Secret Pleasures - Event 07/05/13 - Update: Star Spangle Bangle Gang Bang

Theme changed to a gang bang party for all - 07/05/13 - EMMAUS, PA

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Secret Pleasures
Secret Pleasures 
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Theme and Pricing Change: Due to a number of requests, tonight’s theme has been slightly changed to remove the restriction on single guys and allow an unlimited amount. The new theme is a Star Spangle Bangle Gang Bang Party where everyone is invited to cum. It will be just like our famous Sunday’s Ladies Controlled Gang Bang Party but on Friday. Come celebrate our nation’s independence and your sexual freedom this 4th of July weekend. Skip those smoke filled bars and maybe even the fireworks outside and come make your own fireworks. Cum and celebrate where the girls scream louder than the fireworks and the music is low enough to hear people talk. That pounding feeling will not be fireworks or the music at this club. It’s the unrestricted on premise sex that is happening all around you. Join in and celebrate your freedom to fuck the way you like it.

Attention Couples: There is a couples only party on Saturday if you don't want to party with single guys around. Just sign-up and we'll get you the details.

Secret Pleasures Night Parties always start at 8pm and end when the last female leaves. The club is strictly BYOB for paid guests, but all mixers will be provided. All non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, food, condoms, and lube are included with the entrance fee. No Membership or personal invite is required at Secret Pleasures. Everyone on SLS is welcome to sign-up on the guest list and attend.

Tonight’s Entrance Fees:
**Couples are $20
**Single Males are $40
**Single Females are always Free

**** Receive an additional $5 off the entrance fee if you post a Hot Date Posting and send an email to Secret_Pleasures on SLS confirming your attendance 24hrs prior to the 8PM party start time.

This is a private on-premise club, not a hotel party, so anything goes anywhere inside the club. No waiting until you get back to a hotel room. You can play as hardcore as you wish anywhere inside. There are private and semi-private play areas, but you’re not required to use them. Many just use the clean leather couches, a chair, a stripper pole or just the floor. We don’t mind where you play, as long as you have fun.

Address to the Club and contact information will be emailed to new guests at least 6 hours prior to the party, if you don’t ask for it first. If you are not provided the information, check your mail history or email Secret_Pleasures on SLS and just ask for it.

If you need a hotel room, we strongly recommend the Wingate by Wyndham at 4325 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, PA 18103. 610-366-1600 It’s a 3 star hotel with an average room rate of $100. If you want to save $40 and be a little closer, there is the Americas Best Value Inn 2.5 miles up the same street as the club at the intersection of Lehigh St. and I-78. It’s a 2 star hotel with an average room rate of $60. It’s ok to sleep and shower there, but don’t expect too much.

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