ShareNation Events - Event 10/28/17 - GREAT AMERICAN PUMPKIN SNATCH - Hot Couples Halloween Takeover

Bi-Ladies, SEXY couples, Tantra Massage, Play & MORE - 10/28/17 - PARSIPPANY, NJ

Type:  Hotel Party
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It's all about the SNATCH. ShareNation proudly presents another creative showcase developed by our amazing couples; The GREAT AMERICAN PUMPKIN SNATCH. 

This event provides a two-night option, a WEEKEND LIFESTYLE PUMPKIN FESTIVAL - this is a TAKEOVER pushing you to your party limit: starting with a featured Friday night showcase, a Saturday daytime tantric ballroom session you don't want to miss, ladies-time, instructional pole & fitness lessons, multiple boundary-specific speed dating session, fun n' games, door decoration contests, costume contests, superior entertainment, naturally setting the tone to make the ladies freaks in sheets.  

It all leads to CONNECTIONS.


Holiday Inn of Parsippany 



Rooms are $109 - Suites $149

Party floor rooms require a two-night stay - everyone has a chance to get on the party floor at ShareNation.

Friday: October 27

Glow Night Panty Slam - Join us for a showcase ballroom event featuring ShareNation's major UV and laser production, amazingly sexy bodies, panties dropping everywhere, superior staging, and more.  Skin Wars featured body artists will be in the house painting those sexy sweet spots.  DON'T MISS IT!

Saturday: October 28

The Pumpkin Snatch: ShareNation's explosive couples-only tantra session (NEW), an amazing all-afternoon collective same-room experience led by our Dr. who'll take you on a touch n' feel journey you'll never forget. Massage oil provided by ShareNation. Come slip n' slide in this ballroom showcase.  As this is a PURE and PLATINUM presentation, no outside drinks of any kind permitted in ballroom (only water).  You'll thank us later! You'll REALLY thank us later!  As this session is popular, online registration is required on the ShareNation website.

Ladies-Only Snatch n' Play: No need to explain what happens here.

Body Art Costume Painting: We're flying in body art champions, as seen on Skin Wars. The possibilities are endless.  Get from face, arms, chest, or go FULL and discover your inner self.

Connections For Everyone: It's a pre-party that takes an extra step to help connect everyone.  Outrageous fun and games by RowRow.  It's BYOB and a must make.

Drew on Photos: Dynamic Halloween shots on the green screen, multiple Halloween backgrounds, instantly emailed, and ALWAYS FREE (since Day 1 of ShareNation). We also own all of the technology and camera, so your pics never fall into the hands of the creepy.  We also purge all pics after delivery.  They're your pics; not ours. :)

OFFICIAL GREAT AMERICAN PUMPKIN SNATCH: Grand Ballroom Event - What's a ShareNation Halloween without featured entertainment, right?  You bet, we're bringing another dynamic showcase artist.  Multiple costume prizes and Door and Room decoration awards given. 



After Snatch: It's legendary, it's all-open, and it's freaky for a reason.  Multiple playrooms, DJ, everything is in there.  Nobody out there conducts an after-event like ShareNation guests do. They're WICKED and WILD!  Come see for yourself!

No outside street walk-in's permitted - this is a TAKEOVER! 

Call for more info at 518-772-0789.

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