ShareNation Events - Event 11/02/13 - Official SLS Event: Final Update

"the lyin', the witch, and no wardrobe" - 11/02/13 - PROVIDENCE, RI

Type:  Hotel Party
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Update: This is an max capacity evening. Please attend this event if you LIKE
being in an erotic setting with lots of sexy HWP couples.

"SQUEEZE ME IN" tickets are available on our website and offer a final
discount. All you have to do is visit the site and its that simple.

This event will accept cash at-the-door, but no anonymous entries are
permitted. You must be a registered guest on SLS or
to enter.

"The Lyin', The Witch, and No Wardrobe" is a ShareNation-inspired Saturday
night costume event. A "Champagne Reception" will be held. The WARDROBE
is a major ballroom event, featuring prizes all night long. DJ Tsunami is in the
mix. A best costume competition is in effect. A stripper pole competition too
- sponsored by Choice Social Club. A hotel door decoration competition, as
well. The after-event is in our executive fantasy lounge and floor entry is
restricted to ticketed, wristband-wearing, and registered members of SNE

This is a costume party - all costumes permitted. All guests are required to
present issued wristband to security for physical inspection upon all entry
points of ShareNation-held venues.

A room is not needed at this hotel for this event, but if you want one you can
try and call the host hotel - SHERATON PROVIDENCE at 401-738-4000 and
book the room. Our group code is Halloween

ShareNation developed a free dance party (with your Sat night ticket) to be
held on FRIDAY NIGHT. DJ Dan and Crystal Parties are mixing it up -
MCSEXYAGAIN on SLS - the official hosts of ShareNation-Providence.

The final and official itinerary is posted on our website on the
and is considered official.

For further information, call us directly at 518-772-0789.

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This event offers a discount to SLS Members

236 members are attending this event.

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