy Crawl: A party floor all-room Meet n' Suite icebreaker and connection party featuring treats, tricks, and everyone in between. Your official hosts are ALL MEMBERS who have a room on the party floor.

9 pm - The Official Halloween Party begins: Ballroom - DJ Philly Phil in the mix. 

11:30 pm - The ShareNation PARADE OF COSTUMES: Everyone is a star in the eyes of ShareNation, as couples RISE UP to show off their amazing presence. ShareNation provides an AMAZING CASH PRIZE for best Halloween-Dressed Costume.

Professtional Photos ALL NIGHT LONG: Dynamic Halloween shots on the green screen, multiple Halloween backgrounds, instantly emailed, and ALWAYS FREE (since Day 1 of ShareNation). We also own all of the technology and camera, so your pics never fall into the hands of the creepy.  We also purge all pics after delivery.  They're your pics; not ours. :)

1:00 am - OFFICIAL GREAT AMERICAN PUMPKIN SNATCH AFTER-EVENT: It's legendary, it's all-open, and it's freaky for a reason.  Multiple playrooms, DJ, everything is in there.  Nobody out there conducts an after-event like ShareNation guests do. They're WICKED and WILD!  Come see for yourself! Come SNATCH or be SNATCHED!

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