ShareNation Events - Event 01/04/14 - Official SLS Event: New Year's Rewind 2014

Connection-experienced couples night; no tame - 01/04/14 - PARSIPPANY, NJ

Type:  Hotel Party
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ShareNation Events 
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At-the-door tickets are $40 per couple for arrival prior to 10 p.m.

After 10 P.M. the price is $50 per couple.

The venue will NOT sell entry to anyone after 11 p.m.

All prepayments MUST ARRIVE before 11 p.m. for your wristband. There will
be NO STAFF on duty after 11 p.m. as we all join the venue.

Avoid the cash at-the-door prices by prepaying $25 per couple on
SHARENATIONEVENTS.COM - a final batch of 5 tickets are on sale and then
that's it for the prepay special.

Couples attending this venue are asked to already have prior connection
experience in the lifestyle. This is a g/g moderate and wild-welcoming

SLS profiles without a female pic or description of the female in the text = no

Lights out for the male when the female departs the floor or retires to the
room for the night.

For REWIND, security is hired and tight, but couples are invisible to them.
They only see single males who are NOT INVITED to this venue.

ROOM UPDATE: Rooms are available at the Holiday Inn & Suites in Parsippany
by calling 973-263-2000 - code SNE- rooms are $99 for standard rooms

WHAT KIND OF PARTY IS THIS? This is a party floor venue, a preferred
night for couples who like our hotel transformation after-party setting - and
for couples who seek greater discretion.

NO BALLROOM. The party stays upstairs. THIS IS NOT A DANCE PARTY. No
photo service for after-venues. This is an after-party. It starts instantly. You
don't have to delay to play.

Will their be dancing though? YES, DJ Tsunami is in the mix and taking
requests, but he (like other staff) are not necessarily working. Space will be
tight and creative, but again - THIS IS NOT A DANCE PARTY. This is a discrete
after-party design for couples who prefer NOT WAITING until late hours to
connect. Many couples familiar with our AMAZING after-parties understand
the scope of how this venue takes shape.

It's fun, but NO is ABSOLUTE.

This night is BYOB - we have the mixers. ShareNation provides an entree and
champagne, and party favors, and security. That's not bad for $12.50 per

We need your help though.

This is a SHARE-A-DISH night for all; please arrive with something simple
(about $5 food value) - just toss something into the buffet. Screen name
starting with a number or A-M are asked for a DESSERT. Other couples are
asked to toss in a starter, or appetizer-like bites.

HOT EVENTS fill up fast at ShareNation. Don't forget the next official SLS event
goes down Friday - 2/21 with a Pajama Party (a ballroom venue and giant
pillow after-party) and MARDI-TROIS on 2/22 - in Parsippany, NJ. Get on the
LIST, baby!

March 15 we're in Providence, RI for the SHAMROCK, an Official SLSeXchange

Need more info? Call 518-772-0789

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110 members are attending this event.

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