ShareNation Events - Event 12/07/13 - Mrs. Clause Is Bi © & Sharenation's Birthday

Final update 12/06: the ladies event of the year! - 12/07/13 - PARSIPPANY, NJ

Type:  Hotel Party
ShareNation Events
ShareNation Events 
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Update: ShareNation Events is offering final "SQUEEZE ME IN" tickets on our
website. The check-in process is SO MUCH FASTER with a prepaid ticket.

Grab a couples ticket at SHARENATIONEVENTS.COM

If you opt to pay cash at-the-door - NO PROBLEM - but you MUST be on the
SLS list to access this venue - NO EXCEPTIONS - we are NOT taking
anonymous walk-ins.

"Mrs. Clause is BI" weekend is for the erotic couple - this venue is about that
feeling only a lady can understand

This venue does not permit single males. Security is super advanced for this
venue. All male wristbands are physically inspected by security.

Rooms are available at the Holiday Inn of Parsippany by calling 973-263-
2000 - code SNE5 (that's FIVE) - rooms are $99. We don't place rooms. We
are not the cliquey group. Rooms are based off the reservation list - in that
order. Hotel will give no refunds for noise complaints to any room booked
under our code. If you like sleep late at night - you are advised to stay off the
party floor at any ShareNation venue - It's WILD FUN ALL NIGHT LONG. If you
want a room on the party floor, you must book early - party floor rooms for
Mardi-Trois (Feb 21) are reserving RIGHT NOW and will be sold out by this
weekend. Things happen that early at SNE venues.

Suggested attire - Festive colors: RED, WHITE, GREEN. A special prize is given
to the BEST DRESSED COUPLE in the holiday spirit.

This event gives away lots of prizes. Seriously, too many too announce.

5:00 p.m. Early wristband distribution on the party floor.

7:00 p.m. - It's the pre-event - everyone invited - a great meet, buffet
served. New-to-lifestyle couples orientation available too at this time.

8:00 p.m. - Holiday photos - take some GREAT shots - gratuity service.

9:00 p.m. - DJ Tsunami tears it up. Grand Ballroom. General admission

11:45 p.m. - ShareNation will have a featured "Mrs. Clause" dance pole
competition on our highly desired "Jerry Springer" staging. Dual illuminated
stages showcasing the hottest ladies going at it. Contest at 11:45 p.m. -
must register by 11:30 p.m. Winner walks into ShareNation for FREE for the
entire year, plus additional cash prizes. BE THE POLE.

Playrooms follow on the private floor for an ultimate transformation and
jumping after-BYOB-event. Wristband-fierce inspection for all males.

ShareNation also celebrates its birthday on this evening. We just turned ONE.
Might look silly; big cake, just one candle - but come taste. CHAMPAGNE FOR
EVERYONE TOO. Cake tastes better on people, btw. Just saying! Imagine the

We practically give it all away at ShareNation, but we don't care. Come join
the fun.

For further info - 518-772-0789

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