Secret Pleasures - Event 04/06/14 - Ladies Controlled Gang Bang Party

Famous party that’s not really one big gang bang - 04/06/14 - EMMAUS, PA

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Secret Pleasures
Secret Pleasures 
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The Ladies Controlled Gang Bang Party is not really one big gang bang party. It’s whatever the ladies make it to be. There might be one big gang bang, many small gang bangs or none at all and only 1on1, 3-somes, or swaps going on in different areas of the club. This is not an out of control hotel gang bang party. All rules apply here and the ladies control what happens. Secret Pleasures is an on-premise swingers club with plenty of space if a lady or a few decide to create a gang bang or orgy situation, but there is also space for people to play in private or semi-private play areas. There is no requirement to participate in a gang bang or play at all. Some people come to just meet others, watch others or dance. * We call it a Gang Bang because many of the ladies are looking for that and the words gang bang attracts the additional guys we need to make it happen for the ladies.

Secret Pleasures Night Parties now start at 9pm and ends when the last female leaves. We open at 9pm but people may arrive anytime after that. The doors never close, but you might miss the fun if you come too late.

The club is strictly BYOB for paid guests, but all mixers will be provided. We will not sell drinks. All non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, food, condoms, and lube are included with the entrance fee.

No Membership or personal invite is required at Secret Pleasures. Everyone on SLS is welcome to sign-up on the guest list and attend.

Tonight’s Special Entrance Fees:
**Couples are $20
**Single Males are $40
**Single Females are $5

This is a private on-premise club, not a hotel party, so anything goes anywhere inside the club. No waiting until you get back to a hotel room. You can play as hardcore as you wish anywhere inside. There are private and semi-private play areas, but you’re not required to use them. Many just use the clean leather couches, a chair, a stripper pole or just the floor. We don’t mind where you play, as long as you have fun.

Address to the Club and contact information will be emailed to new guests at least 6 hours prior to the party, if you don’t ask for it first. If you are not provided the information, check your mail history or email Secret_Pleasures on SLS and just ask for it.

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